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Eunos (ユーノス) is an overseas company which the Sumeragi Group collaborated with to overcome its own stagnation and develop a 10th generation unmanned tank, receiving a tech loan for that purpose, which resulted in the Mantis Legion and Plasma Legion. The difficulty associated with working with an overseas company has, among other things, led to significant delays in the Plasma Legion's development.

Due to Eunos transfer staff being involved as official employees, the Mantis Legion became the first Sumeragi machine to use an alphabet letter in its official designation.

The company's name is likely a reference to Mazda's car brand Eunos.


Kamizono Family

The Kamizono Family (神園家) is a prestigious family in Japan, possessing a significant amount of political clout despite not being publicly affiliated with the Sumeragi Group. Lesser known is that they are a lineage of spiritual mediums and exorcists. The current family head is Copen and Mytyl's unnamed maternal aunt. She established the sanatorium which Mytyl resided in. Nori, in her "magical girl" guise, claims to be good friends with the family head.

Copen, not wishing to involve his family in his grudge, does not use their resources. Instead the family maid, Nori, assigned to him and Mytyl uses her personal connections to supply him.

Their father Dr. Kamizono is not a member by blood, having married into the family in a "marriage of convenience", and unusual for such a thing took on his wife's surname.

In the Gal*Gun series, two demon hunting Kamizono sisters named Shinobu and Maya appear as potential love interests.

Sakurazaki Family

The Sakurazaki Family (桜咲家) is one of Japan's plutocrat families. Quinn is an illegitimate child of the family and is forbidden from using their name, although they provide her with a large house and previously provided her with a caretaker.

They are likely connected to Sakurazaki Motors, an automobile manufacturer whose commercial is the subject of an ASG1 home conversation, which Joule hums the jingle of. The advertised car was a pink model which Gunvolt considered to be obnoxiously gaudy. The commercial jingle is featured in the Armed Blue Official Soundtrack

The Gal*Gun series is set in Sakurazaki Academy (Which the Mighty Gunvolt stages School and Gym are based on), a school named after and owned by the family/conglomerate. The family's eldest daughter Kaoruko appears as a potential love interest.



L&D is a delinquent gang which competed with Maiden Blood and was crushed. One of its members is an adept wielding the water septima Hydro Pressure, who in Justice Rage vengefully confronted Viper. The unnamed L&D member expected to defeat him due to training with his septima and believing himself to have an elemental advantage, but was soundly defeated instead. Their gang color is blue.

The name L&D may come from Love & Destroy, a 1999 video game developed by Inti Creates.

Maiden Blood

Maiden Blood (メイデンブラッド) is a delinquent gang that gathered around Viper after he became an outcast and vented his frustrations by getting into, and winning, street fights. Under him, they came to dominate Japan's Kanto region and crushed rival gang L&D. The gang developed a custom of carrying around handkerchiefs, which Viper didn't care for. Just seeing a member pull out the handkerchief was enough to make people looking for a fight back down. Their gang color is red.

Although the antics of the gang could annoy him or push the wrong buttons, Viper didn't mind hanging out with them and wondered if it made him a better person. He still felt empty; however, as he believed they only followed him out of fear.

What became of the gang after Viper left to join Sumeragi is unknown.

Obsidian Corps

The Obsidian Corps (黒の軍団, Black Corps) is a delinquent gang of Adepts from different schools in the area of the one Rei, Miu, and Himeshiro attend. They are said to be nothing but bad news. Himeshiro gained a reputation for confronting them and attempting to uncover their plot.

This group currently has no known members.


Government of Japan

The Japanese Government is the nation's nominal ruling body, but in the age of Adepts has steadily lost power to the Sumeragi Group and come to be heavily swayed by them, to the point where Sumeragi is said to be the true ruler of the country.

The Army is known to work alongside Sumeragi units, and is seemingly incapable of handling the threat that Adepts may pose on its own. During his time as a soldier, Jota's unit was nearly wiped out while attempting to stop an Adept terrorist group. In the end it was Sumeragi's Adept Unit, which Nova was part of, that suppressed the threat. After conversing with Nova, Jota concluded that Sumeragi was the real power of Japan, feigned an injury to be discharged from the army, and joined Sumeragi.

The Defense Ministry was sent a crime notice by Eden forewarning that the group would be taking down Japan's border control barrier Kamishiro, which Merak reported to Nova. While considering the defenses of the Media Tower the barrier is projected from, Tenjian noted that the army soldiers would be backed up by a Sumeragi Adept.

Following the incident, during which the barrier briefly went down, the Sumeragi Group used the events as a pretext to assume full control over national defense.

Gunvolt Chronicles



Gargantua (ガルガンチュア) is an electronics manufacturer.

Its president is Stella, who took the position at a young age. Under her leadership the company grew and became the nation's leading electronics manufacturer.

One of its products is a mass produced multi-purpose android series, which Dystnine came from.

Sol Electronics

Sol Electronics (ソル ・ エレクトロ二クス) is a company which developed the Garand for the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution.

Given the Garand's Blaster Master references, the company name is likely a reference to video game developer Sunsoft.


Anti-Sumeragi Terrorist Group

An unnamed faction opposed to the Sumeragi Institute. They kidnapped Rebellio's family and forced him to commit heinous acts against Sumeragi for them, for which he was given a death sentence after being caught.


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