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"I think it's time for me to see some action!"
Lola , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Combat Pod "Lola", often shortened to just Lola, also known as Battle Pot RoRo (ロロ RoRo ) in Japan, is a multi-purpose AI developed and built by Copen and one of the supporting protagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. A chippy, energetic personality, she works as Copen's constant partner in the field, supplying him with his EX Weapons. After being equipped with one of Joule's mirror shards, she gained the Septima The Muse.

Website Description

Lola is an Autonomous Combat Pod (ACP) designed to regulate the control of Copen’s personal array of combat drones, also known as bits.

Because of this, she thinks of herself as kind of Copen’s official guardian, for better or for worse. During her AI development period, she would often serve as a conversational partner for Copen’s little sister. Through this, she picked up the habit of referring to Copen as “Boss.”

At a certain point in the story, she gains the abilities of The Muse, just like Joule.



Usually, Lola's form is that of a floating white and red sphere with blank yellow eyes.

Once she fuses with the Mirror Shards and gains the power of The Muse, Lola gains the ability to shift into what is known as her "Idol Mode". In this form, her appearance shifts to that of a young girl with short, mint green hair, and purple eyes. She wears a red and white leotard with bits of gold, and white knee-highs with black and red shoes, as well as black gloves with red fingers. She also has two white and red disc-like objects known as "Speaker Pods" that broadcast songs at her hips, which also sprout red wing-like holograms, which vaguely resemble phoenix wings.


Compared to her no-nonsense, serious partner, Lola is a far more eager and colourful character, often quite loud and energetic, unlike a stereotypical robot. This is due to the fact that Lola was quite close with Mytyl before the events of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and, as a result, adopted some of Mytyl's own quirks and personality traits. She doesn't like waiting on the sidelines, and enjoys taking part in the action, frequently cheering Copen on during his missions. She has quite the short temper, instantly lashing out at Asroc for calling her a "pet".

Lola is also quite close to Copen, her time spent with Mytyl making her act almost like a guardian angel to her creator. It's even suggested that she may also have romantic feelings for him, as she appears noticeably flustered and flattered whenever Copen is protective of her. Her feelings for him are only more emphasized in Clockwork Daydream, where she supposedly dreams about going on what is essentially a date with him and letting him rest his head on her lap.

Plot Role

Development on Lola began sometime during or prior to Azure Striker Gunvolt. Her AI was developed through extensive conversation with Mytyl, resulting in her seeing herself as Copen's guardian of sorts.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Screams of the City

After Copen fights his way through some robots to try and board the Seraph, Lola fully activates, Bits and Flashfield at the ready.

She also questions who exactly Zonda is after "he" shows up alive.

Fire, Heartblazer!

When the malfunctioning Seraph begins to crash towards the city, Lola redlines her A.S. Drive and Bits to fire the Heartblazer cannon, destroying its engines and allowing Gunvolt to safely land the ship.

Operation Podpocket

After GV and Tenjian fight, Lola sneaks up to Tenjian and snatches one of his mirror shards.

With Mytyl in tow, she and Copen return home.

Ignite the Anthem

Lola absorbs the mirror shard to try and analyze it, but she can't get any results other than "it contains Septimal power."

When she goes to talk with Mytyl, she starts to feel a burning sensation before she suddenly materializes her fairy mode, much to everyone's surprise.

Later use and practice allows her to sing the Anthem to assist Copen, albeit with reduced effects due to his lack of Septima.

Into the Garden

Lola's plot relevance doesn't particularly resurface until the end of Garden 3, where Zonda steals all of Lola's shards.

Lola has a backup to keep her AI and EX Weapons running, but her Anthem and Fairy Mode are disabled for the fights with Zonda and GV (because she no longer has the mirror shards that allowed her to do so).

Hijacked by Anthem

During GV and Copen's fighting, a mysterious force takes control over Lola's conscious, forcibly materializing her fairy form.

She sings her Anthem alongside Mytyl and Joule, empowering GV and Copen until one of them finally falls.

Following the Avenger

After Mytyl's recovery and subsequent amnesia discovery, Copen disowns himself as a Kamizono prepares to depart from his home. Lola follows along, ever the loyal sidekick.


