Medical Center is the intermission boss stage from Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

When Kohaku falls deathly ill, Copen learns that the only cure is within this Sumeragi facility. There's no way they'd spare any medicine for a Mino, so Copen breaks in to get it by force.


Copen: Our target is a medical center inside of a Sumeragi-controlled district. This will be a race against time. If we take too long, we'll get overrun by Sumeragi's soldiers before we know it.

Lola: I know you can handle whatever Sumeragi can throw at us, Boss. I'm more worried that Kohaku's symptoms will get worse...

Stage Composition

  • Similar to levels like the Store Ruins, this level has no real frills to it. Simply destroy whatever gets in your way and keep your Bullit supply filled and things will go smoothly.
    • The vending machines can be smashed for either a healing item or a pointless drink with a Reload Crush. One near the end even has a bonus item.
  • Compared to other stages, this one only has one segment before you reach the boss. Blade stands ready for round 2 with iX, with an unexpected surprise up their sleeves...

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Medical center emblem 1
The reception desk is a platform.
Medical center emblem 2
Medical center emblem 3
Medical center emblem 4
Destroy the vending machine by crush reloading into it.


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