The waste-processing plant is being used to make weapons.

Lola: This place is real run down. We sure they build junk here?

Copen: We'll find out soon enough.

Lola: The scrap machines are operational!

Nori: That stringy Septima powers the factory and its machinery.

Lola: Such a hostile workplace! My poor fellow machines...

Nori: These conveyors move scrap around the plant. Watch out.


Copen: Looks like we've got Eden agents here after all.

Lola: Nice of them to come all this way! ...Jerks.

A mountain of scrap piled high into the sky...

Lola: Enough to make a robot puke! Er, if we could.

Copen: Easy, Lola. I'll keep you safe.

Lola: Aw, thanks, boss!


Lola: What are those things down there?

Nori: Those are grinders for pulverizing scrap.

Lola: Adding "grinder" to dictionary... Ding! Lola gained +1 Wisdom!

Copen: Let's try focusing on the mission, Lola.


Nori: This plant was supposed to be shut down due to age. They must be using Septima to keep it operational.

Copen: (Now anything salvageable is forced to serve that Septima. It's almost lazy in a way.) As a developer, I abhor such attitudes.


Copen: You think haunted piles of scrap will stop us?

Lola: Er, try not to fall into the grinder, okay?

Nori: Destroy that siren to end the fight quickly.


Lola: A hexapyle? Blech! Let's blow it up good.


Lola: Septima detected ahead, boss. We're getting close.

Asroc: So, the intruder arrives.

Copen: You're brave to face me, Adept. I'll give you that.

Asroc: Bold words... for a primitive. But watch me cook up the power of a new human evolution!

Copen: A new evolution? Bah! What good is evolution if it lacks morality?

Asroc: Primitives cower behind piety and refuse to see the truth...

< Asroc weaponizes >

Asroc: Now gain wisdom by the fire of the Galette Krone!

< S T R I K E >

Copen: I've seen that robot before. You kidnapped Mytyl! You'll pay for that with your head.

Asroc: And yet your head is full of cream and pudding. I'll show you how we handle primitives in the kitchen! You're just another bit of my bloody mise en place... Now be quiet and wait your turn at the buffet line!

Copen: You call yourself a chef? Ha! You're nothing but a two-bit line cook.

Lola: You know, boss? I've been thinking... you and this chef guy aren't that different after all.

Copen: We are *so* different!

Asroc: You and your simple servant displease me greatly, primitive. Perhaps time in the broiler will soften you up!

Copen: I can stand the heat, Adept... but it's time I shut this kitchen down!


Asroc: I... underestimated you... the Galette Krone isn't bringing you to boil fast enough. I need more heat!

Copen: Wait! I better find him, quick.


Copen: He went this way.


Copen: Enough, Adept. There's nowhere left to run.

Asroc: But didn't you hear, primitive? There's still another course!

< Gran Torta >

Copen: What the hell?!

Asroc: Behold my culinary masterpiece, the Gran Torta! It's my own recipe! A dash of scrap... a pinch of death... needed a bit more time in the oven, but so be it. And now I'll give you the very first bite!

< S T R I K E >

Asroc: This steel fist will crush you like a cracker!

Nori: I had no idea they'd dreamed up such an enormous weapon.

Copen: Who can know what these inhuman freaks are planning? (Can this even be called weapons development?) No craft or artistry... relying on cheap tricks... he thinks the key is to make it bigger and more violent! It's the self-absorbed delusions of an infant.

Lola: Geez, boss. Don't sugarcoat it or anything. Are you still sore because I said you two were alike?

Nori: Leave Copen alone, Lola. He's at a delicate age.

Copen: Machine development is my specialty. This thing is sacrilege. An affront to science's glory. And sacrilege must be punished!

Asroc: So like a primitive to refuse to accept a superior talent! Time to drop you into the fryer, little primitive.


Lola: Hey, a mirror shard! Neato.

Copen: At least he picked a fancy coffin... Mission complete, Nori. We're coming home.

Nori: I'll have a bath ready.

