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For Lola's Main Series counterpart, see "Lola".

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"Woo-hoo! Way to go, Boss!"
Lola , Luminous Avenger iX

Combat Pod "Lola", often shortened to just Lola, also known as "The Muse of Hope", is a multi-purpose AI developed and built by Copen and the deuteragonist of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. Bright and energetic in contrast to her serious, gloomy partner, she provides Copen with his EX Weapons and acts as his field support and only constant ally. She can replicate the Septima known as the Muse, which allows her to revive and buff Copen when he's defeated.

Website Description

LAiX 1

Combat Pod:
A combat support robot created by Copen. She is equipped with a scanning system capable of analyzing enemies' Septimas. She can then replicate mock versions of those Septimas as "EX Weapons", which Copen can use at his disposal. She is Copen's reliable partner.

Idol Mode:

While normally taking on a spheroid shape, ever since she analysed the "Muse" Septima, she is capable of transforming into "Idol Mode" to support Copen in battle through the power of song. In this form, Lola also uploads music videos to the net to give hope to the Minos, among whom she is known as the "Muse of Hope".

Battle Pot:


Mode Diva:


LAiX 2

She's an autonomous, self-aware robot created by Copen to assist him in battle. Lola is equipped with a weapon copy system capable of replicating enemy weapons using data she gathers in combat. She uses these weapons as she flies alongside Copen in battle. While she normally exists as a spherical robot, she can transform into a humanoid form known as "Idol Mode." In this form, she performs songs that have the power to enhance Copen's abilities. She has continued her career as an underground pop star in the parallel world, which brings lots of joy to the Workers.



Usually, Lola's form is that of a floating white and red sphere with blank yellow eyes.

With the power of the Muse, Lola gains the ability to shift into what is known as her "Idol Mode". In this form, her appearance shifts to that of a young girl with short, mint green hair, and blue eyes. She wears a red and white leotard with bits of gold, and white knee-highs with black and red shoes, as well as black gloves with red fingers. She also has two white and red disc-like objects known as "Speaker Pods" that broadcast songs hovering behind her, joined together by an large orange ring. She also sprouts red wing-like holograms, which vaguely resemble phoenix wings.

Lola also has access to another mode: Awakened. In her Awakened Mode, her costume turns white with gold and black highlights, and is slightly more revealing than her previous one, exposing her back and cleavage. She also has a white headset similar to Copen's with four golden petals acting similarly to a crown, and her Phoenix wings are now replaced with hovering robotic extensions bearing a resemblance to a lotus flower.

After obtaining the EX Weapon "Darkness Trigger", Lola gains another form: "Darkness Mode". In this form, Lola's costume becomes even more revealing, changing from a mostly latex-esque material to sharp, angular armor, shifting to a predominantly black colour scheme with heavy purple highlights. Her gloves are replaced with gauntlets with spiked fingers, she gains thigh-high, armoured leggings, her hips are accentuated by two spiked pieces of metal, and she has two horn-like appendages attached to her head. In addition to this, her wings have now been replaced by two large metal attachments around the back of her legs that sprout purple flames. Her eyes also turn purple and her skin becomes paler.


Lola's personality isn't overly different from the main series. She still acts as the expressive half to Copen's stoicism, and sees herself as a sort of guardian for him. If anything, she's a bit more peppy now, given her propensity to shout encouragement and overall being Copen's hype-bot in the field.

Not to say Lola doesn't have her negativity as well, especially when she's confronted with the truth to the Butterfly Effect, or invokes Darkness Trigger, which drives her berserk to the point of harming Copen if there isn't something else to target.

Plot Role

Luminous Avenger iX


Even before the start of the game, Lola has made a name for herself as the "Muse of Hope" who guides "iX". The music videos she uploads to the Undernet act as inspiration and encouragement for Minos, and she even holds a fanbase among Adepts. Compared to the main series, Lola's Anthem seems to have come from an unspecified incident where she and Copen were studying the Muse Septima.

Mission Control

Aside from several conversations in the hideout, most of Lola's plot relevance comes from being Copen's field support and his main method of gathering and analyzing data to locate the Butterfly Effect.

Giga Lola Attacks

Once Lola pins down the location of the Butterfly Effect and the supervisory AI Demerzel, Sumeragi deploys Giga Lola tanks across the world to purge the last of the Minos. Lola herself is incensed at the mockery of her visage on each tank, even so far as tackling one head-on when it tries to kill Copen.

Cry of the Butterfly

Breaking into the underground facility beneath Building 13, Copen and Lola find the Butterfly Effect; it's the brain of Copen's sister Mytyl, still alive and hooked up to a machine so it can use the Muse Septima to control Adepts. Lola's Septima-analysis systems can perceive Mytyl's cries, made tangible by the wall panels forming the message "P L E A S E K I L L M E".

My Song...Is...

Upon reaching the depths of the facility, Copen and Lola come face-to-face with Demerzel and defeat it twice over. But the AI manages to strike Copen with a bolt of lightning, downing him. Lola tries to invoke the Anthem, but it fails to revive Copen. She too is struck by lightning and tumbles to the ground, barely functional. As Demerzel goes into stasis, Lola calls out begging for someone to help Copen.

Powers and Abilities

It seems to activate more or less depending on how Copen is feeling. Like it's tied to his psyche or something.
Lola, explaining to Kohaku how Anthem works

Lola's basic abilities are more or less the same as they were in the main series, being able to manipulate Copen's P-Bits, manage his EX Weapon system, and activate Anthem, though the last one is upgraded to give Copen infinite Bullits now. She also actively coordinates with Copen when unleashing the Twin Shredder EX Skill.

Since Nori is not present in LAiX, Lola is Copen's sole support out in the field, pointing out particular features and stage hazards, as well as analyzing whether or not an EX Weapon is effective against a particular boss. When she's not acting as Copen's hype bot, anyways.

LAiX's Anthem is different in that it's linked to Copen's emotional and mental state, rather than basing it on closeness to a particular individual. Observing and participating in social interactions improves his mental health and increases the likelihood of Anthem triggering.

When Demerzel struck down Copen with a lightning bolt, Lola successfully transformed into Awakened Mode and invoked Anthem in an attempt to revive him, but the power she lent him did not have its usual reviving effect. The reason for this is unknown.

Additionally, Copen states that Lola has a "Capture Field" that she could hypothetically use to make Kohaku "float around a bit". This may be the same telekinetic lifting ability that Lola once used to carry an unconscious Mytyl in ASG2.


  • Unlike her mainline counterpart, the Lola of LAiX has blue eyes instead of purple eyes. This may be due to her A.S. Drive's origins; in the main series it was created by analyzing Asimov, whose eyes are purple. In LAiX Copen presumably created it by analyzing Gunvolt (whose eyes are blue) at some point, as he never retrieved his gun and a sample of Asimov's blood.