Lazy Kingdom (怠惰なる王国 Taida naru Oukoku) is one of the three drama CD's released for Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Lazy Kingdom is mostly a set of drama audios, focusing on Sumeragi members Merak and Elise. It also has several tracks from the Steam version of Azure Striker Gunvolt's soundtrack.

Although the CD is not available outside of Japan, a fan translation exists for reading.


  1. Theme Of September Record
  2. The Beginning - 発端
    After a long day at school, Elise decides to relax by playing an MMO, "September Record". However, she also gets a mysterious message offering to bring out her character's hidden qualities...
  3. Rumors - 噂
    After a long day of work, Merak gets fed up and decides he's going to spend all his time slacking off. While looking for something to waste time on, however, he comes across incidents of a Player Killer in his MMO...
  4. First Contact - 接触
    Merak starts his search for the Player Killer from the possible suspects. When the culprit in question reveals herself at a Lumen concert, they have a brief battle while Merak deduces just what this killer is capable of...
  5. Intermission - 幕間
    While Merak is busy preparing for his next battle against the Player Killer, his butler comes in asking for his trash, what happens next is... hair-raising!
  6. Showdown - 決戦
    Merak finally corners the Player Killer, and they have their final battle. Once the culprit thinks she's in the clear, Merak initiates his super brilliant strategy...!
  7. The Finale, and... - 決着、 そして...
    The long-awaited end to the final battle! Merak activates the strongest weapon he has, and all's well that ends well... right?
  8. Melody 1
    A medley track made using remixes of ASG1 music. Contains a mix of the intro stage's second half, the mid-boss theme, and the Path to Firmament.
  9. Melody 2
    A medley track made using remixes of ASG1 music. Contains a mix of Firmament (Azure)'s intro and Joule's theme.
  10. Melody 3
    A medley track made using remixes of ASG1 music. Contains a mix of Sinner's Row and Copen's boss theme.
  11. Holy Night
    The intro jingle when playing a stage on Christmas Mode in the Steam version. It's only 10 seconds long.
  12. Snow in Night Skies
    The theme for the Steam version's Christmas Mode. It's a remix of the 2nd half of the intro stage.


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