As a combat-support unit, Lola controls the P-Bits that surround Copen. She can send them flying around for Copen's Shred Storm, activate any EX Weapons that Copen has acquired from Adepts, heal wounds, or activate the Flashfield.

Lola is also able to redline her A.S. Drive in tandem with the Bits to fire a beam cannon called "Heartblazer". This laser is powerful enough to damage the engines of the airship Seraph, but is not usable in actual gameplay.

In the cutscene following Mission: Aggressor, Lola appears to surround an unconscious Mytyl with a spherical purple barrier and telekinetically carry her away. This may be the same ability as the "Capture Field" alluded to in Luminous Avenger iX.


ソングオブディーバ、Song of Diva

「リミターカット! フルドライブ!」- "Removing the limiters! We're going full power!"

「負けないで、アキュラくん!」- "Don't give up, boss!"

Lola is given the power of Anthem using powers she acquired from The Muse, and becomes available after clearing Downtown and selecting Copen on the character select screen for the first time. Whenever Copen is defeated, there is a chance that she can resurrect him at full health. Because he is only human though, her power can only revive Copen, who cannot receive the same buffs Gunvolt does as an Adept.

  • The stage music is overridden by Igniter upon use.
  • Copen can increase the chance of Anthem activating by talking to Mytyl before missions.
  • Anthem is disabled in the second half of The Garden 3, all of The Garden 4, and the Secret Missions.

Other Appearances

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Lola appears along with Copen. She functions pretty much as she did in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. She appears in muse form when the player is at low health.

She has several different pixel stickers, which include her pod forms that can be collected by enemy drops.

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

RoRo was something with an ambiguous image at first: she was idol-style or nurse-style…. I foresaw that the designing work would be very hard. And thus I began to think of how to make her flashy enough so that she wouldn’t lose to Morpho and Cyan in terms in looks and whether there was anything that symbolizes rebirth like Morpho did: the answer I reached was the phoenix. Once the motif was established, I exchanged a lot of ideas with Araki-san: she steadily and firmly began to take shape, which was a hard work yet very exciting at the same time.

-- (Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)

I thought that, since she’d transform, she wouldn’t remain a robot but I did stray a lot with idea such as “an idol-like songstress!” or “she’s a servant of Acura, she must be a Sister!”. In the end I returned to the SF suit draft which I’d discarded at the beginning. I did think “again!?” at the maiden motif but she has a chihaya* image that helps her successfully differentiate from Morpho, no? I did think of a design in which the Battle Pot ball transformed but it was very hard (to do) so I quickly switched over to a mascot-type (character). The thing that Hatakeyama-san drew in a corner of Acura’s (design) looked good but was too cute so I had him tune into a inorganic but nevertheless charming design. The decoration on her head is inspired by a Alice band, typical of girls.

-- (Araki Munehiro)

T/N: A chihaya is an outfit worn by women in religious acts.






  • In the Japan exclusive drama CD Clockwork Daydream, "RoRo" uses her English name, "Lola", as an alias, making it the first time a character's English name has been used within Japanese material.
  • Before settling on Lola, it was considered to give Copen's a trio of muses that would sing in tandem. This was dropped for volume concerns.
  • It was considered to give Lola a different design and speech pattern depending on the EX Weapon used; the idea being to contrast Gunvolt's one muse with Copen's "many". This was scrapped in favor of changing her pod form instead.
  • Lola's Japanese name, RoRo, matches the naming pattern of the three robot girls ViVi, LuLu, and KiKi in Love & Destroy, the second video game designed by Inti Creates.
  • In the 1955 musical comedy Damn Yankees, "Lola" is the name of the Devil's assistant. This is notable because of the demonic motifs surrounding Copen and his allies (e.g. Copen calling himself a "demon" in his true ending in 2, his red color scheme and "horns" in iX, and Nori).
  • Lola shares her eye color with Asimov, whose blood was analyzed to create her A.S. Drive. In LAiX, her eye color is blue instead, matching Gunvolt. In that timeline, Copen never retrieved his gun and with it Asimov's blood.

Japanese Version

"Isn't it about time for me to get some action?"

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