The Lifewave (生命の波動, Seimei no hadou) is a concept in Azure Striker Gunvolt, first properly detailed in Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories.


The Lifewave, it is the force of nature which connects all living things in this world. Extensive research has been conducted on the Lifewave for many generations, and it is (was) known that up to six different stages of the Lifewave existed, from the Primordial (1st) stage to the Senary (6th) stage. Depending on which stage of the Lifewave living beings are attached to when they are born, they are granted varying levels of cognitive and physical capabilities.

The average human being or animal will be born attached to the 1st to the 3rd stage of the Livewave, but there are many exceptions to this. Mystics, soothsayers, psychics; all of the people who possess supernatural powers are almost always born attached to the Tetrad (4th) stage of the Lifewave. The most powerful people among this group of supernaturals are sometimes born attached to the Quinary (5th) wave, but these are quite rare. When someone is born attached to the Senary (6th) wave, however, it is considered nothing short of a miracle, and these people and animals are viewed by society as being sacred; no different from a holy person.

However, in recent history, new discoveries have been made about the Lifewave, including one which defies earlier concepts: the existence of the Septimal (7th) stage. Children born attached to the Septimal stage possessed amazing abilities such as creating and controlling fire, running at blinding speeds, and generally defying the laws of nature. The group of people who possess these abilities are referred to as "Adepts". [1]


It is the generic name for the ESP phenomenon that has been appearing on humanity ever since some decades ago. 

It mainly expresses itself in boys and girls below ten years old.

It is unknown how exactly the Septimal wave came into existence, but it is speculated to be descended from some form of Psychokinesis, a more advanced form of which is actually a septima.

Since it’s a special ability that only those with a special 7th wave-form could use, as established by the wave research at the time, it was named Septima. 

Since there were a lot of Psychics that expressed this Septima as energy (such as heat or light), the Sumeragi Group, were the first to set their eyes on it.

They carried out researches to create a new source of energy from it.

There’s a very influential theory which says that Septima, through an unknown bodily strength, controls and changes pair annihilation in the body to create a gigantic energy.

Yet, since most of that manifestation mechanism is unknown, there are several scientists that have doubts or misgivings about whether it can be used as an energy source. 

The first Septima Adepts were naturally born humans.

However, the Sumeragi Group's research has succeeded in nurturing Septima Inducers. It’s starting to become possible to artificially create Septima Adepts.

Humans and animals that contain Septima potential capability are test subjects, also named matches.

The Abilities bloom in them by transplanting the Septima Inducers into their bodies, but it’s very hard to find a match for them. Gunvolt and Joule are some of the few Sumeragi-created subsequent Septima Adepts.

It is said that Septima is greatly influenced by the user’s mental state as well. So it’s very hard to perform brainwashing on the user when the Septima is on a rampage or when the user’s personality hasn’t been erased.


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