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Tonight, the pleasure quarter belongs to Zonda. As Gunvolt chases the lustful menace down, he crosses paths with an avenger...- flavor text


Sinner's Row (Red-light District in Japan) is the location of a mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Kaleidoscope". Gunvolt must chase down Zonda, a dangerous adept of Sumeragi's that has slipped inside after defeating Zeno.


Moniqa: Sorry for pinging you in the middle of the night... Your target has fled into the sketchy side of a town nearby. You can thank the said target for taking Zeno out of the game.  Proceed with extreme caution...

 Stage Composition

  • The stage's main gimmick is the pink mirrors floating midair, created by Zonda's septima. Using these mirrors, Zonda weaves a labyrinth of disconnected stage segments, featuring new enemy placements, gauntlet rooms, and even upside-down segments.
    • You can tell whether or not you chose the right path by Zonda screaming "Waga ai wo!" (Lit. "Feel my LOVE!")
      • This is easier in versions with in-stage dialogue because Zonda makes (really) creepy commentary as you go through the stage.
  • This stage features a LOT of bottomless pits. Carefully navigate the rooftops using the neon signs as platforms, and be careful about the enemies that appear.
  • A number of cable launchers hang nearby large pits or gaps. Shock them with Flashfield to make them launch a wire that you can stand on. Just don't stand in front of them as they fire, it hurts.

Copen "The Adept Slayer"

In the Stage's ending, you will find Zonda killed by a mysterious person who will be your opponent. He will mainly use weapons based on the specific bosses you've defeated so far. He doesn't use his Special Skill and is the only boss that is not a member of Sumeragi or an Adept.

In-Mission Dialogue (Steam Version only)

Moniqa: Your target is named Zonda, the commander of a team of Adept hunters. When we engaged the squad, Zonda fled to the rooftops in the nearby area. Zonda's squad is on the move, so please take extra caution.

GV: Roger that. I'm beginning the search now.

==== START ====

<< GV approaches a pit with several platforms floating above >>

(Man, this is pretty high up...)

Moniqa: If you fall from that height, even you won't be able to handle it. Make sure you don't take a tumble.

GV: Noted. I definitely don't have a deathwish.

<< GV prepares to cross another pit using neon-lights as footholds >>

(Sinner's Row was a part of town that never slept. It's after midnight, but with all the lights, it's hard to tell. You can really see it all from up here. Sumeragi has some guts, deploying a unit in a place like this. They must have a lot of faith in their cover-up abilities. I need to find my target before someone gets hurt.)

<< A flying, bomb-dropping drone enemy suddenly arrives on the scene >>

Moniqa: Ah, a Sumeragi bomber unit... use your Flashfield to neutralize its attacks. Pay close attention to your EP. You don't wanna run out here.

GV: I've heard that same advice from Asimov at some point.

Moniqa: Whaaa?! That's just... it's not like I was imitating him... I aspire to be like him, you know... that's why... n-naturally, you could say... ah, geez...!

GV: I got it. It's OK, Moniqa.

Moniqa: ...sheesh...!

<< GV approaches a long corridor >>

(What kind of place is this?)

<< A large chainsaw-wielding robot enemy appears >>

GV: Hey, by the way... just what kind of Adept am I up against here?

Moniqa: A powerful adversary... we don't have much data though. Even Zonda's sex is indistinct.

GV: ...indistinct?

Moniqa: Whether Zonda is a man or a woman seems to change with the day. Perhaps this is part of what makes Zonda's Septima.

GV: I... don't get it.

<< GV finds a wire-shooting device >>

Moniqa: There's a wire mechanism... use that to cross between buildings. Zap it, and a carbide wire will launch out to the other side. Wait till the indicator light turns blue... don't wanna fall off.

<< The next set of buildings is interlinked by more wire-shooters >>

Moniqa: There's a bit of a safe spot between these buildings. It's OK to fall there, so relax and try jumping down.

GV: How carefree of you... no normal person is able to relax before they jump off a building.

<< GV investigates the bottom inbetween buildings >>

GV: Huh, another wire mechanism.

Moniqa: Seems you can use it to get back up there. But, if you get in the way of the(sic) the wires, you'll take damage. Be careful not to get hit.

<< GV finds a Hexapyle >>

Moniqa: It appears our target is no longer in the area... destroy the Hexapyle and move on to the next zone.

GV: Roger that.

==== START ====

Moniqa: I just got some fresh intel! GV, our target is right near your location!

<< GV scouts the area, and finally confronts the Lustful Menace, flying idly in the air >>

Zonda: Oh my, what a charming young man you are.

GV: I take it you're Zonda?

Zonda: Hehehe, that makes me happy... the fact that you know my beautiful name... I really feel the love! So, shall we begin this lovely adventure? Let's show some love til our hearts' content, OK?!

<< Zonda flees, but GV immediately gives chase >>

Zonda: Get bedazzled by my love, boy!

(Zonda's voice was resonating from somewhere... it has to be Zonda's Septima doing this.)

