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Kirin is a new playable character introduced in Azure Striker Gunvolt 3.


Kirin is an adept shrine maiden who possesses a septima capable of sealing the abilities of other adepts. To compliment her septima, she utilises a unique combat style that combines the uses of her enchanted talismans and her sword, which is crafted from a pewter staff.


Kirin appears to be a late teen/very young adult with short brown hair on the outside, but on the side facing towards her, her hair appears to be pink. Her hair is wavy, but its also braided on the sides of her head. She wears what appears to be a black alice band, with small horns protruding from it, and has a white highlight on the aforementioned horns facing towards the front of her. She has eyeliners that are a dark shade of peach to compliment her dark peacock green eyes, which have a distinctive black "ring" in the iris. She's also wearing a heavily modified kosode underneath her orange garments. On the back of the orange garments, there is a Japanese symbol.


Powers and Abilities


  • Kirin is the first female playable character in the series (discounting Mighty Gunvolt).
  • Kirin's name invokes a mythical creature called Qilin/Kirin and her color scheme invokes the Yellow Dragon of the center, Kōryū. This lines up with Gunvolt and Copen, who are based on other Asian directional gods (Seiryū the azure dragon of the east and Byakko the white tiger of the west respectively).