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei]

Gunvolt 2 Asroc Stage




Deeta jou wa teishi shiteiru hazu no haiki shori shisetsu ni Eden kouseiin no deiri wo kakunin shimashita

I’ve confirmed that Eden members are coming in and out of a waste disposal facility that, according to the data, should be out of service 

どうやら, 機械類などの物質を運び込んでいる様子... 施設の稼動も確認しています

Douyara, kikairui nado no busshitsu wo hakondeiru yousu… Shisetsu no kadou mo kakunin shiteimasu 

They seem to be bringing machinery and materials… I’ve confirmed that the facility is working as well 

これは判明した搬入物質の内容や, 類推した搬入量からの推測ですが,

Kore wa hanmei shita hannyuu busshitsu no naiyou ya, ruisuishita hanyuuryou kara no suisoku desuga

This is a guess made from the known contents of the materials carried there and their amount yet…

連中は施設内のジャックと搬入物質を組み合わせ, 兵器類を開発しているものかと

Renchuu wa shisetsunai no jakku to hannyuu busshitsu wo kumiawase, heikirui wo kaihatsu shiteiru mono kato

They are probably developing some kind of weapon using the hijacked facility and the materials they’re bringing in 


ゴミから兵器だと? フィクションではないんだぞ?

Gomi kara heiki dato? Fikushon de wa nain dazo?

A weapon made from garbage? This isn’t fiction, you know? 



Sore wo dou ni ka shiteshimasu no ga dai nana hadou (sebunsu) to iu mono desu

But the 7th Wave (Sevens) can make that possible, sir 


埒外のバケモンが...どのような玩具をつくろうとも無駄だ. すべてオレが破砕してくれる

Raichigai no bakemono ga… dono youna gangu wo tsukurou tomo muda da. Subete ore ga hasai shitekureru

Those monsters outside of the scope… Build all the tools you want in vain: I’ll fracture them all



Ningyou (papettaa)

Puppets (Puppeteer) 



Hairi no chikara (bakemono) ni ayatsurareshi tetsu no shikabane

Steel corpses controlled by a paradoxical (monstrous) power…


Sore wa jinrui no eichi ni tai suru boutoku

That power is a blasphemy that opposes humanity’s wisdom… 


Kagaku no chikara (jinrui) ni yori danzai sareru beshi

This must be punished by the power of science (humanity)…



Yume no shima

Dream Island




停止したはずの廃棄処理施設--ここで連中は, 何らかの兵気を製造しているらしい

Teshi shita hazu no haiki shori shisetsu – koko de renchuu wa, nanraka no heki wo seizou shiteiru rashii

A waste disposal facility that should be offline – they’re apparently building some kind of weapon here.



Mita kanji suggoku sutereteru kedo hontou ni konna tokorde?

All stuff here looks really OLD… Are you sure they’re here? 



Sugu ni wakaru koto da

…We’ll soon figure it out

(Robots activate)



Hai meka ga ugoita!

The scrap robots started up!


施設もメカも, その糸のような第七波動(セブンス)で強引に稼動させているものと思われます

Shisetsu mo meka mo, sono ito no youna dai nana hadou (sebunsu) de gouin ni kadou saseteiru momo to omowaremasu 

I think that the enemy’s making the facility and the robots work by force using those string-like 7th Wave (Sevens).


ブラックだなあ. 同じ機械(メカ)として同情しちゃうよ

Burakku da naa. Onaji kikai (meka) toshite doujou shichau yo

Black humor, sure. I feel sympathy for them as a fellow machine (robot).

(Belt conveyor)


廃棄物を運搬するコンベアです. 足元にお気をつけください

Hakibutsu wo unpan suru konbea desu. Ashimoto ni oki wo tsuke kudasai.

This is a belt conveyor that transports waste. Be careful of where you step on, sir. 

(Eden soldier)


エデンの構成員, やはり居たか

Eden no kouseiin, yahari itaka

An Eden member: they ARE here indeed


こんなところまでご苦労サマだよ. マッタク

Konna tokoro made gokurousama dayo. Mattaku

Sheesh. They’re everywhere we go to! 




