< S T R I K E >

Gunvolt: (We've had a run of strange disappearances in the city. Xiao looked into it and got a lead on an old mansion.) Thanks for the assist, Xiao.

Xiao: No worries. I want to help if I can. And Quinn's friend is also missing, which makes it personal.

< encountering soldiers >

Gunvolt: ... Eden soldiers?!

Xiao: Eden? How are they involved in this?

Gunvolt: Guess we'd better find out.

< first encounter of zombies >

Xiao: Whoa! What's that thing?

Is that ... I can't help but think of a zombie I once fought ... This probably isn't going to end well.

< siren room >

Xiao: I thought this mansion was supposed to be abandoned? Where did all these guys come from?

< first encounter of Iron Maidens >

Gunvolt: What are those things?

Xiao: Traps that catch whatever passes in front of them.

Gunvolt: So it's more than just a tacky decoration? (Better dump or dash to avoid 'em.)


Gunvolt: No sign of the abductees...

Xiao: We don't know for sure that this is the place. But if they were taken here, it may already be too late. GV, destroy that hexapyle and let's try further in.

Soldier: We have ID on the intruder, Miss Gibril! It's Gunvolt!

Gibril: Found us, did he? Ugh, he's such a stalker. Fiiine! I'll deal with it. Keep him busy for a while.

< first encounter of zombies via Iron Maidens >

Gunvolt: Uh oh. Incoming!

Xiao: Well, that's different.

Gunvolt: Last time I saw zombies, they were also created by a Septima.

Xiao: Wait, what? You've seen zombies before?! Promise you'll tell me about this later, okay?

< first encounter iron axe traps >

Xiao: Man, these traps are nasty.

Gunvolt: I'll use my Flashfield to get them before they trigger.

< initial hexpyle to Gibril >

Someone -- or something -- is waiting behind this hexapyle.

< secret area >

Xiao: Oh, this place isn't creepy at all.

Joule: Bad place... very bad place...

Gunvolt: Joule? (I just realized Joule hadn't spoken in some time. Maybe she was too afraid?)

< encounter of secret skill >

You mastered the skill Crashbolt.

Huh? What's this? It feels... familiar. A new power has awakened within me...

< Gibril encounter >

What is this place?

Gunvolt: A little kid...? were you kidnapped and brought here?

Gibril: Kid?! I'll show you who the kid is around here!

< Gibril weaponizes >

Gunvolt: You're with The Seven!

Gibril: Sure am! Like my lab? We bring all the useless animals here. Then I drain their life force and use it to fuel my Septima. Neat, no? Zonda sure has some impressive Sumeragi tech."

Gunvolt: ......!

Gibril: Anyway, let's get back to this whole "kid" thing. You'll pay for that, buddy-boy... and it's going to hurt!

< S T R I K E >

Gunvolt: Don't tell me those zombies in the mansion were...

Gibril: Lifeless shells controlled by my Septima, Metallon? Yessir! I command metal. Iron is in the blood. Do the math. It feels so good to turn the tables on these jerks.

Gunvolt: That's despicable!

Gibril: Nope! It's recycling. Hell, these hippies probably like it. I mean, if an empty husk can actually "like" anything.

< second phase >

Gunvolt: She transformed! (Is this shifting ability more Sumeragi tech?)

Gibril: Stop staring, weirdo! Don't look at me! You think you can make me suffer? You think that? I dole out pain! Not you! Never forget it! I'll tear you to pieces and use 'em to stuff a pillow!

Is she losing control of her true form?

< Iron Maiden >

Gibril: I've never been hurt this bad before. You're the first. Okay, loser. Here it comes... everything I've got... all of it! Might kill me, but you know what? I don't care! Ah ha ha!

< Gibril is defeated >

Xiao: GV, those people who were taken...

Gunvolt: (Based on the mansion, I thought it might be true.) If Gibril wasn't lying, then all of them are... gone. (Even Quinn's friends. How am I ever going to tell her...?)

< C L E A R >

< S T R I K E >

GV: (街で立て続けに起こる神隠し事件... シャオ独自の情報網で調査したところ, この洋館の存在が浮かび上がった) 協力してくれてありがとう, シャオ

Xiao: 気にしないで. オウカのクラスメイトも被害にあってるんでしょ? ボクも放っておけないよ

< encountering soldiers >

GV: エデンの兵士...!?

