"I'll fix you a snack when you get back, okay?"
Quinn , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Quinn Sakurazaki is a member of the influential Sakurazaki family and one of the supporting protagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. A kind, gentle though somewhat ditzy girl, she takes Gunvolt in after he saved her life.


Quinn is an ordinary girl with no septimal powers. Recently, she was on the wrong end of a nasty encounter with a murderous adept, and only made it out alive thanks to Gunvolt. Since that day, she has been taking shelter at Gunvolt's home.

Quinn was born into a family that runs a massive financial conglomerate, and lived by herself, hidden away from society in a large estate until the day that she crossed paths with Gunvolt.

She can be a bit of an airhead sometimes, but she has a kind and gentle demeanour, and is a tremendous moral support for Gunvolt.


Quinn is a teenager with dark green hair with two short pigtails bordering her face, and has light brown eyes. She wears a white shirt with a black tie, matching shorts, maroon tights and black boots. She also wears a pink sleeveless jacket with black highlights, golden accessories and a waist cape.


Plot Role

Quinn was born in a powerful Japanese family, the Sakurazaki family, who are automobile makers and are known for making pink-colored cars like sedans.

However, since she was an illegitimate child, she was forbidden from using the family surname and she was set to live apart from the main family in a separate house.

She had many maids and caretakers that took care of her along her life and she attended girls-only schools: she's currently a high school student.

Some months before her encounter with Gunvolt, the most recent of the maids, a woman who'd taken care of her as if she was her own daughter, died.

Being unable to open her heart to any replacement that her family could send, she requested to be allowed to live on her own.

Surprisingly enough, that request (her first insofar) was respected and she was only given two conditions: to finish her high school studies and to report to the main family once per month.

By the time she met Gunvolt, though, she was starting to regret to some extent her decision but was resolved in making it through.

One night she'd gone out to buy some groceries, she happened to stumble upon a couple of Adepts who'd intoxicated themselves with a drug named "Boost Drug" which was said to boost the user's Septima but it would wreck their mind: one of them attacked her with a Septima which could control tree roots.

That was when Gunvolt, who happened to be wandering lost in thoughts around the area, came to her rescue.

Afterwards, she allowed he and Joule to live in her house in secrecy without asking too many questions about where they came from. At some point, she also took in Xiao Wu, a Chinese QUILL agent.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Quinn has very little impact on the game's main events. However, she can be talked to in between missions in a similar fashion to Joule in Azure Striker Gunvolt, which boost the chance of Anthem occurring.


Quinn briefly appears in the prologue, interrupting, Xiao and Gunvolt's conversation to express her concern for the latter, promising to make him a snack when he gets back, before Xiao, slightly uncomfortable with the interruption, reminds her that they have a mission to do, and she leaves.


Some time after the fall of Eden and the loss of Joule, Quinn and Gunvolt are out shopping when they bump into Mytyl Kamizono, the girl Joule merged with, and her maid Nori. Mytyl recognizes the pair of them, though she doesn't have the slightest idea who they are. Instead of reminding her, Gunvolt says he doesn't know her and leaves, followed by a concerned Quinn.


In spite of being a completely average human, Quinn is somehow able to perceive and interact with Joule. As a result of that, she appears in several conversation segments with Joule. Most segments involve her more or less "stealing" Joule's role as GV's out-of-combat support.

Some conversations with Quinn lead to the result of "Joule feels nervous." instead of the usual "You feel closer to Joule." Contrary to what it may seem, this still boosts Anthem's activation rate, likely due to Joule wishing to prove herself in some fashion.

Designer Notes

She was the first normal civilian to appear in-game so both I and Hatakeyama-san twisted our heads about what kind of clothes would be fitting for her. Tai-san (scenario draft) gave us orders: “a goddess”, “a flawless pretty Japanese girl” but they were very abstract. She was a character whom we struggled (to design). I heard that she’d be the place where GV can calm down. So even if not everyone did, I wanted them to think that “we can entrust GV to her”. I tried to make her into a girl that anyone would like, with no bad habits. Hatakeyama-san and I disagreed on (the type) of skirt (she’d wear) but I did think it’d look bad if a girl in mini-skirt greeted GV back whenever he came back from a mission and so I asked for her to wear a trousers skirt.

(Araki Munehiro)


  • Given her ability to perceive and hear Joule, it is speculated that Quinn may possess abilities descended from the Tetrad, Quinary, or Senary stage of the Lifewave.
    • Further indicating this, Quinn is apparently able to see ghosts (although she was stopped by Joule before she could say anything).
  • Quinn's website description incorrectly states that she moves in with Gunvolt, whereas in the actual game it's the other way around.

Japanese version

"I'll make you a night snack when you come back."

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