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"Tonight, the pleasure quarter belongs to Zonda. As Gunvolt chases the lustful menace down, he crosses paths with an avenger..."


The lustful scorpion dancing through the midnight red-light district…
The “Lustful Phantom Mirror (Lust Mirage)”…
The Azure Thunderclap meets the avenger (revenger) while chasing the mad lust…

Kaleidoscope is an intermission mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, taking place in the stage Sinner's Row. Following the defeat of any three bosses, as Gunvolt is preparing for bed he receives an emergency call from QUILL. Zeno was injured while pursuing Zonda in a nearby district, and now it's up to GV to continue the mission and hunt down the Sumeragi Adept Hunter unit commander.

Stage Composition

  • The stage's main gimmick is the pink mirrors floating in midair, created by Zonda's septima. Using these mirrors, Zonda weaves a labyrinth of disconnected stage segments, featuring new enemy placements, gauntlet rooms, and even upside-down segments.
    • You can tell whether or not you chose the right path by Zonda screaming "Waga ai yo!" (Lit. "This is my LOVE!")
      • This is easier in versions with in-stage dialogue due to Zonda's commentary.
  • This stage features a lot of bottomless pits. Carefully navigate the rooftops using the neon signs as platforms, and be careful about the enemies that appear.
  • A number of cable launchers hang nearby large pits or gaps. Shock them with Flashfield to make them launch a wire that you can stand on. Just don't stand in front of them as they fire; or else you'll take damage.

Boss: Copen "The Adept Slayer"

At the end of the stage, you will find Zonda killed by Copen, who will be your actual opponent. Depending on the previous three Sumeragi bosses you've defeated, Copen will use attacks based off of theirs. See this page for more details on how to properly combat these attacks. At this point in the game, Copen will only use three of the below attacks based on the player's own trio of defeated bosses. However, which of these attacks he'll use, when, and how frequently, are completely up to RNG.

  • Merak: Lazy Laser
  • Carrera: Power Grab
  • Jota: Arrogant Radiance
  • Elise: Gorgon Gaze
  • Viper: Blazing Bombers
  • Stratos: Flesh Eater

Despite Doppler Desire being the move he acquires from Zonda, he will not use this skill in Sinner's Row, likely because he hasn't had time to input it into his attack moveset yet.

Jewel Location

Jewel Sinner's Row.jpg

After one of the enemy ambushes, climb up the tower-like structure by either gliding off the nearby floating platform or double jumping. The Jewel rests at the top.


  • Sleazy Breezy: Clear in 8 minutes or less. (Reward: Garnet x8)
  • Quick 'n' Dirty: Clear in 5 minutes or less. (Reward: Yellow Chalcedony x1)
  • Upside Downfall: Clear with a rank of B or higher. (Reward: Graym Culture x8)
  • Hard Rocker: Clear with a rank of S or higher. (Reward: Graym Extract 239 x1)
  • Last Man Standing: Clear with a rank of S+. (Reward: Graym Extract 239 x5)
  • Use Xyr Illusion: Clear using the shortest possible route. (Reward: Yellow Chacledony x1)
  • Look, Ma!: Clear without activating any wire bridges. (Reward: Graym Extract 239 x1)


  • ZondaSecretIcon.jpg
    This stage contains a secret icon that can be uncovered by shooting it five times with Mizuchi, and, when revealed, it will set the player's Kudos to 1000. This icon is Inti Creates' logo.