Xiao: まさか神隠しはエデンのしわざ? でも何のために...

GV: 判らないが...とにかく先に進もう

< first encounter of zombies >

Xiao: うわ! こいつ, なに?

GV: 人...? いや, これは... (姿は全く似てないが, ボクの脳裏に, かつて戦ったゾンビの姿がよぎる— ...嫌な予感がする)

< siren room >

Xiao: 持ち主不在のはずの洋館に警備システムなんて... ヤツら, ここでいったい何を...?

< first encounter of Iron Maidens >

GV: あれは...?

Xiao: どうも前を通った人を補縛する罠みたいだね...

GV: ただの悪趣味インテリアじゃないってことか (ジャンプやダッシュで避けられるな)

Xiao:  GV!雷撃鱗を張りながら 振りほどくんだ!

GV: 連れ去られた人達... どこにも見当たらないな

Xiao: あくまでこの洋館があやしいってだけで確証はないんだ. でも, もしここに連れ去られたのだとしたら, きっともう... GV, ゲートモノリスを破壊してもっと奥まで調べてみよう

Soldier: ジブリール様! 侵入者...ガンヴォルトです!

Gibril: ンン? バレちまったのか? 乙女の秘密を覗きにくるたあ, ふてえ野郎だ. いいさ! 手ずらからオレが処刑してやる! それまで時間をかせいでな!

< first encounter of zombies via Iron Maidens >

GV: 飛び出してくるか!

Xiao: 何なんだろうね, "そいつ"...

GV: 前に見たゾンビも第七波動によって作り出されたものだった...

Xiao: えっ!? GV! ゾンビを見たことあるの? ...その話, 後で詳しくね

< first encounter iron axe traps >

Xiao: これもまた趣味の悪いトラップだね

GV: トラップ起動前なら, 雷撃隣バリアで破壊できるはずだ

< initial hexpyle to Gibril >

(ゲートモノリス... この奥に何が待ち構えているのか)

< secret area >

Xiao: 薄気味悪い場所だね...

Cyan: うう... もうやだ... なんなのここ...

GV: シアン? (シアン... さっきからずっと話さないと思っていたら, 怖くて口がきけなかったのか...)

< Gibril encounter >

GV: (この場所は...?) 小さな... 女の子...? もしかして, この館に連れ去られてきたのか...?

Gibril: "小さな" 女の子...だア? テメエ... 言っちゃいけねえコトを言ったみてーだな

< Gibril weaponizes >

GV: ...G7だったのか! こんな所で, 何をしている!

Gibril: ここは攫ってきた無能力者どもから生命力を抜き取って, このオレ, ジブリール様の第七波動の力に変える実験場... これも, パンテーラが持ち帰った皇神の技術ってヤツの一つだ

GV: .....!

Gibril: ンなコトよりも, テメエ...さっきオレの身長をバカにしやがったよな? 許さねえ... テメエは極刑だッ! むごたらしくかっさばいてやるッ!

< S T R I K E >

GV: ...! まさか洋館内にいた"彼ら"は...

Gibril: 生命力を抜き取ったヌケガラを, 金属を操るオレの第七波動— "メタリカ"でシモベにしてやったのさ! 脈に流れる"鉄分"を操ってな? 能力者をコケにしてきたゴミどもがかしずくザマは痛快だったぜ

GV: 非道な...!

Gibril: ゴミをリサイクルしてやったんだ. ヤツらも泣いて悦んでるだろうよ. もっともヌケガラは涙を流しゃしねえがな!

< second phase >

GV: 姿が変わった...!? (獣のような, そのフォルム---これも皇神(スメラギ)から奪った技術の成果だというのか?)

Gibril: イヤらしい目でジロジロ見やがって... ヘンタイか, テメエは? こんな野郎に痛みつけられるなんて...! オレこそが痛みつける側なんだッ! それを思い知らせてやる!!ミクロの果てまで刻み尽くしてやるッ!!!


< Iron Maiden >

Gibril: オレをここまで痛みつけたのはお前が初めてだ! いいぜ, 見せてやる! 全身の全霊の! 全力の, 全快をッ!! この体, もう, どうなっても知りやしねエッ!!!

< Gibril is defeated >

Xiao: GV, 連れ去られた人達は...

