There are a handful of characters that are far enough apart from the main cast but not enough that they can be slotted under a mass or group name. This page is to provide the necessary information for those characters while at the same time not cluttering the Wiki with stubs. A minor character is qualified to be put on this page if:

  • The character doesn't have a canonical name.
  • The character has a name, but has only one facet, or isn't integral to the plot.
  • The character only appears in one stage or section of the game (not counting mid-bosses or enemies).
  • The character only appears in extra content outside of the game (Drama CDs etc), or in backstories.

Minor Characters in Azure Striker Gunvolt

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Sumeragi Soldiers

Sumeragi's low-level workers. Many of them have speaking lines and can be differentiated by voices. In many stages, certain Sumeragi soldiers aside from the ones Gunvolt is in direct vicinity of may comment on the current affairs. They are usually used to provide a warning, clarification, or extra context outside of cutscenes and the story to the player.

Sumeragi gunner p


A low-ranking officer in Sumeragi who has an obsession with torturing young men. Is the one to tell Gunvolt about The Muse's whereabouts in 1st Sumeragi, indirectly recharges him while trying to torture him, then cowers in fear after he realizes he's attacked a terrorist. Never appears outside of the 1st Sumeragi stage, except briefly in the OVA.



Minor Characters in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

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Dark-haired Officer

A calm, collected, extremely high-ranking officer in Sumeragi. Compared to his more eccentric co-workers, he is considerably more calm and thoughtful, never showing any kind of distress even while discussing how his company is failing, and unlike the other two he was not depicted yelling in reaction to the emergency alarm Zonda's actions triggered. He is also quite logical, seeing the failure of the Diva Project the result of Gunvolt's interference, choosing not to blame Nova.

Concept notes state he is around 40-50 years old.


Blonde Officer

An extremely anxious, extremely high-ranking officer in Sumeragi. He is shown to be quite anxious, literally sweating over the failure of the Diva Project, and is clearly terrified over the possibilities of foreign invasion that Nova's death brings forth.


Brunette Officer

A short-tempered and overweight extremely high-ranking officer in Sumeragi. He is shown to be a very loud man, furiously shouting over the failure of the Diva Project, and calling QUILL and Gunvolt vermin. He attributes the project's failure to Nova having been too young for such an important role, and implies that to begin with he disapproved of Nova being assigned as the project's overseer. He boasts about Sumeragi still being untouchable by overseas powers thanks to the recently reinforced national defense barrier Kamishiro. Despite his boasting, the bags under his eyes indicate he is quite stressed out.

He is labelled as "Fatty" in concept art.


Eden Soldiers

The pawns of Eden, both literally and metaphorically. Low level Adepts whose septimas are too weak to use in combat. Like the Sumeragi soldiers, many Eden soldiers can be differentiated between others based on voice. They may also comment or react to the current environment. Eden's soldiers in particular are loyal to a fault, believing that their lives are worth losing for the sake of paradise even if they can only deter the player.

In Clockwork Daydream, one surviving pawn is able to use his stealth suit to sneak up on Copen after the latter has finished slaying one of The Seven.
Although the pawn staked his life on this desperate attack, he only succeeded in damaging Lola, who took the shot for Copen.

Eden trooper p


Minor Characters in Drama CDs

Name and Description

L&D thug

An unnamed Adept appearing in Justice Rage, wielding the water septima Hydro Pressure (超水圧 (ハイドロプレッシャー) and belonging to the street gang LD, which was crushed by the rival gang Maiden Blood led by Viper. Seeking revenge, this Adept trained his septima and confronted him, believing that his water powers would beat Viper's fiery Explosion septima. In the end he was defeated by Viper and forced to flee.

Olga (VA: Akiho Suzumoto)

Olga is a minor character introduced in Paradise's Capriccio ~ Eden's Party. She's described as a young girl, likely not older than 13. She was a resident of a village that was destroyed by humans, leaving her the sole survivor. When Tenjian and Zonda first encounter her, she possesses abilities similar to that of Lumen, and as such they bring her back to Eden for protection. The events of the Drama CD revolve around trying to make her happy in light of the trauma she's faced recently. It's eventually revealed that Olga's "Septima" is passive, and merely inherits the Septimas of others, meaning that Olga herself does not possess the power of the Muse. This clue, however, does lead Zonda and Tenjian on the track that the Muse does exist somewhere else. Due to her Septima, Olga can see what's implied to be a projection of Lumen, who sings for her, and whom she calls her "Miss Diva."


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