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"I, Milas, fight for nothing less than the ocean itself."
Milas, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Milas, also known as "The Aquadynamic Merman" is a member of Eden's "The Seven" possessing the rank of Rook, and one of the antagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Milas is a devout lover of the ocean who joined Eden under the belief that exterminating humanity would forever protect the oceans. He has an affinity for the Septima Ichor, which grants him power over liquids.

Website Description

He is an Adept with the "Ichor" septima that enables to manipulate all kinds of liquid matter.

He's a pretty eccentric guy who loves the sea more than anything else in this world who joined with Eden as a means to continue his life's work of preserving the world's oceans.

His veracious and lively nature has gained him many comrades who adore him, however, when it comes to those who stand in his way, he shows no mercy whatsoever.

With his Ichor septima, he is able to manipulate essentially any kind of liquid, however, for some reason, perhaps due to the nature of his personality, he is pretty bad at manipulating any liquids that are not fresh water or ocean water.



Milas is a young man with purple eyes and short spiky light brown hair with white streaks. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt with purple highlights, a white jacket with black and purple highlights, blue trousers with one leg pulled up slightly, and white boots.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Milas gains black eyes with pink irises and pale pink hair. He wears black and white armour with pink highlights, and he wields a white trident, with the two side prongs being black and pink. He also has harps attached to his hips.


Milas is a considerably more laid-back character compared to other antagonists. He is generally level headed, calm and friendly, and is on rather good terms with everyone else in Eden and The Seven. However, when it comes to his enemies, he battles ruthlessly and without mercy.

Unlike the other members of Eden, Milas has no interest in building an adept utopia. Rather, he fights against humanity in the name of the ocean that they pollute. He openly admits that the only reason he joined Eden was because their goals happen to align, and dreams of a day when the Earth is nothing but a majestic sea. This love of water and the ocean has gone to the point where he is terrible at controlling any liquid that isn't fresh or seawater.


Australian born, Milas was once part of an environmental protection group. Feeling their actions weren't bold enough, he left and joined Eden's crusade to engage in triumphant terrorism.

This occurred at some point after Zonda infiltrated the Sumeragi Group; he joined Eden long after everyone else. Coinciding with his appearance, an unnamed member of The Seven died on a mission. Milas's Septima was judged strong enough to replace him, and so he was appointed to The Seven.[1]

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Gunvolt's story

The Sewers (Effusion)

Some time after Eden's acquisition of the power of The Muse, Milas leads a squad of Eden troops into the city's sewage system with the intention of flooding the city. Catching wind of this, Gunvolt heads to the sewers to stop them. Along the way, Milas attempts to stop him by sending torrents of water, but is unable to stop Gunvolt from reaching him. When Gunvolt finally confronts him, Milas assumes he came for his mirror shard piece, and refuses to deliver it. Gunvolt tells him that Joule is in the shards, and that he won't leave without it. Milas just calls his goal small-minded, before using his grimoire to transform. He then declares his allegiance to the sea, before attacking Gunvolt.

During the fight, Gunvolt questions what the sea has to do with Eden. Milas replies that Eden is Zonda's plan, not his, though they share the same goal of wiping out humanity. Gunvolt asks why he believes this. In response, Milas claims that wiping out humanity will reduce the land-based population, and therefore stop pollution. He also mentions that he doesn't particularly care about an adept utopia, and cares only for the health of the ocean. When Gunvolt asks him if he's willing to commit genocide to save nature, Milas claims he lacks the will to do what is necessary. Eventually, Milas is killed, and his mirror shard is taken.

The Garden 3 (Saviour)

At some point, a copy of Milas, along with the rest of The Seven, is made by Zonda using her Mirror septima. He, along with Tenjian, Gibril and Teseo, await Gunvolt as he makes his way to Zonda. When Gunvolt encounters him, Milas expresses his disdain for The Garden, wishing it be on an island somewhat. However, he puts his complaints behind him, and again proclaims his loyalty to Eden and the sea before attacking Gunvolt.

During the battle, Milas declares that even if he dies, his comrades will continue his work and protect the sea. He expresses his desire for a world that is nothing but waves, and expects Gunvolt to stand against that dream. Gunvolt says that if Milas stop killing innocents and return the shards, they don't have to fight.

Milas claims that GV's "innocents" will always sacrifice nature for their own greed, and must submit to their superiors, or perish, explaining that Eden will both wipe out humanity and save nature, insisting they can't be stopped. Despite this, Milas's copy is destroyed, and Gunvolt moves on to Zonda.

