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There are a handful of characters that are far enough apart from the main cast but not enough that they can be slotted under a mass or group name. This page is to provide the necessary information for those characters while at the same time not cluttering the Wiki with stubs. A minor character is qualified to be put on this page if:

  • The character doesn't have a canonical name.
  • The character has a name, but has only one facet, or isn't integral to the plot.
  • The character only appears in one stage or section of the game (not counting mid-bosses or enemies).
  • The character only appears in extra content outside of the game (Drama CDs etc), or in backstories.

In The Games

Sumeragi Group Soldiers

ENEMY artwork.png

For their gameplay role, see: Common Enemies#Sumeragi Soldiers

Sumeragi's cannon fodder. Many of them have speaking lines and can be differentiated by voices. In many stages, certain Sumeragi soldiers aside from the ones Gunvolt is in direct vicinity of may comment on the current affairs. They are usually used to provide a warning, clarification, or extra context outside of cutscenes and the story to the player.

In the story, three distinct types appear:

Name and Description Image
Green (Gun)

Common soldiers. Sometimes in charge of technical roles like overseeing the Spyder tank or controlling the Subaquatic Base's water pumps.

Sumeragi gunner p.png
Yellow (Shield)

Overconfident commanding officers and squad leaders who lead attacks and issue orders to green soldiers.

Sumeragi shield p.png
Black (Assassin)

Elite soldiers wielding katanas and stealth tech, who are fanatically loyal to the point of yelling "Sumeragi banzai!"
When GV encounters them in Conflagration (Biochem Plant), Asimov is in awe and excitedly exclaims them to be ninjas. In Admiration to Peace, Moniqa confronts him about his mission report, leading to a long conversation about them and other topics.

Sumeragi assassin p.png




Main article: Romeo

Romeo (ロメオ) is a flamboyant executive officer in Sumeragi who has an obsession with torturing young men. Is the one to tell Gunvolt about The Muse's whereabouts in Anthem (1st Sumeragi) and Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime, futilely trying to torture him with an electric whip. Romeo cowers in fear after he realizes the identity of his "captive." Despite his small role, he's gotten a fair number of cameos and extra appearances. For more information and images, see his main article and gallery page.

[Voiced by: Hideki Makino (JP), Cyrus Sethna (Eng OVA)]


Sumeragi Group Executives


Appearing in the prologue of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, these Sumeragi Group executives (皇神グル一プ幹部) are the highest known leadership within the conglomerate.

The group's top brass have been referenced at times throughout the series, although it is unknown if these executives are them. Dr. Kamizono was at odds with them over their desire for short term profit from Adepts (and in turn Copen wrongly assumed they had him killed), and Nova remarked about how they wanted the Glaives to be an absolute control system and swept problems under the rug, and eventually imposed his Sub-Glaives upon him to further restrain his Septima.[1]

Name and Description Image

Dark-haired Executive

A calm and collected executive official in Sumeragi. Compared to his more eccentric co-workers, he is considerably more calm and thoughtful, never showing any kind of distress even while discussing how his company is failing, and unlike the other two he was not depicted yelling in reaction to the emergency alarm Zonda's actions triggered. He is also quite logical, seeing the failure of the Diva Project as the result of Gunvolt's interference, choosing not to blame Nova.

Concept notes state he is around 40-50 years old.


Blonde Executive

An anxious executive official in Sumeragi. He is shown to be quite anxious, literally sweating over the failure of the Diva Project, and is clearly terrified over the possibilities of foreign invasion that Nova's death brings forth.


Brunette Executive

A short-tempered and overweight executive official in Sumeragi. He is shown to be a very loud man, furiously shouting over the failure of the Diva Project, and calling QUILL and Gunvolt vermin. He attributes the project's failure to Nova having been too young for such an important role, and implies that to begin with he disapproved of Nova being assigned as the project's overseer. He boasts about Sumeragi still being untouchable by overseas powers thanks to the recently reinforced national defense barrier Kamishiro. Despite his boasting, the bags under his eyes indicate he is quite stressed out.

He is labelled as "Fatty" in concept art.