GV: (舘の様子からして, そうかもしれないとは思っていた) ジブリール... 彼女の口ぶりからして, きっともう... (連れ去られたオウカのクラスメイトも恐らくは... ボクは, オウカに伝えるべき言葉が見つからなかった...)

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei, edited by Sweetamitie]

< S T R I K E >

GV: (A streak of mysterious disappearances cases are happening in the town. Xiao investigated with his info network and this manor’s existence emerged from it.) Thanks for your cooperation, Xiao.

Xiao: Don’t mind it. One of Ouka’s classmates is amongst the missing, you know? I can't exactly ignore that.

< encountering soldiers >

GV: An Eden soldier…!?

Xiao: Does that mean that Eden’s behind this? But why would they…?

GV: Dunno… I’ll head deeper in.

< first encounter of zombies >

Xiao: Whoa! What’s THAT?

GV: A person…? No, this is... (Though they don’t look all that alike, they remind me of those “zombies” that I fought in the past… I've got a bad feeling about this…)

< siren room >

Xiao: Why would there be a security system in an abandoned manor? Just what are they up to…?

< first encounter of Iron Maidens >

GV: What’s that?

Xiao: Looks like a trap built to catch whatever crosses in front of it.

GV: So it’s not just bad taste in interior design, then. (I can dodge them by jumping or dashing.)

GV: I don’t see the abductees anywhere...

Xiao: Aside from the fact that this place is creepy, there's no proof they ere taken here yet. But if they’ve been brought here, they must already be… GV, destroy the Gate Monolith and let’s further investigate.

Soldier: Master Gibril, we have an intruder! It's Gunvolt!

Gibril: We got found out, huh? Come to peek into a maiden’s secrets, what a shameless jerk! Fine! I’ll execute the guy myself! Buy time ‘till I’m ready! 

< first encounter of zombies via Iron Maidens >

GV: They come out from there too!

Xiao: What exactly are “they," anyway…?

GV: The “zombies” I’ve seen before were created by a Sevens, too…

Xiao: HUH?! GV, you've seen zombies before? You gotta tell me about that later, alright?

< first encounter iron axe traps >

Xiao: Talk about bad taste in traps.

GV: I can destroy them with my Flashfield before they deploy.

< initial hexpyle to Gibril >

(A Gate Monolith… I guess something’s waiting for me past this…)

< secret area >

Xiao: Geez, talk about creepy...

Cyan: Ughh… No more… What’s with this manor…?

GV: Cyan? (Cyan… I was thinking about how silent she was. It’s because she’s so scared she can’t even speak… )

< Gibril encounter >

GV: (What’s this area…?) A... little girl? Were you brought here by force? 

Gibril: A... A little.... GIRL?! You just couldn't keep your mouth shut, couldja?

< Gibril weaponizes >

GV: So you’re one of the G7! What are you plotting in here?

Gibril: In this testing field, we extract life energy from these trash humans we kidnap, and turn it into energy to power my Sevens. All thanks to Sumeragi tech that Pantera brought back for us.

GV: .....!

Gibril: That aside… You were making fun of my height, weren't ya, you little shit? Now you've done it, you get to feel the full brunt of my rage! I'm gonna dissect you like a lab sample!

< S T R I K E >

GV: …! Don’t tell me that those "people" here were… 

Gibril: Empty shells we sapped the energy from. Using my Sevens, Metallica, and its power to control metal, I turn them into my servants by controlling the iron that flows in their blood. How ironic, the garbage that gave us Psychics hell now serve me.

GV: That’s inhumane…!

Gibril: Nah, I just recycled the debris. They must be crying tears of joy... if they could even cry in the first place!!

< second phase >

GV: Her form’s changed…!? (Is beast-like form also from the Sumeragi tech they stole?)

Gibril: I can’t stand you staring at me like that… are you some kind of pervert? I can't believe some weirdo like you is trying to torture me... But I'M the one who's gonna torture YOU! And I'll make sure you know that! I'll mince you into pieces so small they won't even be able to measure them!

(Is she… losing herself?)

< Iron Maiden >

Gibril: You're the only one who's hurt me this bad. Have it your way then! I'll show you full pleasure of the mind and body! Even if my own crumbles in the process!

< Gibril is defeated >

Xiao: GV, the abductees...

GV: (I feared such an outcome as I advanced through the manor…) Taking Gibril's words into account, then they're... (Even Quinn's classmate is... I don't think I have the heart to tell her.)

< C L E A R >

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