Copen's route

The Garden (Eden)

When Copen breaks into The Garden, Milas is sent by Tenjian to stop him. When Milas confronts him, he asks if Copen is a man of science. When Copen asks why, Milas states he was just curious, and attacks him.

During the fight, Milas claims he won't let the sins of humanity continue to destroy the ocean. Copen just mocks his naturalist views, claiming they fit a monster like him, and there is nothing natural about his powers, which may as well be an affront to God.

In response, Milas points out the growing number of adepts, and asks if this is God's will. Copen replies that it is no God of his, declaring his faith will be Milas's end. Eventually, Milas is beaten and killed. Copen then takes his mirror shard, and moves deeper into the garden.

The Garden 3 (Saviour)
Zonda later summons an illusion of The Seven to aid her in her battle against Copen, Milas among them.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave and a member of The Seven, Milas is a powerful Adept who wields the Ichor Septima, which, true to its name, grants him the power to command and control liquids.

However, due to his intense love for the ocean, Milas is inexperienced in controlling other liquids, and solely sticks to salt and freshwater. Milas can mold water into various shapes such as raging vortexes, condensed blasts of pressurized water, small orbs that launch spears of water, and even water clones of himself and his trident. While his Septima gives him an advantage over Gunvolt as he can short out his electricity, it also makes him more vulnerable to electric attacks.

In his Grimoired form, Milas' primary weapon takes the form of a trident that he wears on his back when not in use. While he primarily uses it for melee attacks, it has other uses as well. The bladed part of his trident can be detached to be thrown as a boomerang, and it can also be used as a harp that lets him control water more easily as shown in his Hydro Zapper and Aqua Avatar skills.


Skill Description
Milas - Aqua Trident.jpg
Aqua Trident
He makes a leaping stab with his trident. This stab also creates a gigantic two-pronged spear of water to trap you while a third point stabs up the middle a second later. Be ready to jump away as soon as the two blades pop up.
Milas - Harp Boomerang.jpg
Harp Boomerang
Milas tosses a boomerang harp in a wide arc. He'll toss it either from the center or from one end of the screen. Either way, it makes a complete circuit around the arena's borders.
Milas - Splash Dash.jpg
Splash Dash
Milas plants his trident into the ground, then dashes twice across the arena, generating a giant spray as he goes. If you get caught in the spray, you'll fly toward the trident.
Milas - Vortex Rush.jpg
Vortex Rush
Milas jumps to one end of the screen and creates four water tornadoes. If you get trapped inside of one of these tornadoes, you will be attacked by Harp Boomerangs.
Hydro Zapper 2.jpg
Hydro Zapper
Milas jumps into the air and creates three water orbs in random spots. These orbs then fire water lasers that bypass Prevasion and can Overheat GV. The orbs change spots when he strums his harp, and fire off nine lasers total.
  • This attack does not affect Copen's Bullits, but still ignores Prevasion.
Milas - Aqua Avatar.jpg
Aqua Avatar
"Currents brightly shine / And waves cascade o'er me / As they cleanse the land! Aqua Avatar!"

Milas’s Special Skill. He generates several currents above the arena and dives into them. One by one, his clones initiate Aqua Trident attacks at your position, albeit without the third prong at the end. The attack ends with Milas attempting a Splash Dash from the left before he pops back onto the battlefield.

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Transform Watch and learn... Come on! Hah! Mitena... Ouraaah! Haa! 見てな… おうらあぁぁ! はぁ!
Aqua Trident Come on! And another! Oraa! Mou hitotsuu! おらぁ!もひとつぅ!
Harp Boomerang There! Seyaa! せゃぁ!
Splash Dash Here I come... Try this!*
Still comin'! Hah!
Ikuze... Oryaaah!
Mada madaa! Haa!
行くぜ… オリャアア!
Vortex Rush Feel the ocean's wrath! Umi no ikari wo shirina! 海の怒りを知りな!
Hydro Zapper I dedicate these notes to the ocean...
Compared to her, you're nothing!
Kono neiro, umi ni sasagu…
Taerya shine!
Aqua Avatar Die a grisly death at sea...
Aqua Avatar!
Nothing can stop this raging current...
Hmph! Taaa! Urah! (x3) End of the line! Hah!
Mokuzu to kiena…
Akua Abataaru!
Nagare wa tomaranee…
Funn, taaa!
Uraa! (x3) Oshimai daa! Haa!
流れは止まらねぇ… ふんっ、たぁー!
うらぁ!(×3) 終いだぁ! はぁっ!
1st Phase Down Yer strong, aren'tcha... Tsueena, anta… 強ぇな、アンタ…
2nd Phase Down The tides... they're risin'! Shio… Michitaze…! 潮…満ちたぜ…!
Defeated Guh! I can hear it... the roaring sea... Guaa! Shiosai ga… kikoeru… ぐおっ! 潮騒が…聴こえる……
  • "Orya" can both be qualified as kiai or kakegoe. In this case, these are shouts that a Japanese combatant yells when he is in the process of performing an attack. As such, they can essentially be translated as "Take that!" or "Try this!", as the combatant is signaling to his opponent that he will attack

