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Not to be confused with "Kohaku Otori", the protagonist of COGEN: Sword of Rewind and a DLC boss in Luminous Avenger iX 2.


"Woah! You're really something, Copen!"
Kohaku , Luminous Avenger iX

Kohaku is the leader of the underground group of Minos and a supporting character in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

Website Description

A young lady who acts as the leader of the Mino children in the underground slums. Her bright personality supports the children living through such desperate times. She has a knack for repairing machines, and has managed to furnish their underground base with equipment salvaged from junk parts. However, she has no real formal training with machines, working only by intuition. As such, many of the machines she manages to get working are far removed from their original purposes...



Kohaku is a young woman with orange eyes and matching orange hair, tied into a ponytail, with long bangs and forelocks. She wears a sleeveless yellow jacket with a white stripe through the middle, and buckles coming down from her collar. Matching her jacket, she has pieces of yellow cloth on each of her forearms, and wears black fingerless gloves with a hole showing the back of each respective hand. She wears black underclothes with two fanny packs on the front and back of her body acting as a sort of skirt. On her legs, she wears white thigh-highs with black rims, and dark blue boots with silver highlights.

Kohaku's clothes are small and expose much of her skin. It is implied that this is because she used fabric from her clothes to make Jin's backpack, Maria's ribbon, and Kyota's scarf.


Despite the genocide of the Minos and the deaths of many of her friends and comrades, Kohaku tries to remain optimistic in the face of it all. She remains determined to make sure she and the rest of her group stay alive as long as they can. In addition, she is quite generous, having happily invited Copen and Lola into her group's shelter after saving them from Blade. By the end of the game, Kohaku displays great fearlessness, willing to fight against Sumeragi's forces despite the danger it posed. She does show a bit of an air-headed side, though. Due to her self taught knowledge, most of her attempts to repair machines fail as she ends up making them work in unintended ways. However, despite her attempts to remain upbeat and optimistic, the deaths of her comrades (especially her sister) still weigh heavily on her mind.

Plot Role

City Slums - Saving the Avenger

Just as the Sumeragi enforcer Blade is about to finish off Copen, Kohaku throws a smoke bomb and leads him away from the opponent. She leads him back to where she holes up along with Jin, Maria, and Kyota, and offers their hideout as a base of operations. Copen accepts, much to her joy, and he repays the favor by getting various supplies.


Some time after Copen has gotten used to basing himself, Kohaku falls terribly ill. Her calls for her sister on her deathbed convince Copen to infiltrate a Sumeragi medical center for the cure. He succeeds, and the medicine brings Kohaku back to full health.

City Slums 2 - Assisting the Avenger

Copen successfully destroys the Giga Lola threatening the hideout, but the tanks across the world won't stop until Copen destroys Sumeragi's AI Demerzel. Unable to stand idly by, Kohaku gathers weapons and manpower to create a diversion so Copen can sneak into Building 13 and stop Sumeragi. She also gives Copen her pendant, a keepsake from her lost sister.

Wait! This song is...

On the surface outside Building 13, Kohaku hears Lola's song. Sensing that Copen is in danger, she rushes into the facility's depths, following the song only she can hear. Just as she's surrounded at gunpoint by Asimov clones, Blade suddenly appears and cuts one of them down. Kohaku is confused as to how her sister is alive and why she's dressed the way she is, but at Blade's behest, goes on ahead to help Copen.

The End of it All

Kohaku finds Copen in the depths of the bunker, heavily damaged but still alive. She promises to fix his eye later before borrowing his gun. Gazing upon Demerzel's capsule, the source of the suffering she and everyone else has gone through, she takes aim and fires, destroying the capsule and the AI within. With Copen and Lola in tow, she and Blade return to the surface, reuniting with the children in the light of dawn.


  • Kohaku (琥珀) is the Japanese word for amber - appropriate for Kohaku, given her color scheme.
    • The Ancient Greek word for amber is ἤλεκτρον (ēlektron). This is the origin of the English word electricity and its relatives because of amber's ability to bear a charge of static electricity. This is notable because Kohaku's sister receives an electric Septima.