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“Hi Copen. :) I'm all right.”
Mytyl , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Mytyl Kamizono is the younger twin sister of Copen and one of the protagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Website Description

Mytyl is Copen’s twin (younger) sister, who like her twin brother, does not possess any septimal powers. Due to her weak constitution, she spends her days living in a long-term medical care facility. She has been extremely frail since birth, and due to a surgery she had at a very young age, she lost her voice and now communicates with people via a tablet.

Likely do to her frail constitution and being long-term medical care, she is quite small in stature, which gives many people the impression that she and Copen were born many years apart, but they are in fact the same age. Copen does not speak to her at all about his battles.



Mytyl is a young teenage girl with gold eyes and long white hair. Due to her small and frail stature, she comes across as much younger than she really is. She wears a pink dress with white frills and a blue bow on her chest. She has a spherical silver bell tied into her hair with a red ribbon.

As Lola acquires the Mirror Shards containing Joule's power, Mytyl begins growing in height much faster than before. Upon fusing with Joule's spirit in its entirety, Mytyl gains Joule's red eyes, lavender hair, and even her ahoge and hair "antennae". Several weeks later, the fused girl is seen in a school uniform and with shorter hair.

(Plot) Role

Mytyl acts as the primary partner for most conversations, and increasing Copen's bond with her somehow increases the chance Lola can activate Anthem.

Mytyl was born alongside her twin older brother Copen, to their (currently unknown) mother and their father, Dr. Kamizono.

Mytyl was born with the Muse's septima, but her body was not strong enough to contain it, causing the power to overwhelm her and waste away her health.

Dr. Kamizono performed an operation to extract her septimosome, saving her life but taking away her voice. Both Copen and Mytyl were too young to remember the exact details of this, and Dr. Kamizono died during a classified experiment. Unbeknownst to the Kamizono family, Sumeragi took Mytyl's extracted septimosome and implanted it into the unborn child who would become Joule.

Mytyl would then spend the rest of her life in a sanatorium built by the Kamizono family, under watchful care by servants and doctors.

Mytyl was also Lola's conversational partner during the latter's AI development period. This led to Lola referring to Copen as "Boss", apparently.

Some time before the events of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Mytyl is kidnapped by Eden and tucked away on the Sumeragi airship Seraph.

She is nearly abducted by a strange robot before being saved by Gunvolt. Later on, Copen would arrive and whisk her back to their home. Mytyl has no memory of this, as she was unconscious the whole time.

After Gunvolt defeats four of The Seven, Eden once again kidnaps Mytyl. Asroc runs off with her to Eden's headquarters "Garden". Copen runs in pursuit, leaving GV to fight Ghauri. Again, Mytyl was unconscious the whole time and retains no memory of this.

After GV makes it to the center of the Garden, Zonda uses Mytyl to steal and absorb GV's Mirror Shards and Joule's consciousness along with them. Upon Zonda's defeat, GV finds Mytyl dead, and the just-arrived Copen attacks GV in grief and rage. When Copen falls, Mytyl suddenly rises into the air, materializing Lola and Joule's Muse forms next to her. The duo's voices sing an Anthem that revives Copen and empowers him until GV defeats him again.

When Copen loses a second time, GV attempts to walk closer, when Mytyl - now looking more like Joule and speaking in Joule's voice - suddenly gets in his way, telling him not to get close to her precious person. When she is called by the names "Mytyl" and "Joule", she becomes confused, as she doesn't recognize those names or the two people nearby her. Copen then takes Mytyl to a hospital as GV leaves.

After her rescue, Mytyl is moved to a new sanatorium, since the old one was wrecked by Eden.

Lola takes her Muse form for the first time in Mytyl's presence when the Mirror Shard installed in her reacts to Mytyl, and Mytyl mentions that Copen and Lola coming to visit her has made her feel physically better. Copen has no idea why these phenomena occur, but he sets out to collect more Mirror Shards in hopes of using them to cure Mytyl's illness for good.

