Justice Rage (義心憤怒 Gishin fundo) is one of the three drama CD's released for Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Like the other two, Justice Rage is a backstory and worldbuilding series. It is a set of audio dramas focusing on the backstories of Sumeragi officers Nova, Viper, and to an extent, Jota, roughly a year before the game is set.

Although the CD is not available outside of Japan, a rough fan translation exists.


1. Eternal Blue

2. The One

3. Sakura Efflorescence

4. Smoldering Flames - くすぶる炎

Viper's backstory, as the leader of the gang Maiden Blood. He briefly hears one of Lumen's songs, but it fades away amidst the violence he lives and breathes...

5. Shiden's Reminiscence - 紫電の回想

Nova's backstory, as a test subject for Project Gunvolt, and for better or for worse, he fails...

6. Swordwielders - 宝剣を持つ者たち

Nova wakes up from his reminiscing, and goes with Jota to recruit Viper...

7. Fire and Water - 炎と水

Viper gets challenged by an Adept who wields water. Nova and Jota shadow behind him to see what his Explosion septima can do...

8. Justice and Rage - 義心と憤怒 

Viper duels Nova, but is bested by the latter's Psychokinesis. As Nova walks away, he leaves a few words for the defeated Explosion Adept...

9. Viper's Ignition Point - デイトナ、その着火点

Viper returns to Maiden Blood's hideout to find one of Lumen's concerts playing. And so his heart goes from a smoulder to a blaze...

10. Eternal Blue (Karaoke)

11. The One (Karaoke)

12. Sakura Efflorescence (Karaoke)

13. Sakura Efflorescence (Game Loop)

14. Bonus Track


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