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"On a collapsed highway, a runaway plays the fool. Artless, irreverent, and irresponsible, the world yearns for his end."

誰もが望む道化の処刑, そして上がる人類の歓声

A worn-down highway is the stage of a chase…
The acting buffoon is unartistic, disrespectful and nonsensical…
They all wish for the buffoon to be punished: and humanity cheers at it…

Prism is one of Copen's missions in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, taking place on the stage Prism Highway. The area has come under attack by Ghauri, causing it to become gummed up by prisms and Eden forces.

Copen's objective is to defeat Ghauri and stop the attack. But Ghauri's moving too fast for Copen to catch up, and all these prisms in the way don't make it easy, so Nori will provide some assistance.

Rank and Time Requirements

*May not be accurate


Rank Score Minimum Kudos needed Kill points needed
S+ 550,000 16190 (3DS Gutless), 7480 (Gutless), 5060 (Cautious), 4210 (Fearless), 3200 (Score Attack) 22,000
Stars Time
5 Stars (x1.5) 7:00


Rank Score Minimum Kudos needed Kill points needed
S+ 550,000 15450 (3DS Gutless), 7040 (Gutless), 4730 (Cautious), 3920 (Fearless), 2850 (Score Attack) 50,000
Stars Time
5 Stars (x1.5) 8:00

Stage Composition

  • This stage is filled with prisms that bounce your shots at a 45-degree angle. You can use them for trick shots, but shooting them head-on will cause your shots to ricochet off of them.
    • The prisms can be destroyed by the impact of an Aerial Reload or a level 3 Prism Break
    • The spiky prisms redirect your shots at a 135-degree angle and hurt on contact. They can be destroyed all the same.
  • There are several burning cars lying on the road, 8 to be exact. Touching them hurts. A number of them are sitting underneath sprinkler units, so shooting those will spray water everywhere and douse the flame. You can also put out the flames with Hydro Zapper. Putting out the flames on all 8 cars will yield a "Secret" Kudos Bonus of 333 Kudos.
  • There's a Spyder unit trapped by prisms at the end of phase 1. For more information, see its portion on the Medium Bosses page.
  • Phase 2 involves you riding on Nori's motorcycle while fighting a running battle with Ghauri. He'll create spiky prisms you have to jump over, and a bunch of other prisms you have to dodge or shoot. Once you beat him, he'll run away, sending you to his boss arena.


  • Road Warrior: Clear in 11 minutes. (Reward: Graym Culture x5)
  • Cinder-Fella: Clear in 7 minutes. (Reward: Custom Servophoton x1)
  • Technicolor Dream: Clear with Rank B or higher. (Reward: Polymer Gm238 x3)
  • One's Future: Clear with rank A or higher. (Reward: Uranium-235 Crystal x3)
  • The Iris Concerto: Clear with Rank S or higher. (Reward: Antigravity Engine x1)
  • Brilliance: In one run, defeat 8 enemies by reflecting shots from prisms. (Reward: Kripp Alloy x3)
  • Party Crasher: When Ghauri first shows up on the Highway, defeat him in 15 seconds. (Reward: Xiwidia x8)
  • LP Collection: Obtain all 5 medals and clear the stage. (Reward: Graym Culture x10)
  • Utopian Beat: Clear the stage 3 times. (Reward: Custom Servophoton x2)

Material Rewards

  • Custom Servophoton
  • Antigravity Engine
  • Kripp Alloy
  • Xiwidia
  • Faraging Steel
  • Nanochip 98
  • Proto Infrastructure
  • High-end NcGbx
  • Graym Culture
  • Polymer Gm238
  • Uranium-225 Crystal



  • Nori GV.png
    In Gunvolt's Secret Mission 4, Nori's face is obscured by a helmet.


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