After Copen defeats four of The Seven, Eden breaks into Mytyl's sanatorium (again) and kidnaps Mytyl (again). She is then taken by Teseo and whisked away to the Garden. Again, Mytyl was unconscious the whole time and has no memory of this.

Once Copen makes it inside the Garden, Zonda gives an expository on Mytyl's past as an Adept, hidden in some of Sumeragi's files. Denying this, Copen charges into the heart of the Garden, only for Zonda to use Mytyl to steal and absorb Lola's Mirror Shards. After Copen ends Zonda's ambitions, he finds Mytyl dead on the ground. He takes out his grief and rage on the nearest available target, which just so happens to be Gunvolt.

When Gunvolt falls, Mytyl suddenly rises into the air, hijacking Lola and forcing her to materialize her Muse form alongside Joule's. Joule and Lola's voices sing an Anthem that revives GV and empowers him until Copen defeats him again.

As Copen tries to finish Gunvolt off, GV is protected by a barrier. Then, Mytyl - now looking more like Joule and speaking in Joule's voice - gets in Copen's way, asking him not to kill her precious person. When called by "Joule" and "Mytyl", she becomes confused, not recognizing those names nor the two people before her. Copen rushes her off to a hospital, allowing GV to leave for now.

Mytyl is found to be physically healthier than she ever was before, able to walk and speak now. However, she remembers nothing about her past or her family. Unable to give up his crusade despite now knowing his sister is an Adept, Copen renounces his name as a "Kamizono" in order to avoid dragging her into his battles again, and he leaves without her ever knowing.

A few weeks later, Mytyl is wandering the city with Nori in tow, when suddenly, she sees somebody who seems familiar and another standing next to him. She asks him, "are...are you an angel?" He seems confused at first, then she explains her amnesia and asks if she's met the two somewhere. The boy asks for her name, but afterwards tells her she is mistaken, that they've never met before. The two then part ways, unlikely to ever meet again.

In the secret ending it is revealed that Xiao Wu was responsible for rousing Mytyl in the depths of the Garden, merged Joule with her, and extracted her septimosome. Nori was able to seal the septimosome in a pendant-shaped glaive, in theory suppressing Mytyl's septima and allowing her to live as a normal person. However, Xiao has plans for the glaive...

Other Appearances

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Mytyl appears as a collectible pixel sticker that is obtained by completing the "Credit Where Credit's Due" challenge.

Japanese version

"Welcome, Acura - kun. Today I feel fine."

MytylJapanese Official Site

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

She’s a character whom I tried to draw as a negligee and got the OK almost at the first try. Her main image is that of weakness, and fleetingness, as if she’d disappear at any time. The bell hair ornament was added because Tai-san, in charge of the scenario, asked me to do so. I normally can’t draw characters differently but Mytyl’s face is totally identical to Cyan’s face in the prequel. If you wonder why I did that, I think you’ll realize if you play the game until the end so… Go ahead and check it out.

-- (Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)




  • Mytyl was first alluded to in Fleeting Memories, where Dr. Kamizono speaks of having both a son and a daughter.
  • The bell in Mytyl's hair, a feature specifically requested by the scenario writer, resembles the hair bells worn by Shinobu Kamizono from Gal*Gun, another Inti Creates series. Takuya Aizu has made comments suggesting that Shinobu is Copen and Mytyl's mother.
  • "Clockwork Daydream" reveals that Lumen was Mytyl's favorite singer, and "Prologue: The Muse of Hope" reveals that Mytyl especially loved Lumen's song "Stratosphere".
  • Mytyl's name is taken from one of the protagonists of the 1908 play The Blue Bird.[1]
  • In the Netherlands, "Mytyl schools" are schools for children with physical disabilities.
  • Mytyl's story in ASG2 bears several similarities to Joule's in ASG1: both are rescued at the end of the intro stage, captured again for the final stages, and killed after the final boss fight before returning in a different form, all because of their relationship to The Muse. However, unlike Joule, Mytyl's relationship to The Muse is not made explicit until near the end of the game.