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"The dragon's fangs clash with the tiger's claws. For whom do the voices at the heart of this paradise sing their dirge?"

龍のアギト、虎の絶爪ツメ ぶつかり合う少年たち

The dragon’s jaw, the tiger’s claws, the two boys who clash…
The Singing Fairy’s singing voice echoes in the depths of Paradise…
But for whose sake does she sing…?

Prayer is true final mission of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Zonda is dead, but so is Mytyl. Seeking an outlet for his grief, Copen draws his gun on Gunvolt...

Mission Requirements

In order to unlock this mission, Savior (The Garden 3) must first be cleared with both GV and Copen. Subsequent playthroughs as either will lead into this mission.

If Story Mode is completely disabled in the mission select menu, Prayer will not be triggered upon the completion of Savior.

Stage Composition


  • Anthem is disabled.
  • There are no Challenges.


  • Copen's pattern is the same as when you fought in Frozen City.
  • His special skill is Guilt Sequence, which deploys the powers of the original 6 bosses from ASG1, but with new tricks and combination attacks.

Phase 2

  • When the 2nd phase starts up, Copen gets infinite Prevasion. Skills or contact with Flashfield can take it down.
  • Copen's shots can bypass Prevasion and cause Overheat. It's generally a bad idea to use the Blue Streak Band here. In his EX DLC version, he will Bullit Dash right after this pattern, making it dangerous to land in front of him, as you're very likely to get hit.
  • His special skill is Doppler Destroyer. It creates clones like Doppler Desire, but is changed in light of Copen's new gear and the Anthem. The pattern can be difficult, but the best and easiest way to dodge this pattern is by standing in the very middle of the screen, and timing your jumps correctly so that the doppelgangers miss you.


  • Gunvolt's pattern is the same as when you fought in Frozen City.
  • His special skill is Luxcalibur. It ignores Prevasion, so just stay away from GV when he readies it.

Phase 2

  • GV has infinite Prevasion. Hydro Zapper or Shred Storm can take it down, but Stellar Spark will bring it back up.
  • All of GV's skills ignore Prevasion and have been modified to compensate for any range issues.
    • After using Astrasphere, the spheres fire outward while rotating.
    • Luxcalibur shoots forward quickly after a second.
    • Voltaic Chains has the chains shock sections of the screen, with Crashbolts striking the areas the chains didn't cover right after.
  • His special skill is Septimal Surge. It grants him increased attack for the rest of the battle, making his moves more dangerous. In his EX DLC version, all of his patterns will change drastically, and will deal massive damage, usually killing you in 2 hits. Most of them require EX Weapons such as Twintail Bunkers to dodge.

Material Rewards

  • Hihiroqane Shard
  • Electromotive Graym
  • Xiwidia
  • Faraging Steel
  • Proto Infrastructure
  • High-end NcGbx
  • Quartzite
  • Electrum
  • Polymer Gm238
  • Uranium-235 Crystal