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"Hmph... I guess I can show you some gratitude today."
Maria , Luminous Avenger iX [2]

Maria (マリア Maria[1]) is one of the Mino children overseen by Kohaku, and one of the supporting protagonists in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. A stubborn, somewhat volatile young girl, she, along with the other surviving Mino children, are in hiding from Sumeragi's death squads until their fateful encounter with the "Luminous Avenger iX".

Website Description

A young girl with a fierce personality and an equally intense shyness around strangers. She secretly wants Kohaku to dote on her like a sister, but the sudden appearance of Copen threw a wrench in her plans. She constantly gives him the cold shoulder as a result. The stuffed animal she always carries with her was a gift from her deceased parents.[2]



Maria is a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has her hair tied up in two buns tied with yellow ribbons, straight bangs, and two short, curly forelocks coming down from her face. She wears a plain, white shirt with a red ribbon under a dress. Her dress appears to be a mix-and-match of a few different patterns, such as red plaid, plain black, and black with white and red stripes. She wears yellow star spotted light blue tights, and black Mary Jane shoes. Her plush resembles a mouse, has its left eye closed, a single tooth, and wears overalls.


Plot Role

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Meeting with iX


One day, Jin and the other Mino children are surprised when Kohaku brings the famous Luminous Avenger iX, Copen to their hidden hideout. After Jin introduces Maria on her behalf, she grumpily storms off outside, with Kyota and Jin following behind to keep an eye on her.

Copen later agrees to live in the hideout with Maria and the others.


  • Unlike most other characters, Maria, Jin and Kyota didn't get unique promotional character art, instead with the official website and promotional material using their in-game portraits.