Pyrogen is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Pyro. An up-close-and-personal fighter whose body is shrouded in flame. He streaks across the ground and through the air, and enjoys fighting with flair, like a wrestler trying to heat up a crowd.


Pyrogen is weak to the PRESS element.

Skills (Mighty Gunvolt Burst)

Inferno Wall

Pyrogen's appearance sets the walls on fire, turning them into collision hazards.

Flame Charge

Pyrogen charges at the player and leaves pillars of fire in his wake.

Fire Fist

After concluding a Flame Charge, Pyrogen may punch the wall and cause a large fist made of fire to fly out from the opposite wall. On Hard Mode, it flies further.

Body Slam

After concluding a Flame Charge, Pyrogen may jump up the wall, and bounce off to the player's location. Upon impact he will emit fireballs. Two will spread horizontally in Normal Mode, while five will spread in multiple directions in Hard Mode.


His desperation move. The screen will be tinted with fire as Pyrogen becomes invulnerable and immobile, and begins to draw a large number of fireballs from the walls into himself. These can be destroyed by shooting them. Once enough time passes, Pyrogen will jump into the center of the room and unleash a large explosion. Its size can be reduced by destroying many of the fireballs. The number and speed of fireballs increased in Hard Mode.

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