The Medium Bosses are stronger enemies that appear one-two times per mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt as well as Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and usually have powerful attacks and health much closer to a normal Boss than a normal enemy. Finishing them off with a special skill will grant a 200 kudos bonus in 1, while in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 it will grant a 500 kudos bonus.


The Michi Mk 17 Type 3 "Mantis" (ミチ一七式丙“マンティス”) is a 9th generation unmanned tank created by the Sumeragi Futures Institute of Technology (S-FIT) to capture and/or kill adepts, being a model intended for nocturnal warfare. The easy way it can be used and its high battle potential make it the most widespread tank used by Sumeragi, despite some worries about the power core's cooling device.

It first appeared in the beginning of Azure Striker Gunvolt as a sort of tutorial boss. All Mantis robots share a common weakness; when their head takes significant damage, they temporarily shut down, exposing their main core unit.

  • This unit's weakness is apparently a common flaw for all 9th gen units.

Two appear during the initial intro stage, although two more sent to stop Gunvolt were destroyed by Asimov before they could reach the train. The first one comes with a crate for a foothold, the second does not. The second one also gets a few free shots on you, firing its laser cannon off-screen as you make your way to the arena.


Homing Missiles - Fires a swarm of missiles at Gunvolt. They can be blocked by the Flashfield.

Vulcans - The Mantis sweeps the ground with a hail of bullets. Avoid by hovering in the air.

Laser Cannon - Only the second Mantis uses this attack. A large beam is fired straight forward. Don't jump while it is firing.

Mantis Legion

Mantis legion encounter
The Michi Mk 17 Type S "Mantis Legion" (ミチ一七式S“マンティスレギオン”), commonly known as the "Red Mantis", is a stronger version with improved attacks and much shorter cooldown time for its core.

The Sumeragi top brass, irritated at how slowly the development of 10th gen tanks was going, ordered S-FIT to develop a machine using some of the in-development Plasma Legion's tech "to meet the deadlines". The end result was the Mantis Legion. The development team did not want to make this machine, but since it cleared the Plasma Legion's desired specs at the start of development, combined with the profitability that came with a model very close to the Mantis in production and repair, it became highly evaluated within Sumeragi. Since Eunos Inc. transfer staff were involved in the development, and as a machine made through official employment, this is the first time that a Latin alphabet letter has been used in an official model designation by Sumeragi.

One serves as the boss of Urban Run, while three Mantis Legion units appear in Eridu.

  • The second one gets a row of spikes in the back of the field.
  • The third gets spikes in the back AND middle portions of the field.


Energy Homing Missiles - The Mantis Legion's missiles have been modified to fire energy balls when destroyed by Flashfield. These balls can't be blocked by the Flashfield.

Jump - The Mantis Legion makes a jump to the other side of the screen, trying to crush Gunvolt.

Vulcans+Laser Cannon - Sweeps with the machine guns to force you into the air, making you easy prey for a laser blast.

Spyder Unit

Biochem Plant (2)
The Miha Mk X19 "Spyder" (ミハX一九式“スパイダー”) is a prototype 10th generation unmanned tank being developed in parallel with the Plasma Legion, but with a different approach and development team. Working prototypes of the Spyder were rolled out sooner due to delays in the former's development. It is highly efficient, but serviceability and cost performance problems have made some hesitate to call it a true 10th gen tank. QUILL had no knowledge of it prior to Gunvolt's encounter. In addition to its armaments and ability to cling to ceilings, this robot has a hard shell protecting its core unit which only opens up when it attacks.

It first appears in Biochem Plant as the mid-boss of the stage. As it was still only being tested, a lower ranked soldier protested to deploying it, but was overruled by his superior officer who insisted that blowing away Gunvolt would be a fine demonstration. It was only destroyed by Gunvolt, of course.

A second Spyder Unit also appears in Prism Highway, trapped by Ghauri's crystal, but still capable of attacking despite being immobile.


Laser Cannon - Anti-air pattern- Fires a blast diagonally upwards to clip the upper layer and air, causing rubble to fall.

Laser Cannon - Anti-ground pattern- Fires a blast that goes through the lower and middle layers, even a part of the upper layer. Avoiding this attack requires hovering with the Flashfield or otherwise being airborne, as the laser covers all ground that can be stood on. 

Roof Crawl - Spyder Unit jumps and grabs the roof to dash towards Gunvolt. It will drop 3 bombs onto the field as it returns to its original position.

Carpet Bombing - Only used when on the ceiling. Drops bombs whose explosions can reach the lower parts of the field. Stay on the middle or upper layers to avoid it. They can't be blocked by the Flashfield.

Eidolon Flower


The Eidolon Flower (also known as ViVid) is a gigantic bio-mechanical flower that grows in the Pharma Lab. Its main purpose is the production of S.E.E.D. a drug normally used for stress relief, however, according to Moniqa, it is addictive, and is capable of enchancing their septimal powers (and in process used to control adepts). Despite its seemingly docile nature, it is capable of protecting itself when a threat is identified. The plant's weak point is the pistil hidden within the flower, which can be opened by shooting it.


Pollen Spores - While the petals are closed, the Eidolon Flower will drop five yellow spores which sway to and fro as they fall. They cannot be blocked by Flashfield.

