"Come on, Kyota! Don't be rude to Mr. iX!"
Jin , Luminous Avenger iX [2]

Jin (ジン Jin[1]) is one of the Mino children overseen by Kohaku, and one of the supporting protagonists of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. An intelligent, sophisticated boy, he, along with the other surviving Mino children, are in hiding from Sumeragi's death squads until their fateful encounter with the "Luminous Avenger iX".


A mature, kindhearted, and indoorsy young man. He prides himself on his deep and extensive general know-how. Jin thinks well on his feet, and is the only one capable of following Kohaku and Kyota's unpredictable tangents. He tries not to show it, but in reality he is a huge Lola fan. His room is overflowing with Lola goodies that he made himself.[2]


Jin is a young man with ovular glasses, short, spiky, black hair, and brown eyes. He wears an indigo shirt with a loose collar and elbow-length sleeves over a plain white undershirt. On his legs, he wears white shorts that stop above his knees, as well as black leggings that stop just under them. He wears black, slip-on shoes with white soles on his feet. He is also seen with a yellow shoulder bag. He also wears two grey buckles, seemingly attached to a belt, that resemble suspenders.


Compared to the more eccentric and childish Kyota and Maria, Jin is a much more mature, grounded person, despite not being much older than them. Extremely proficient when it comes to general knowledge, he boasts an almost encyclopedic level of understanding, almost rivalling that of Copen. However, he is still extremely polite, referring to Copen as "Mr. iX" out of respect.

Hand in hand with his vast knowledge, Jin seems to have a rather curious and inquisitive side, marvelling at Copen's Photon Laser "Divider" for example. Also, despite his maturity, he still has some hidden childish elements, like being an intense fan of Lola, though he tries his best to hide it.

Plot Role

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Meeting with iX


One day, Jin and the other Mino children are surprised when Kohaku brings the famous Luminous Avenger iX, Copen to their hidden hideout. Upon greeting him, Jin admonishes Kyota for his blunt attitude, and formally introduces himself and Maria, who leaves in a jealous huff, followed by Kyota. Jin apologises to Copen, before going of himself to supervise the two, leaving Kohaku to show iX around.

Copen later agrees to live in the hideout with Jin and the others.

Sudden Illness


One day, Kohaku suddenly collapses, with Jin identifying the cause as a recent infection that has run rampant in the slums. He informs Copen that while the symptoms won't go away, there is a recently developed cure, though it is only kept in Sumeragi-run medical centers. Copen then promises to retrieve the cure, and immediately makes his way there.

Copen successfully retrieves the cure and gives it to Jin to administer. While they wait for the cure to take effect, Jin, Maria and Kyota tell Copen and Lola how Kohaku's sister distracted Sumeragi, allowing them to flee. A few days, Kohaku makes a full recovery.



After Copen has successfully collected all the data he needs to find the Butterfly Effect, Jin rushes inside, revealing that Sumeragi's Supervisory A.I "Demerzel" has sent countless Giga Lola's to wipe out all Minos. After Copen hurriedly dispatches the one outside their hideout, he announces that Demerzel needs to be destroyed, with Jin agreeing, since it will most likely stop the Giga Lolas, but wonders how he intends to find it. Copen reveals that both Demerzel and the Butterfly Effect are in Sumeragi Building 13, and that, despite the overwhelming security, he intends to break in.

In response, Kohaku and the others vow to help Copen by causing a distraction with the remaining weapons and ammunition, with Jin initially hesitant, but agreeing to go along, rationalizing it by saying that Sumeragi will most likely target their location anyway, so they may as well bet everything on one final attack.

The operation later goes as planned, with Jin and the others causing a loud enough commotion to draw away most of Sumeragi's forces, giving Copen the distraction he needs to sneak in.

Ending - New Dawn

IX Final

After escaping Sumeragi's forces, Kohaku suddenly hears Lola's song, much to the confusion of Jin and the others, who try to stop her as she runs back to Building 13.

Forced to wait, Jin reassures Maria that everyone will come back fine, before Kyota notices Kohaku and Blade carrying out Lola and Copen. Overjoyed, the three rush to greet them as the morning sun rises.


  • Unlike most other characters, Jin, Kyota and Maria didn't get unique promotional character art, instead with the official website and promotional material using their in-game portraits.


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