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Isola , Luminous Avenger iX [2]

Isola, also known as the "Falcon★Idol", is one of the elite Falcons serving Sumeragi and one of the antagonists of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

An immensely popular idol figure famous for her impressive live performances, she flips between a cutesy, bubbly pop-star and a serious, contemptuous Falcon. She has an affinity for the Septima Companion, which allows her to create energy particles known as EXSIA and even human copies.

Website Description

An Adept in possession of the "Companion" Septima. Isola's Septima allows her to create and control human decoys and energy bits called EXSIA. When transformed, she fights by switching between her "Normal Mode" which gives her fine control over her bits, and her "Arena Mode" which greatly increases her mobility.

Isola is well-known among Adepts for using her Septima to put on grandiose concerts as one of the nation's top performers. She's the type to take any and every job seriously... but it seems her image of what it means to be a "serious idol" is somewhat off, especially considering the way she speaks. Even the calm and collected way she approaches her Falcon work seems to be yet another image she has conjured internally. There are few who claim to know her true nature, and rumour has it she no longer even remembers her true personality.

In addition to directing Isola's job as a Falcon, Sumeragi also supports her idol work from behind the scenes. They hope to convert some of Lola's secret Adept fanbase.[2]





Isola is a young woman with green eyes, white-framed glasses and long pink hair. She wears a Falcon uniform consisting of a double-breasted black jacket with gold and black highlights, a white shirt, a double layered black and white miniskirt, maroon tights, and a black tie with a pinned green brooch set into a golden pin. She also wears white gloves, a pair of black boots with silver and pink highlights and a black cape with a magenta inside and pink trimming. Her Falcon Quill is pinned to her left breast.

In her Armed Phenomenon, Isola's sclera turns black, her irises bright pink, her hair a brighter shade of pink, and her hairstyle changes into pigtails. She wears a white and black full bodysuit with bright pink highlights, matching boots, a matching floating armored skirt made of four large connected spikes, and a black headpiece with two spikes protruding above both sides of her head. When the armored skirt is removed, a large bright pink and white bow forms a frill skirt around her waist with the ends falling alongside her legs. She also carries a microphone to match her outfit.


Pinpointing Isola's exact personality is difficult due to her radical change from before transforming and after. Before transforming and when encountered with Rebellio as "Ms. Warden", Isola gives off a cold and harsh personality with very little room for going out of line such as when Rebellio spoke without permission.

However, when encountered again at Radio Tower "Artemis", she is much more exclamatory, even more-so after transforming, where her no-nonsense personality simply vanishes as if it was never there to begin with instead becoming cheerful, vibrant, and enthusiastic. She is also competitive, as she wants to see who is the better idol between herself and Lola, and is extremely confident in her own abilities as an idol.

In her drama CD side-story, Isola: Full Power Idol, It is revealed that she has learned to adjust her personality in accordance to her fans' expectations, based on multiple instruction guides for Idols(which she refers to as her "Bibles"). She is also shown to be extremely passionate and hard-working when it comes to her work as an idol, even using her Septima to create multiple copies of herself to handle autograph signings. She also cares deeply for her fans, even willing to go out to meet a sick fan in person, in spite of the fact that it would clash with her scheduled live concert.

It is overall, impossible to define what Isola's true personality is as her official description makes clear, but on both occasions she is encountered, she does at least remark on disliking the situation she was in. She also very much embraces her job as a Falcon like Crimm does.


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Prior to Game

Before being a Falcon, she was a full time idol working for a unknown manager. She was scheduled to perform in front of the Sumeragi building.

Store Ruins - Warden for a Day

After reports that iX is infiltrating a ruined store, death-row inmate Rebellio proposes a plan to catch him. As part of the plan, Isola is tasked with escorting him to the location to wait for the target. After iX finally arrives, Rebellio attempts to converse with him, but Isola harshly orders him to transform and be done with the task already. She then leaves before any action can take place, something Rebellio lightly scolds her for.

Radio Tower "Artemis" - Rencounter with iX

Sometime after, Isola is tasked with managing the Radio Tower "Artemis". When she discovers iX has infiltrated the building, she attempts to flee, but Copen gets to her before she can; with both Copen and Lola recognizing her as Rebellio's escort from before. With no other options, she transforms and reveals her true self as the nation's beloved virtual idol. She then fights to defend the communication logs the two were searching for in a battle of the idols, where she is killed, claiming the show is over upon her death.

Sumeragi Secret Bunker 3 - Apparition

As Copen makes his way through Sumeragi's underground bunker, Demerzel creates holograms of the various Falcons he's fought and killed to stop him. One such hologram is Isola, appearing before iX only to be swiftly slain.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal Stage of the Lifewave and chosen as a Falcon specifically for her powerful abilities, Isola wields the Companion Septima. This Septima allows Isola to manipulate energy into physical constructs. Isola commonly uses this to create EXSIA bits and duplicates of herself. Isola can command her constructs to do whatever she pleases. She also seems to be capable of shooting rainbow laser beams, although this may just be a weapon built into her armor.

In her "Normal Mode" Isola can use her armored skirt as a spinning blade against Copen by pirouetting towards him. Her "Arena Mode" detaches and transforms her armored skirt into a hovering stage she can ride on for attacking or evading.

Isola is very physically fit even without transforming thanks to her intense self-imposed idol training regimen, being strong enough to easily carry around 60 kg (132.3 pound) bags of rice. She also possesses at least one unusual skillset due to her efforts to bond with fans: Being an expert rice farmer and knowing how to operate a combine harvester.