GV: This is more of a headache than anything...

Moniqa: Makes me wonder if all Sumeragi Adepts are like this...

<< GV advances until he finds a strange glowing mirror in the air. By touching it, Zonda announces, and all the stage has suddenly become mirrored, from background, to stage details such as signs and lamp-posts, and even the path GV is taking >>

GV: What the...

Zonda: Mwahahahaha!!! That's the power of love!

(The letters on the signs are reversed...)

Zonda: Hehehe... my Mirror Septima is absolutely beautiful, isn't it?

<< GV must scout the area for other mirrors; many are traps and seal him into a dangerous area, while a single one will bring him into a new path to explore >>

Zonda: Ooh, looks like you chose the correct route! It's a victory of Love!! Now, our lovely adventure continues... let's feel the love!

<< suddenly, GV notices a siren that blares, trapping him into a room full of enemies >>

Zonda: Hehehe... now, I want you and my underlings to love each other lots!

<< (OPTIONAL) GV comes across a small jewel >>

GV: This is...

[You pick up a small jewel]

GV: Wonder what this is doing here... I bet Joule would like this. I'll give it to her later.

<< GV prepares to traverse another set of pits inbetween buildings >>

Zonda: How do you like my exuberant Love? My Loving self is just so- BEAUTIFUL!!

<< another glowing mirror takes GV to a reverse of the wire-shooters area >>

GV: Another wire mechanism...

Zonda: It must be the string of Love! That way, you can just wrap me in that wire there, right?! Therefore, it's Love!

GV: ......

<< GV proceeds through a bottomless pit, and finds another wire-shooter >>

Zonda: Be careful not to fall, OK?... into my pit of endless Love!

<< on this area, a specific mirror will take GV into an area where everything is upside-down >>

GV: This is...

Zonda: My Love can overturn Heaven and Earth itself! Infinite Love, baby! It's my secret Love technique!

<< GV takes several leaps across a bottomless pit >>

Moniqa: Zonda's absolutely toying with you...

GV: Yeah, definitely the type who likes to play around... I see. I think I understand how Zeno was put out of commission.

(if this is the scope of Zonda's Septima, there must be a trick. Can't doubt that I'm dealing with a tough customer.)

Moniqa: This would definitely be a tough matchup for Zeno, though...

<< the next correct mirror sees GV in an area inverted both in upside-down and left-right fashions >>

Moniqa: Ugh... I feel pretty dizzy...

GV: You can turn off the monitor if you want. I don't mind.

Moniqa: No, it's OK. I'll keep the support coming till you're done.

Zonda: What's that, you feel dizzy? From all of my Love? Love is like the finest wine... how~e~ver... you'll be in an eternal stupor from MY Love! Lovedrunk forever!

(and yet, here I am, feeling juuust fine...)

<< GV finally comes across another Hexapyle >>

Zonda: Hehehe... just a bit further. I'm waiting for you, boy. In my... beautiful Love nest!

GV: ......

Moniqa: I'm sure you have no desire to go, but... continue pursuit, GV.

==== START ====

GV: the illusion gone?

Moniqa: Gunv......perat......are...ling.....da......ed.........nto......rea......

(The line was just white noise.)


GV: Argh, line is jammed!

Zonda: Eeyaaagh!

(That voice was...!)

<< GV pursues Zonda, only to find him wounded, a mysterious lad in white armor next to him >>

?????: You monster... go and meet your maker.

Zonda: It can't be... my Love... in a place like this... aah... but... this pain... it's... yes... death too is... love... -ly...

<< Zonda dies, but rather than having his Septima converge back into a Glaive, it instead is absorbed by the white-wearing youth's equipment >>

?????: Don't worry, I'll put your filthy Septimosome to good use.

GV: Who the hell are you?

??????: The Azure Striker- Gunvolt, I presume?

GV: So you're... an ally?

?????:'re foolish. Sumeragi, QUILL, all Adepts, every last one of you are my enemy. That of course includes scum like you, Gunvolt!

GV: ...!

?????: Now, you'll pay for your crimes!

==== START ====

GV: Seriously...? "Crimes"?!

?????: Our human world is infested with freaks, fiends, inhuman terrors... That is exactly... what all of you Adepts are. Your mere existence in our world is a crime. It is blasphemy. So I am here to judge you in place of God.

(His eyes were burning with hatred. There's simply no reasoning with this guy. At least that's what my gut was telling me.)

?????: I will eradicate every last one of you monsters from this world. Even if I have to use your own powers to do it!

GV: Your convictions are all out of whack! What you're saying is nothing but crazy talk!!

GV: Oversurge, Azure Striker! I'll sever your distorted views!

<< GV finally emerges victorious against the white knight-like youth >>

?????: I have plenty data on you now. This will be more than enough. I will withdrawl(sic), for the time being.

GV: Just what... are you?

?????: I'm Copen... Remember it... the name of the one who will pass judgment onto you.

<< Copen retreats >>

GV: Tch...!

==== CLEAR ====