Pharma Lab
"Stratos, lord of the horde, feasts upon the laboratory's grotesque flora. But they can only sate his hunger for so long..." - Flavor text


The Pharma Lab (薬理研究所 Pharmacology Lab) is the stage for one of the missions in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Garden". This secret laboratory is where Sumeragi creates S.E.E.D., a drug that has applications as a means to control Septima. Gunvolt's objective is to destroy it directly at the source, the Eidolon flower.


Moniqa: Your mission is to exterminate a flower being cultivated there.

Gunvolt: Destroy a flower? That's uh... A "unique" kind of mission.

Moniqa: Well, an ingredient made from said plant is the real problem here. Have you ever heard of something called S.E.E.D? While it is technically used in a stress-relief medication, however... If made a certain way, it can power up Septimas and become very addictive.

Gunvolt: You mean...

Moniqa: Yeah... Behind closed doors, Sumeragi uses this to control Adepts...                      

Gunvolt: I see... So that's what the deal is. All right, let's get this mission started.

Stage Composition

There are a few gimmicks to this stage:

  • Vine platforms act as footholds in various parts. They are extremely vulnerable to electricity, and crumble upon contact by Flashfield.
  • This stage is a breeding ground for some of Sumeragi's greener experiments. Such as the enemies Tentacle, Spider Flower, and Eidolon Flower make an exclusive appearance here.
  • During the second half of the stage, Stratos will periodically flood the level with ravenous insects. They will destroy the enemies in the area, however they can hurt Gunvolt as well. Using Flashfield can repel them.

Jewel Location

Jewel Pharma Lab

During the first half of the stage, you'll find a room with multiple ivy platforms over spikes.

The Jewel is near the end of the room, next to a Spider Flower.


  • Pharmabeautiful: Clear in 8 minutes or less. (Reward: Kripp Alloy x8)
  • Express Exterminator: Clear in 5 minutes or less. (Reward: Phased Fluid Metal x1)
  • Green Thumb: Clear with a rank of B or higher. (Reward: Nanochip 98 x8)
  • Pesticidal Urges: Clear with a rank of S or higher. (Reward: Apoitaqara x1)
  • Petal to the Mettle: Defeat Eidolon without using any Offensive Skills. (Reward: Phased Fluid Metal x2)
  • Bug Zapper: Use the Flashfield to block as many swarms as possible. (Reward: Apoitagara x1)


  • StratosSecretIcon
    The Pharma Lab being a sun-lit stage was a mistake made by part of the graphics team, who were not aware that all missions were intended to take place at night. This mistake was covered up by calling the Pharma Lab a greenhouse dome with artificial lights in stage dialogue, with attention being placed on how it's really past 1 AM when the mission takes place.
  • There exists a special icon in the stage that can be uncovered by shooting it five times with Mizuchi, and sets the player's Kudos to 1000 when revealed. This icon is of Ekoro from the Gal*Gun series.


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