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Mr. Demon Plant Jr. is a Gal*Gun based boss that appears in the Mighty Gunvolt stage School.

Soundtrack Booklet Description (Translated)

Appears in classroom and traps the girls it caught in cages. The uvula seen when it opens its mouth is the weak point.


Skill Description


The demon plant sprouts two tentacles from the ground and wall that wave around and fire shots at the player. They will gradually recede into the ground with each hit on their tips, and sending them both away will cause the plant to open its mouth and become vulnerable.

Little Plants

The demon plant sprouts two mini plants, which rush across the floor and walls up to the cage with the school girl. They will attack the cage, causing the girl to emit the letters of "HELP" as projectiles across the room.


  • The trapped girls are Shinobu and Maya Kamizono.