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Prologue: The Muse of Hope (プロローグ -希望の歌姫-) is one of the two Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Drama CDs, the other being "Isola: Full Power Idol", released on March 18, 2020.

Track List

1. The Fan Meeting Begins! - ファン交流会スタート!
Lola posts a new video in the Dark Net announcing she will hold a lottery to go visit some of her avid fans.

2. Lola Cluster! - ロロクラ!
The first fan chosen is a Mino boy named Hayato, who introduces Lola to the "Lola Cluster", the fan community built among fans of her videos.

3. Who Do I Visit Next? - 次は誰に会いに行く?
After the successful first attempt with Hayato, she holds another lottery to choose her next fan.

4. Aiming To Be An Idol - アイドルを目指して
The 2nd visit is actually to an Adept girl named Alita, who has some complexes due to her husky-like voice. Incidentally, her Septima is named Vibration (Oscillation) (振動 (オシレイション).

5. Burdening The Feelings - 思いを背負って
After receiving messages from both fans she's met, Lola notices an old message from a previous video; this message picks her interest so she decides to go meet this fan.

6.The Travelers - 旅する者たち
Expecting to find the sender of the message, a Minos girl named Nana, she instead finds another girl named Miyumi. From her she hears about Nana and a treasure both have been keeping...

7. The Stratospheric Girl - 成層圏の少女
Lola discovers that the treasure contains data on a song that brings back memories of days of an age long past, and so she explains to Miyumi about the struggles she and Copen have been through...

8. Stratosphere
9. Beyond Probability (Live Version)
10. Raison d'Etre (Game Loop Version)

Lola Karaoke Archives

11. Igniter (Karaoke Version)
12. Beyond Probability (Karaoke Version)
13. Searchlight (Karaoke Version)
14. Raison d'etre (Karaoke Version)
15. Stratosphere (Karaoke Version)


III: Sound Create Unit

  • Ippo Yamada: Drama Edit, Computer Programming, Composition
  • Ryo Kawakami: Computer Programming, Composition, Arrangement
  • Takumi Sato: Guitar, Arrangement
  • Ryo Yoshinaga: Sound Effects, Computer Programming, Arrangement
  • Hiroyuki Sato: Sound Effects
  • Keishi Yonao: Computer Programming, Arrangement


  • Mayu Mineda: Lola
  • Asuna Tomari: Hayato
  • Tomoya Kosaka: Alita
  • Hibiku Yamamura: Miyumi


  • Produce, Supervise: Ippo Yamada
  • Mastering: Ryo Kawakami
  • Recording Engineer: Yasutaka Sato (Allblue)
  • Drama Director: Toshiaki Tai
  • Scriptwriter: Kensei Ohhashi
  • Recording Director: Ippo Yamada
  • Recording Engineer: Yu-ya Iwaki
  • Jacket Design: Yoshitaka Hatakeyama
  • Title Logo Works: Miho Iijima
  • Label, Layout Design Works: Hakofactory
  • Special Thanks:
    • Munehiro Araki (INTI)
    • Matt Papa (INTI)
    • Ken Saito
    • Bungo Miyagawa
    • Allblue
    • Studio Jumo
    • Vims
    • Haikyo
    • Mausu Promotion
    • and All Inti Creates Staff
  • Sales Promote:
    • Go Maeda
    • Shigeru Nakagawa
  • Executive Producer: Takuya Aizu

"Prologue - Muse of Hope -" 01-07: Drama tracks

08: 成層圏 / Stratosphere

  • Words by Hakofactory
  • Music by Ippo Yamada
  • Song by Lola (Mayu Mineda)

09: 記憶開放MIAOU (ライブ版) / Beyond Probability (Live ver.)

  • Words by Hakofactory
  • Music by Ippo Yamada
  • Song by Lola

10: レゾンデートル (ゲームループ版) / Raison D'être (Game Loop ver.)

  • Music by Ippo Yamada

"RoRo Songs Karaoke Archives"

  • 11-15: Music by Ippo Yamada