Eden Pawns

Eden pawn.png

For their gameplay role, see: Common Enemies#Eden Pawns

The pawns (ポーン) of Eden, both literally and metaphorically. Low level Adepts whose Septimas are too weak to use in combat. Like the Sumeragi soldiers, many Eden soldiers can be differentiated between others based on voice. They may also comment or react to the current environment. Eden's soldiers in particular are loyal to a fault, believing that their lives are worth losing for the sake of paradise even if they can only lightly wound the protagonist.

In Clockwork Daydream, one surviving pawn is able to use his stealth suit to sneak up on Copen after the latter has finished slaying one of The Seven. Although the pawn staked his life on this desperate attack, he only succeeded in damaging Lola, who took the shot for Copen.


Drama CDs

Viper's underlings

A pair of unnamed delinquents in Justice Rage who ended up following Viper after he started getting into street fights, forming the Maiden Blood gang.

Underling A is a year or two older than him, attends the same school, and initially antagonized Viper over his septima type. He's prideful of the gang, but isn't very thoughtful. He once didn't know when to stop (non-maliciously) asserting that Viper is a lolicon, resulting in him getting attacked in retaliation.

Underling B is the same age as Viper. A silent worker type with a focus on computer hardware. He's a huge fan of Lumen, and becomes very talkative when she's brought up, however.

What became of them is unknown. Underling A was in shock at Viper running off to join Sumeragi to "meet Lumen", while Underling B encouraged him.

[Voiced by: Masaru Ino (Underling A) and Yohei Namekawa (Underling B)]

Project Gunvolt scientists

A pair of Sumeragi Group scientists overseeing attempts to produce artificial Azure Strikers via septimosome implants in the Nova's Reminiscence track of Justice Rage, set 7 years prior to the start of the series.

The lead scientist appears to know GV's real name, as following Nova's failure he recalled one other test subject, a blond boy, who could have a slight chance. However, he is cut off by Nova's thoughts just as he's about to mention GV's name.

As ordered by the lead scientist, the subordinate reevaluated Nova's Septima compatibility rates and chose Psychokinesis for him.

[Voiced by: Soichiro Shibata and Ryota Honda]

L&D punk

Ld thug.png

An unnamed Adept appearing in Justice Rage, wielding the water septima Hydro Pressure (超水圧 (ハイドロプレッシャー) and belonging to the street gang L&D, which was crushed by the rival gang Maiden Blood led by Viper.

Seeking revenge, this Adept trained his septima and confronted Viper, believing that his water powers gave him an advantage over the latter's fiery Explosion septima. Although the L&D punk can be considered a competent Adept due to his ability to conjure water and shoot high pressure beams at will, he was defeated and forced to flee once Viper got serious.

[Voiced by: Taku Yashio]


Merak's butler

A elderly butler assigned to look after Merak, presumably by Nova, who appears in Lazy Kingdom. Bald and extremely insecure about it, wearing a wig like his life depends on it. He has a history of putting up with Merak's behavior, and has repeatedly told him not to use his uncontained Wormhole power.

After one especially insolent use, he had enough and threatened to report Merak's behavior to Nova. This prompted Merak to snag his wig with a wormhole, attempting to extort him into keeping quiet. When the butler hesitated, Merak sent the wig to an incinerator set to fire up soon, causing him to panic and run away to try to save it. Merak noted that due to the distance, his butler wouldn't be able to make it in time.

[Voiced by: Yuu Urata]


Hatano is a human girl who appears in Joule's Story as Joule's classmate and friend. Hatano is an avid gamer that plays FPS and MMORPG games. She had also played the original September Record MMORPG before the game was shut down. When the game was re-released as September Historia, a campaign was held that gives the players and a friend an exclusive bonus item so she invited Joule to play with her.

Later on, Joule had to tell Hatano that Gunvolt had banned her from playing any more net games and she complied.

"Fatty and Skinny"

A pair of drug-addled low level Adepts, one fat and the other skinny, who appear in Quinn's Story. The fat one has a plant controlling septima that can normally only make flowers grow faster.

They accost Quinn on her way home from a night time grocery run. The fat one speaks unintelligibly and suddenly grabs her, prompting her to shove him to the ground. As his skinny friend cackles, the fat one summons a root-like mass from the ground that begins crushing her, causing his friend to marvel at how much the drug has boosted his power.

