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Lab is the third stage for Gunvolt and Beck, and Ekoro's second stage in Mighty Gunvolt. The theme is an 8-bit rendition of The Garden of the Hungry Swarm. Lab is based off Pharma Lab. It bears some of the same enemies and designs. The boss is Stratos.

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Stage Composition

The Lab contains many platforms that disappear when you step on them. Usually, these platforms will be positioned above spikes, so move carefully and quickly. (Gunvolt and Ekoro’s extra jump ability comes in handy during these sections, as they give you more time to think.) Spider Flowers are scattered throughout the stage. These variations put out pinks dots that are hard to shoot, as they are too low for most shots to reach. There are plenty of items hidden in the yellow striped blocks. Make sure to check.


When starting off, Stratos will throw 2 eggs on the ground which will hatch, releasing 2 bugs from each. These can be shot at before they hatch to get rid of them. He'll then appear on either side of the screen and repeat the attack mentioned or he'll transform into a chomper mouth which can be jumped over. When he is low on health, he'll enter the center of the screen and start shooting lots of singular homing pellets. Afterwards, he'll do his chomper mouth attack from both left and right of the screen at the top and bottom. Get to one side and jump to avoid.



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