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"Double check your gear, and be ready for anything."
Moniqa, Azure Striker Gunvolt

Moniqa is a non-playable character in Azure Striker Gunvolt. She is an operator working for QUILL, and has no known septimal powers.

Website Description

Moniqa is an operations manager at QUILL and one of the few members who doesn’t have Sepmital powers.

She is generally a serious and highly capable officer, and acts like an older sister to Gunvolt and Zeno.

Even though she usually with the program, she has a bit of a clumsy side that reveals itself on occasion. She has a deep admiration for Asimov. [1]



Moniqa, along with Zeno, acts as Gunvolt's operator in the field (her codename is Sheep's 3), feeding him intel on foes and stage gimmicks in various missions.

She and Zeno discover Asimov's corpse on Babel during the True End of ASG1, asking GV what happened.

Moniqa makes no canonical appearances after this.

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

Monica is one of the few adult women in the game so I was very careful when designing her, to make sure I wouldn’t stray away (from the goal). I wanted her to feel like she had kindness and toughness - or what it’d look like from GV’s PoV - I remember that I didn’t agree with the feeling of her face or her facial expressions and so I redrew her many times. By the way, her clothes are mainly grey-colored and feel pretty simple but, by coloring her upper arms in red, the lines around her chest get emphasized and turn into a design which tells you, even from afar, that she has a big chest.

-- (Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)


-- (畠山義崇)


  • Matching the car theme naming of ASG1, Moniqa is likely named after Monica, a French luxury car manufactured in the 1970s.
  • Moniqa's concept art reveals that she is from Germany and that she has a small gun.
  • Moniqa happens to navigate missions in which the stage hazards are made by the Sumeragi adept boss's septimal abilities; e.g., Abyss features Merak's wormholes, The Garden features Stratos's swarms, and Kaleidoscape features Zonda's mirrors.

Japanese Version

"GV, don't do anything too reckless."

MonicaJapanese Official Site