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QUILL (Quorum for Unrestricted Information, Law, and Liberty), known as "Feather" in Japan, is an armed resistance group, formed by a coalition of various foreign human rights groups who protested Sumeragi's treatment of Adepts. They utilize guerrilla tactics and subtle warfare to liberate adepts and undermine the Sumeragi Group.

It is said that QUILL has about 100 members scattered across the world. However, there were only a few in Japan fighting Sumeragi during the events of ASG, due to the barrier protecting Japan making it difficult for any outside members to infiltrate the nation.

Role in Story

QUILL is the organization with which Gunvolt initially was associated with, until the mission to assassinate the Muse, after which he left life as an official agent. QUILL still provides GV with jobs, as Joule is being pursued and GV is infamous as a QUILL agent, making civilian work difficult at best, and impossible at worst.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, it is revealed that QUILL has multiple overseas divisions in several different countries. However, with Eden's uprising, most divisions have either been wiped out or subsumed by Eden.

Known Agents

  • Asimov - Leader. Founding member.
  • Gunvolt - Former elite agent. Currently contract freelancer.
  • Moniqa - Operations officer.
  • Zeno - Field agent.
  • Xiao Wu - Former operative. Division subverted by Eden.


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