GV, wandering the streets in despair after the ending of Azure Striker Gunvolt, stumbles upon the scene by chance, and instinctively rushes in to save Quinn.


Olga (オルガ) is a minor character introduced in Paradise's Capriccio ~ Eden's Party. She's described as a young girl, likely not older than 13. She was a resident of an Adept settlement that was annihilated by normal humans, leaving her the sole survivor. When Tenjian and Zonda first encounter her, she possesses abilities similar to that of Lumen, and as such they bring her back to Eden for protection. The events of the Drama CD revolve around trying to make her happy in light of the trauma she's faced recently. It's eventually revealed that Olga's "Septima" is passive, and merely inherits the Septimas of others, meaning that Olga herself does not possess the power of the Muse. This clue, however, does lead Zonda and Tenjian on the track that the Muse does exist somewhere else. Due to her Septima, Olga can see what's implied to be a projection of Lumen, who sings for her, and whom she calls her "Miss Diva."

[Voiced by: Akiho Suzumoto]

Fleeting Memories

Dr. Kamizono

Main article: Dr. Kamizono

Copen and Mytyl's father, and a Sumeragi scientist who worked at their Futures Institute of Technology (S-FIT). He was in his 30s, fairly tall, and possessed white hair and other physical features that made him stand out from other Japanese citizens due to one of his parents being a foreigner. "Kamizono" wasn't actually his own surname; he married into the family and took on his wife's surname.

While normally a gentle man who cared deeply about his two children, he had a vicious disposition towards Adepts and didn't even view them as human. He had no moral objections to experimenting on Adepts, only the procedures to turn normal humans into them.

He was Sumeragi's foremost expert on Adept research and pioneered much related technology. He thought far less of himself; however, due to the inscrutable nature of Septima and his work with poorly understood occult artifacts and forces to interact with it. He was at odds with Sumeragi's short-term profit seeking top brass over the subject, repeatedly trying to warn them about the danger of such research.

Ultimately, he was killed during an experiment on Asimov--then a young boy and test subject code named "Takefutsu"--when the spiritual stone being used to restrain the artificial Adept's Septima failed, resulting in Asimov breaking free and destroying the entire facility.

Dr. Kamizono's assistant

An average man in his late 20s who worked under Dr. Kamizono at S-FIT. At the sight of the restrained Asimov, he confessed to hating the cruel nature of his job. While initially thinking Dr. Kamizono sympathized, he quickly realized and was perturbed by the true nature of his superior's hatred, noting that he was like a totally different man than his usual kind self.

Like his superior and the other S-FIT staff, he was killed by Asimov.

Rei and Miu

Rei (レイ) and Miu (ミウ) are a pair of civilian siblings who lost their parents at a young age to an attack by the serial killer Adept Raptor. Both of them appear to be part Japanese, part unspecified; their mother was blonde and born overseas. After the attack they began living with distant relatives. Their father was an amicable man who encouraged getting along with anyone, but also told his children to stay away from Adepts, a contradiction Rei didn't understand until the incident.

Rei is the older brother, and a 17-18 year old attending high school at the time of the later Fleeting Memories parts (set over a year before ASG1). The attack occurred while the family was out celebrating his 9th birthday, and ever since the incident he's had a keen sixth sense for imminent danger. He always tries to protect and help his little sister Miu, but is sometimes overbearing to her. He is selfless and cares about other people more than himself, as he only dodges an Explosion Adept's fireball when he senses nobody behind him who'd take the hit.

Miu is the younger sister. She always tries to be independent even with Rei protecting her. “Please save that kind of stuff for your future girlfriend.” She pretty much tries to wake Rei to eat or go to school, and seems to be very good at cooking. She can also be reckless and always says what she thinks without regard for anyone else's thoughts. During the Explosion Adept incident, she chased after him for injuring Rei, heedless of the danger. She is also a fangirl of Himeshiro.


Himeshiro (ヒメシロ) is an Adept who attends the same school as Rei and Miu. She wields a strong teleportation Septima that can transfer herself and displace incoming projectiles, including Septimal attacks like fire balls.

