Paradise's Capriccio ~ Eden's Party (楽園狂騒曲 ~ Eden's Party), is one of the two drama CD's released for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. It focuses on various side-stories starring several Eden members. It is currently not available outside of Japan, however, a fan translation exists for reading.


  1. Tabula Rasa
  2. The Girl Who Sings Within Despair - 絶望に謡う少女
    Tenjian comes across a ruined town laid to waste by humans, with the corpses of Adepts littering the land. Among them, however, he finds one sole survivor, and the power of her song alerts Zonda, who urges Tenjian to bring her back to base.
  3. The Oracle's Plea - 巫女の切願
    After taking her into custody, Tenjian and Zonda devise a plan to help heal Olga's heart. But they'll need the help of Desna, Asroc, and Gibril. Can Zonda convince them to aid in Operation: Shot Through the Heart?
  4. As the Stars Ordain It to Be - 星の導きのままに
    As per Zonda's operation, Part 1 has Desna at the forefront. Will Mission: Love Divination turn out a success, or a failure?
  5. The Patissier's Particular Perfectionism - パティシエ〜こだわりの逸品〜
    Moving right along in their operation, their next contender is Asroc. Can his baking really melt Olga's frozen heart?
  6. Little Blue Riding Hood - 蒼き衣の赤ずきん
    With both previous missions being in vain, Zonda brings out their ace in the hole, Gibril! Will she be able to be the idol they need for this operation?
  7. The Oracle's Pride - 巫女の矜持
    Despite their efforts, Olga's heart isn't any closer to being healed. After some brainstorming, Zonda comes up with an idea that'll impress Olga for sure!
  8. Fantasy Festival - 幻想祭
    The final mission will be carried out by none other than Zonda herself. The plan? Give Olga the concert of a lifetime.
  9. A Bright Future - 示された光明
    After their operation has concluded, Zonda has a private meeting with Tenjian. Olga isn't quite what they were looking for, but...
  10. Tabula Rasa (Karaoke)
  11. Indigo Destiny (Karaoke)
  12. Vast Circle (Karaoke)
  13. Multi-Universe (Karaoke)
  14. Parallel World (Karaoke)
  15. A Flash of Azure (Karaoke)
  16. Iolite (Karaoke)
  17. Reincarnation Alt. (Karaoke)
  18. A Gift for Blizzardy Nights

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