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“Sorry to keep you waiting, Copen.”
Nori , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Nori is the maid of Copen and Mytyl, and one of the supporting protagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Having served the Kamizono family for many years, she serves as Copen's primary benefactor, faithfully carrying out his wishes, while leaving her own goals unknown.

Website Description

She’s a super cool and collected maid that works for Copen and Mytyl. She also acts as Copen’s operator when he goes out on missions.

From housework to battle support she can handle it all with the greatest of ease. While most of the time she acts as a maid to Copen and Mytyl, sometimes she steps out of that role and into one that is more like a foster parent; a very strict foster parent.

Copen has enormous amounts of financial assets, which allows him to do technical research and enact his revenge, neither of which she objects to helping him do. As for her own personal assets, well, that is a mystery.



Nori is a young woman with red eyes and short red hair. She wears a uniform vaguely similar to that of a French maid, white and black with dark magenta highlights, a green tie, and a maid headband, as well as red boots.


Nori assists in Copen's development of subroutines for his gear, allowing him to boost his abilities without having to physically modify his equipment. She was also his instructor in physical training, martial arts and weapons training. She takes care of Mytyl as well while Copen is out on missions.

In the Frozen City, Nori is the one who provides Copen with anti-skid coating, allowing him to walk on ice without slipping.

On the Highway, Nori drives a motorcycle to help Copen catch up with Ghauri, the latter's high speed being impossible to pursue with just Copen's gear.

  • In GV's special mission, Nori is replaced by a nondescript driver with a helmet.

Other Appearances

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Nori appears as a hidden collectible pixel sticker in the Water Works Bureau stage.

She makes a cameo appearance in the ending of Copen's campaign.

Designer Notes

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

She’s an all-purpose person who can do anything, so I did submit a draft in which she looked very physically strong and capable of doing it all. But it didn’t totally fit with the character so I calmed myself down by making her have a rather normal maid uniform and a beauty whose facial expressions don’t tell what she’s thinking of. As for the rider suit, I thought that Nowa would rationally choose a high-functional one. I wished for it to be cool apart from sexy so I picked a racing suit for her.

-- (Araki Munehiro)




  • Nori's English and Japanese names are derived from "noir", the French word for "black".
  • In the Japanese script, Xiao refers to her as a witch known as "The Courtesan Bewitcher" (傾国の誘惑者 Keikoku no Yuuwakusha), and implies that her real name is not Nori.
  • She is the only character without a revealed age. One of the Mytyl chats implies she may be significantly older than she appears, as she mentions hitting a TV to make it work when she was a child. When this prompts Copen to ask how old she really is, she claims that is a very rude question. Copen backs off when her response makes him feel some sort of pressure, noting to himself that Nori is scary.
  • In line with the Gal*Gun allusions regarding the Kamizono family, Nori is most likely related to Kurona from the former series.
    • In the Drama CD story Clockwork Daydream, "Kurona" approaches Lola (in her drone form) giving her a magical pendant, which she describes as "...An ancient item from the world of spirits".
    • This connection is further strengthened by an optional conversation in-game, where Mytyl purchases the entire team charms, which are said to ward off evil. When Mytyl tries to give the charm to Nori, she refuses to wear the charm and stumbles out of the room.
    • The title 傾国の誘惑者 appears in Kurona's profile in the Japanese version of Gal*Gun.
  • Nori and Xiao worked together for an unknown period of time before splitting up after Eden was destroyed and Nori giving the Muse Pendant to Xiao.

Japanese Version

"I apologize for the wait, Lord Acura."

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