Insect Swarm - When the petals open, the flower releases a swarm of bugs that home in on your position. They can be destroyed with Flashfield.

Proto Legion JB

The Proto Legion JB (プロトレギオンJB) is a prototype of the 10th generation autonomous tank Plasma Legion being developed by Sumeragi. Zonda acquired its design data during her infiltration of the group, which Teseo used as a basis to recreate the tank with his Septima. Since it was built in a rush, it lacks many of its fully developed version's features, such as the detachable body, Legion Tornado, ZMC Field, and Stabilizer missiles. It is deployed by Teseo to block Gunvolt's path when he nears a control room in the Seraph airship, but is either destroyed or recalled by Teseo as it suffers critical damage.


Proto plasma

Hummer D

Hummer D - In place of the Stabilizer drill missiles, it is equipped with the AAC warhead "Hummer D". These missiles are unleashed in a swarm when the missile pods open, but can be blocked with the Flashfield.

Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball - A large plasma ball is charged up and fired from its head in the player's direction. If it connects with the ground, it will stay there for a moment before splitting into two balls that travel along the ground. This attack is always used in a three round burst.

Teleport - When it loses 1/3th of its health, Teseo's Septima will cause it to teleport midair to the other side of the room and drop to the ground.



The Fazent (also known as Phesant) (フェイザント) is a 10th generation Sumeragi autonomous fighter jet. It is stored in the Sumeragi Airship Seraph, and as noted by Copen and Nori, had trouble getting it to work due to engine problems, that is until it was activated by Asroc's Septima and was unleashed upon the city in an attempt to distract Gunvolt, only to be destroyed by Copen. Its body is split into an upper and lower half, each containing its own weaponry.

  • While the bottom half can be destroyed for more Kudos, you need to destroy the head to win.
  • GV does fight one in Milas' stage. Eden found several units inside of the Seraph aircraft and allocated one to Milas' unit.


Machine gun - A targeting reticule flies around before stopping on a certain spot, which gets peppered with gunfire.

Missiles - The Fazent flies off-screen and makes it rain missiles. Keep the Flashfield up to block them.

Land mines - The Fazent's lower half drops a mine that explodes a few seconds later, sending explosions across the ground.

  • The Fazent will not use this attack if its lower half is destroyed.

Fazent like Aircraft

Pljm16476 s05

A black autonomous fighter jet (probably supersonic due to its speed) that is apparently a successor to the Fazent line that carries a large laser cannon underneath its body and a rocket pod on their wings. It is incredibly durable, but is shown to be very weak against a Photon Detonator.


Plasma shot - Fires off plasma balls of its manipulator like claws.

Rockets - Fires off rockets that home in on Copen. Can be blocked with Flashfield.

Laser Shot - Charges up a large cannon in order to fire a large laser shot on an enemy. Can only be avoided by flying above it.

Prismatic Spyder

Prismatic Spyder

The Prismatic Spyder is a Sumeragi Spyder trapped by Ghauri's "Prism" Septima. It is the mid-boss of the Highway. Like the Spyder unit from the first game, the core unit is protected by a thick shell, which only opens up when it attacks.

  • Due to the divergent yet parallel natures of the story modes in ASG2, only Copen will fight this boss in canon. GV can fight this boss as part of a Special Mission.


Laser - Refraction pattern: The Spyder unit fires a laser in an upwards sweeping pattern. This laser can be refracted by the prisms scattered about the field, so be careful.

Laser - Collapse pattern: Fires a laser across the ceiling. It also causes rubble to drop down. The rubble can be blocked by Flashfield.

Bombs - Tosses a set of arcing bombs that make a tall explosion. They cannot be blocked with Flashfield.

Wrecked Mantis

The Wrecked Mantis is the remains of a Mantis Legion encountered in the prologue. Copen stumbles upon its wreckage before a Sumeragi Adept (presumably either a field commander or an officer) appears behind Copen and uses their septima to reassemble them. Because one (or two) of the Mantis' legs are missing, it is unable to move.


Scrap Launcher - Launches pieces of scrap around the area via through its damaged missile pods. It can be blocked with a Flashfield.

Scrap Cannon - Launches pieces of scrap from its mouth towards their enemy. Like the above, it can be blocked with a Flashfield.

Laser Shot - Aims its one intact autocannon horizontally or diagonally and fire a laser shot from within.

Self Defense - Once the Mantis' HP depletes to 0, its operator will emerge. Initially only in a fatigue state, once their health is depleted midway, they'll eventually stand up and pull a blaster to shoot at their enemies in a rapid succession. In this state they won't be able to return back to their mechs.


  • The Fazent has a different, drab color scheme prior to being hijacked by Asroc. Upon being destroyed, its wreckage reverts to the original colors.
  • A golden variant of the Mantis, known as the Mantis Delta, was intended to appear in ASG2, but didn't make the final cut.
  • A Mantis figure can be seen on Merak's desk in artwork from Lazy Kingdom.
  • The Adept controlling the Wrecked Mantis in Luminous Avenger's trailer is the second Adept medium boss in the series, with Gunvolt being the first.


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