Isola: Full Power Idol (イソラ 全力アイドルロード Isola Full Power Idol Road) is one of two Drama CDs released for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. This CD depicts some days in Isola's idol career before she was hired by the Sumeragi Institute for the Promotion of Human Evolution.


  1. The Girl Who's Always at Full Power - いつでも全力少女
  2. Now on Sale! ~The Connect~ - 即売会~ザ・コネクト~
  3. Let's Do This Hero Show! - hero show! やっていこう!
  4. A Real Line of Agricultural Idols - agri~実在系農業アイドル~
  5. Typhoon of Sorrow - 悲しみのタイフーン
  6. I Can't Afford to Lose - マケラレナイ
  7. On-Stage Miracle - キセキオンステージ
  8. All-Out Cheer Full Throttle
  9. All-Out Cheer Full Throttle (Karaoke)
  10. Luminous Promise (Karaoke)
  11. Chronicle of Our Lives (Karaoke)
  12. Original Chord (Karaoke)
  13. Kindled Spirits (Karaoke)
  14. Resonating Hearts (Karaoke)
  15. Countdown: 3-2-1-0 (Karaoke)
  16. Inner Alarm (Karaoke)


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