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Radio Tower "Artemis" (超級電波塔“ツクヨミ” Radio Tower "Tsukuyomi") is part of the second round of boss missions in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, alongside Data Center Alpha and Data Center Beta. A communications facility so tall that supplies are delivered to the upper levels by air, Copen raids it to find a decryption key for the Butterfly Effect data previously taken from Sumeragi Building 13.

Stage Composition

  • The first half of the stage takes place on top of air traffic high above the city, with small and large cargo aircraft being the primary platforms. Small floating boxes are also present which, when shot or collided with via Bullit Dash, open up to create larger platforms. These opened platforms propel energy upwards which causes Copen to automatically hover in place if he jumps to one.
  • The second half of the stage is within the tower itself. Security is high with spiked walls and floors everywhere, and there are many collision hazard focused enemies such as the laser wall emitting drones. At the top is Isola.

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Radio tower emblem 1.jpg
Break the container Copen starts on.
Radio tower emblem 2.jpg
Towards the end of this area, there is a second line of ships below.
Radio tower emblem 3.jpg
Hidden behind a false wall.
Radio tower emblem 4.jpg


Tsukuyomi is the Japanese god of the moon. With this name, the tower may be related to Great Radio Tower Amaterasu, which is named after the Japanese sun goddess, and was changed to "UTU Media Tower" in the English localization of Azure Striker Gunvolt.