*Note: While Rising Cyclone can deal additional damage to Isola, its main utility is to blow away her EXSIA and reduce the coverage of her attacks. This does not apply to Isola's EX variant.


Skill Description
Meet and Greet.jpg
Meet and Greet
Handshake Time
Isola's EXSIA line up for a chance to shake hands with their favorite idol. Watch out for falling bits!
Isola stops using this attack once her first gauge is down.
Huddle Strike.jpg
Huddle Strike
Huddle-up Strike
Isola fires four EXSIA bits towards Copen for a long range attack. She then collects the bits and fires them all simultaneously. If any of her bits are destroyed by Copen's Rising Cyclone or are simply fired off the screen due to Copen's position when Isola first fires them, she will regenerate any missing bits before firing them off for her second volley.
Isola stops using this attack once her first gauge is down.
Wicked Dive.jpg
Wicked Dive
Carnage Dive
Using her Arena Mode's mobility, Isola rides around the length of the area back and forth in a striking attack. Be careful not to collide with the EXSIA bits trailing behind her.

The EX Boss will move faster with this move.

Flash Mob.jpg
Flash Mob
Isola appears in the upper area of the room alongside her decoys. She then aims her EXSIA bits to the ground and fires them, instantly creating large pillars of light (to much fanfare). The pattern goes;
  1. 6 medium-height pillars on both ends of the screen
  2. 3 tall pillars that touch the top of the screen in the center

The EX Boss will finish this move with tall pillars across the whole floor.

Frenzied Cheer.jpg
Frenzied Cheer
Frenzy Call
While Isola dances on centre stage, her EXSIA bits create pillars of light across the ground to great fanfare. The pattern goes;
  1. Spawns EXSIA along the top of the screen, denying escape via flying above
  2. Blasts the half of the screen you're standing on with pillars
  3. Blasts the other half of the screen with pillars
  4. Detonates the aerial EXSIA as pillars of light close in from both ends of the arena
  5. 1 tall pillar and 2 small ones burst from the center

The EX Boss increases the duration of the aerial EXSIA's explosion. Also adds a 6th attack that covers the floor in pillars, 4 small pillars close to the center and 2 large pillars near the ends of the screen.

Wonderful Rush.jpg
Wonderful Rush
ラストナンバー ; ファナティクス
Last Number ; Fanatics
Isola's Special Skill. She and her decoys create a curtain of powerful, rainbow-colored laser beams. Find a safe spot between the lasers and wait for a chance to attack.

The EX Boss version will perform this skill once again after the first loop as an additional "Encore" section.

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Transformation Contract!
Live: start!
Raibu sutaato!
Dancing Let’s gooo! Iku yoo! 行くよー!
Meet and Greet My fans!
Please support me!
Fan no minnaa!
Ouen yoroshikuu!
Huddle Strike Yaahh! Come back!
Yah! Taahh!
Yaaa! Modottee!
Yaa! Taaa!
Wicked Dive Here I am! Let’s go!
It’s still going on!
There! Please!
Toujou! Rettsu gou!
Mada madaa!
Eeii! Onegai!
Flash Mob Are you dancing?
Do it! Thank you!
Kimechae! Sankyuu!
Frenzied Cheer Let’s go up! My fans!
Thanks a lot! Do it!

(SP) Once more!
Agete iku yoo! Minnaa!
Arigatouu! Kimee!

(SP) Mou ikkai!
上げていくよー! 皆ーっ!
(SP) もう一回!
Wonderful Rush This is for my fans!
Wonderful Rush!
2nd Floor Seats! Sparkle!
It’s still going on!
You’re so great, my fans!

(SP) Let’s go! Encore!
Minna ni todoke!
Rasuto nanbaa fanatikkusu! Nikaiseki! Kirarin!
Mada iku yoo!
Minna saikouu!

(SP) Iku yo! Ankooru!
(SP) 行くよ! アンコール!
Unused No way! Sonnaa! そんなっ!
1st Phase Down I can still go on!
Makeover time!
Made ikeru wa!
2nd Phase Down I can hear…
My fans’ voices!
Minna no koe!
Defeated Live… over… Raibu… shuuryou… ライブ…終了…

Special Skill Chants

Wonderful Rush:

The roar of the crowd gives me
Life as I strut down the runway
To deliver your ticket to Hell

LAST NUMBER ; FANATICSラストナンバー ; ファナティックス
(The chant is the same as the English version)

모두의 성원 이 몸에 받아
나아가자, 아득한 런웨이.
그대에게 천국행 티켓을 선물할게요.
Let us march on the distant runway
with everyone’s cheer giving me life.
It’s time to deliver your ticket to Heaven!


  • The Falcons are inspired by the Christian hierarchy of angels (known as Orders or Choirs), with their design based off the astrological signs of the western zodiac. Isola is inspired by the sixth Choir, "Powers/Authorities" and is based off the sixth Zodiac, "Virgo".[3] Due to the personal shift between herself when she is and is not transformed, it is also possible for her Zodiac to be “Gemini”.
  • The name of her energy bits, EXSIA, may be derived from the Greek word "Exousia" (ἐξουσία), which means power/authority, matching her angel choir.
  • The names of the Falcons are all derived from various films. "Isola" is taken from Isola: Persona 13,a 2000 science fiction horror film.
  • Isola's "Arena Mode" seems to be a reference to the flying platforms used by the idols from the anime AKB0048, based on the idol group of the same name.
  • Isola's Special Skill shares its English name, "Wonderful Rush", with a song from the multimedia music project Love Live!, sung by the idol group "µ's", pronounced "Muse".
  • Isola is the second boss to shift between multiple forms within the same fight, the first boss being Gibril.