Himeshiro is a charming and kind-hearted girl with a strong tendency for heroism, as she opposed a group of Adept students from across different schools known as the Obsidian Corps, gained the title "The Guardian Angel" (学園の守護神, Academy Protector Goddess), and immediately intervened and defeated the Explosion Adept at a shopping center. She apparently encounters trouble often enough to have antiseptics and bandages on hand, which she used to apply first aid to Rei.

Despite being an Adept, she is very highly regarded, with her classmates acting like her secretaries and calling her "m'lady" (姫様, Princess).


Raptor "The Obliterator of the Innocent" (辻斬り破裂魔ラプター), Tsujikiri Rupture Devil Raptor), is a serial killer Adept. He or she possesses a Septimal power capable of loudly and gorily rupturing human bodies, and despite murdering in broad daylight was never properly identified, eliciting comparisons to Jack the Ripper due to their mysterious nature. For unknown reasons, Raptor's attacks stopped over 6 years prior to Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Raptor "appears" in Parts 6 and 7 of Fleeting Memories, killing Rei and Miu's parents on Rei's 9th birthday, consequently splattering their innards on the boy's backside, and fleeing the scene before he turned around and saw his parents' remains.

Himeshiro apparently gained a lead on Raptor, implying he or she is still alive and just inactive at that time in Fleeting Memories.

Raptor's Japanese title, Tsujikiri, is a historical term for samurai who'd test out new swords by waiting at crossroads and cutting down travelers.

Explosion Adept thief

A bandana wearing criminal Adept who possesses Explosion, the same type of Septima as Viper. He stalked Rei and Miu at a shopping center, and immediately resorted to firing an explosive thermal sphere when he was pursued by Rei for snatching Miu's bag, with the resulting blast and chain of mini explosions triggering alarms and inducing panic. When Miu pursued him for injuring Rei, Himeshiro intervened and knocked out the thief.

Although taken away and presumably arrested, the thief's actions led to Viper being shunned and harassed in Justice Rage--it's a common public perception that Septima type correlates with personality.

Mentioned Characters

The First Adept

The first Adept known to exist. This individual was born decades before the events of the first Azure Striker Gunvolt, appearing within the depths of South America and wielding electron controlling Azure Striker Septima.

Almost nothing is known about this Adept, aside from the fact that they are deceased and Sumeragi Group somehow gained access to their corpse, extracting and cultivating the Azure Striker septimosome. With it they initiated Project Gunvolt, an attempt to create artificial Azure Strikers for energy research purposes by implanting human test subjects with the cultivated septimosome. Asimov and Gunvolt were the only compatible subjects.

The first Adept being a lightning wielder from South America is similar to Blanka from the Street Fighter series, although it's unknown if this is an intentional homage.

Kamizono family head

Copen and Mytyl's aunt, and their mother's sister. At the time of the Fleeting Memories prologue she was only next in line to be the family head, and ascended to the position at some point before ASG1. She was said to have a husband during the prologue, and is assumed to still be married in the present. Nori is apparently good friends with her. When Copen abandoned his family name at the end of Gunvolt 2, he told Nori to "tell my aunt that I died or something."

Most likely Maya Kamizono from the Gal*Gun series. (See section below for evidence)

Copen and Mytyl's mother

The mother of Copen and Mytyl, and wife of Dr. Kamizono. She does not appear in Copen's story in Gunvolt 2, and is only even mentioned once there, as a possible influence on the subject matter of Mytyl's dreams. Furthermore, in Copen's true ending, he does not ask Nori to tell his mother that he died - only his aunt. It is thus doubtful that Copen's mother is still alive as of GV2.

She loved goddesses and angels, which is what inspired Copen to talk about God (he doesn't actually believe in any specific religion).

Takuya Aizu has made comments suggesting that she and the Kamizono family head are Shinobu Kamizono and Maya Kamizono, respectively, from the Gal*Gun series. In an August 2020 stream, for instance, he described a picture of Shinobu, Maya, and Kurona (read: Nori) as "Mama" and "Maya oba-san" ("Aunt Maya"). In a tweet, he also replied to that same picture with "Mother and maid in their younger days."


A legendary rockstar who made it big before GV and Joule were born. Joule is a fan of her music, and talks about her in a home conversation in ASG1.

If Azure Striker Gunvolt and Gal*Gun indeed take place in the same universe, she may be the same person as Aoi Uno.

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