Special Skill Chants

Aqua Avatar:

Currents brightly shine
And waves cascade o'er me
As they cleanse the land


My copies reflect in the water’s surface…
A great tide that swallows it all…
Cleanse up the surface’s filth…

수면에 비치는 나의 분신,
전부 집어삼키는 거대한 조류가
지상의 추악함을 씻어 낸다.
My copies, reflected by the water’s surface,
and the current, raging to swallow everything,
shall cleanse the earth from its filth!


"No need to panic, my lacky friend. Let your heart be as calm as an ocean wave lapping the shore. I will deal with this."
Milas , reassuring his underlings

"Oh ho! You came for my mirror shard, eh? Alas, it's power is needed for a far greater purpose."
Milas , denying Gunvolt's request

"Eden is Zonda's ideal, but I dare to dream bigger. Still, we do share a goal of purging the filth from the land."
Milas , on his reasons for joining Eden

"Fools like you will never understand! We will purge non-adepts to cull the land-based population. You have seen the polluted state of the waters here! By sacrificing human polluters, we can save the ocean herself. And if adepts get their utopia in the process, then so be it. I care only for the health of the mighty sea."
Milas , stating his beliefs

"The oceans pay for the sins of your kind, scientist. I will abide it no longer. I call upon my septima! The power of nature itself! And when the people of this polluted earth are no longer... Then shall I create a pure world of oceans blue!"
Milas , stating his goals to Copen

"Yet adepts increase. Is this not also the will of your God?"
Milas , questioning Copen's beliefs

"You are but an oil slick on a dark and sunless sea."
Milas , showing his disdain for Copen and humanity

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

Nimrod’s face is drawn in the image of Orlando Bloom. Whether they resemble or not, that’s not relevant.

-- (Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)

I think that, when were deciding what fairy tales we’d use as motifs, Miyazawa-san, the planner, told me that he wished to have a water boss. The little mermaid has no big traits apart from the fact that she’s a mermaid. I couldn’t easily use it up as boss actions so I expanded (the scope) a bit and I picked up siren factors too. I like his sprite’s motion when he strums the harp. I was careful not to directly use fish-like parts like fins or scales, and Hatakeyama-san skilfully understood that. But I couldn’t resist myself and put that shell on his (Nimrod’s) chest.

-- (Araki Munehiro)






  • The members of Eden are based off classical fairy tales and represent pieces on a chessboard. Milas is based off The Little Mermaid and represents one of two rooks, the other being Desna.
  • Although Milas' Dengeki Nintendo profile claims he only joined Eden some time after Zonda infiltrated Sumeragi, in Eden's Party (which takes places right before the drama CD detailing Zonda's infiltration) Gibril speaks of him alongside Ghauri and Teseo. This error may be attributable to the Eden's Party script not being written by the main scenario writer of the series, Toshiaki Tai.
  • His Grimoired form's design is based on a killer whale.
  • Despite Milas' Special Skill, Aqua Avatar, having the same name in both the Japanese and English versions, his voice clip is still redubbed. 
  • Milas's Ichor septima is similar to the "Hydro Pressure" septima used by an adept in the drama CD Justice Rage. However, the gangster's septima only manipulates water, while Milas's can control all forms of liquid.
  • Milas is the oldest known member of Eden at age 19.
  • Milas' Grimoired Form is similar to Neptune from the Game Boy version of Mega Man V.
  • Milas' Japanese name comes from the Israeli missile Nimrod, similar to the rest of The Seven, who have names based on missiles.
    • His name was changed to "Milas" in the English localization due to Nimrod also being slang for "klutz/moron" in certain English speaking countries. It still fits in with the missile naming convention however, with MILAS being a anti-submarine variant of the Otomat missile.
  • Milas' love for the ocean is similar to Thetis from Mega Man ZX Advent, another Inti Creates game. Both also wield pole arm style weapons, though Thetis uses a halberd while Milas uses a trident.