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Justice Rage (義心憤怒 Gishin fundo) is one of the three drama CD's released for Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Like the other two, Justice Rage is a backstory and worldbuilding series. It is a set of audio dramas focusing on the backstories of Sumeragi officers Nova, Viper, and to an extent, Jota, roughly a year before the game is set.

Although the CD is not available outside of Japan, a rough fan translation exists and can be found on the Scripts page.

Track List

1. Eternal Blue

2. The One

3. Sakura Efflorescence

4. Smoldering Flame - くすぶる炎

Viper's backstory. Ostracized due to his Explosion septima, Viper becomes an outcast and vents by getting into street fights. Although a gang of fellow misfits known as Maiden Blood gathers around him, he still feels empty inside.

5. Nova's Reminiscence - 紫電の回想

A glimpse into Nova's past when he was a young child. Originally a test subject in Project Gunvolt, Nova is estimated to be an even greater candidate for the Azure Striker than Asimov was, but horrifically fails and is nearly killed by his own lightning. On the verge of death, Nova insists he must be "Gunvolt" as he realizes the scientists have given up on him and will choose a different ability for him.

6. Glaive Holders - 宝剣を持つ者たち

Nova wakes up from his nightmare about the past, and goes with Jota to find and hopefully recruit Viper to their cause. While walking through a neighborhood ruined by a past adept gang war, they discuss certain topics such as the Glaives.

7. Fire and Water - 炎と水

Viper is challenged by a water wielding adept from a gang he previously crushed. Easily defeating him despite a supposed elemental disadvantage, Viper is then approached by Nova and Jota. Nova gives his pitch and warns about what may happen in the future if he continues as he is, but Viper refuses.

8. Justice and Rage - 義心と憤怒 

Challenged by Nova, Viper duels and is bested by the former's Psychokinesis. Nearly having a mental breakdown over the "worthlessness" of his Explosion septima, Viper is given both criticism from Jota and some encouragement from Nova. Still refused, Nova takes his leave, but believes their meeting will prove fruitful for both of them. He leaves his business card and asks Viper to tune in to Lumen's performance later...

9. Viper's Ignition Point - デイトナ、その着火点

Viper returns to Maiden Blood's hideout to find one of Lumen's concerts playing. And so his heart goes from a smoulder to a blaze...

10. Eternal Blue (Karaoke)

11. The One (Karaoke)

12. Sakura Efflorescence (Karaoke)

13. Sakura Efflorescence (Game Loop)

14. Bonus Track


III: Sound Create Unit

  • Ippo Yamada: Drama Edit, Computer Programming, Composition
  • Ryo Kawakami: Computer Programming, Composition, Arrangement
  • Yamajet: Computer Programming, Arrangement
  • Sachiko Hara: Vocal
  • Lumen (Megu Sakuragawa): Vocal



  • Script: Toshiaki Tai
  • Produce, Supervise: Ippo Yamada
  • Mix: Yamajet
  • Mastering: Ryo Kawakami
  • Recording Engineer: Yu-ya Iwaki (Allblue)
  • Jacket Designer: Yoshitaka Hatekeyama
  • Calligraph Designer: YASUTAKA
  • Label, Layout Design Works: Hakofactory
  • Special Thanks
    • Yoshihisa Tsuda (INTI)
    • Toshiaki Tai (INTI)
    • Munehiro Araki (INTI)
    • Allblue
    • VIMS
    • Aoni Production
    • Office Kaijinsha
    • Dojinsha
    • and All Inti Creates Staff
  • Sales Promote: Go Maeda
  • Executive Producer: Takuya Aizu