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Mirror is the fifth and final stage of Mighty Gunvolt. It is solely a boss fight against Sumeragi Zonda. The theme is an 8-Bit Rendition of Lightning Crashes.

At first it appears the opponent would be Copen, but a Sumeragi Zonda immediately knocked out Copen and replaced him as the true opponent in the stage.


Sumeragi Zonda has four attacks. One male Zonda will create four mirrors with copies of him. If the mirrors are not destroyed quickly enough, they will spring forth and attack. Two male Zondas will create Mirrors on the ceiling which will shoot out arrows towards the ground. Three female Zondas will create four Mirrors which will shoot three homing pellet shots (from each mirror). Four female Zondas will jump in a Mirror at the center of the screen and start shooting singular homing pellets.

Ending *

In order to prevent a "muse"

Auditions, "Copen"infiltrated

Sumeragi Group. to rescue "muse."

But his plans ware shattered by "Zonda" easily defeated him.

"Zonda" would use her, to fill

the world with ultimate love.

But "zonda" was a failure.

What was the true planning of

"Zonda"? with his death, no one

may never know. The first place

it is unknown if anything really existed in that world was real.

So, perhaps all "zonda"has

showed may have ben illusion.

*Disclaimer: All grammar errors are intentional. Do not edit them.

Original Translated Ending

Despite Zonda's having effortlessly laid waste

to Copen, who had snuck into Sumeragi

in order to put a stop to their schemes, the

plan to find the next Diva, and use her to

fill the world with the greatest of love, would

soon be shattered...

We still wonder what the true aim of the "plan"

was, but with Zonda dead, we'll never know for sure.

All things considered, it's hard to tell if even

this world itself was real to begin with.

For all we know, this all could've been just

another one of Zonda's illusions...


  • This fight marks Sumeragi Zonda/False Zonda's first boss appearance in a video game given Mighty Gunvolt was released roughly one year earlier than Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.
  • When Sumeragi Zonda/False Zonda is defeated, he reverted back to a pre-Weaponized form which is otherwise only seen in the official artbooks.
    Cha zonda defeat mg.png