Uzutakaku tsumiagerareta sukurappu no yama…

I can see a pretty tall pillar of piled up scrap…


ぼくたちロボットには, そら恐ろしい光景だね

Boku tachi robotto ni wa, sora osoroshii koukei da ne

It’s a pretty frightening vision for us robots…



Fun… Ore no inochi wa aru kagiri wa, naoshitsuzukete yarou

Hmpf… I’ll keep on repairing you as long as I’m alive.



Akyura kun…

Acura – kun… 

(Fracturing machine)



Shita de ugoiteiru are wa?

What are those things moving down there?



Hasaiki… Haikibutsu wo komakaku kudaku tame no kikai de shou

A fracturing machine… A machine to break down the waste into small pieces


[破砕機] を辞書に登録...

“Hasaiki” wo jisho ni touroku

I recorded “fracturing machine” in my dictionary

ピロリン! ぼくの賢さが1上がった!

Pirorin! Boku no kashikosa ga ichi gatta!

Ping! My cleverness increased by 1 point!



Nanda sore wa…?

What was that…?

(Facility explanation)


本来, この施設は老朽化を理由に破棄されていたもの…

Honrai, kono shisetsu wa roukyuuka wo riyuu ni hakisareteita mono…

This facility was originally abandoned because it got old…

恐らく, 第七波動(セブンス)で稼動と建物の補強を同時に行っているでしょう

Osoraku, dai nana hadou (sebunsu) de kadou to tatemono no hokyou wo douji ni okonatteiru de shou

The enemy must be using the 7th Wave (Sevens) to activate and reinforce simultaneously



Mentenansu sureba ugoki sou na souchi mo ano ito (sebunsu) ni yotte torawateiru

Devices that look as if they could work by doing maintenance on them are trapped in those strings (the Sevens)

忌むべき力に頼り, しかるべき処置(メンテナンス)も怠るとは...

Imubeki chikara ni tayori, shikareubeki shochi (mentenansu) mo okotaru to wa…

They’re neglecting proper treatment (maintenance) and rely on a power that should be feared… 


Ichi kaihatsu sha toshite ki ni kuwanna

…It’s annoying me because I’m also a tech developer

(Siren room)


...足止めのつもりか. すべて塵芥としてくれる

…Ashidome no tsumori ka. Subete chiriakuta toshite kureru

…They intend to keep me busy, huh. I’ll turn all of these into refuse.



Hasaiki no ue ni ochinai you ni ne

Be careful of not falling atop the fracturing machine


各個撃破が面倒なら, 天井のサイレンを破壊するのも手です

Kakko gekiha ga mendou nara, tenjou no sairen wo hakai suru no mo te desu

If you don’t want to destroy them all then you can destroy the ceiling’s siren, sir

(Gate Monolith)


ゲートモノリスだ! パパーンとブッ壊しちゃおう!

Geeto monorisu da! Papaan to bukkowashichaou!

A Gate Monolith! Let’s go ahead and smash it up!

Vs Asroc (1): 

(Retry Marker)


前方に第七波動(セブンス)を検出. 近いぞ, アキュラくん

Zenpou ni dai nana hadou (sebunsu) wo kenshutsu. Chikaizo, Akyura kun

I detect a 7th Wave (Sevens) up ahead. It’s close by, Acura – kun.

(Asroc appears) 



Kisama wa shinnyuusha ka…

So you’re the intruder…


自ら裁かれにくる... その度胸はほめてやろう. 能力者よ

Mizukara sabakare ni kuru… Sono doukyou wa homete yarou. Nouryokusha yo.

So you came out to be judged, huh… I’ll praise your guts. Psychic.


ずいぶんと大きな態度だ... 旧人類(オールドマン)

Zuibun to ookina taido da… Kyuujinrai (oorudoman)

You’re also being pretty arrogant… Old human (old man)


Kisama ni wa aratana jinrui no chikara wo sono mi ni yakikomu hitsuyou ga aru you da

You need someone to engrave the new humans’ power into your flesh…



Aratana jinrui dato?

New humans? 


Kisama nouryokusha wa kami no samadeshi setsuri ni somuku haitokusha… Umarenagara no gaijuu da

You Psychics are immoralists who disobey the providence that God sets forth… You’re born as wild beasts


フン... 伝統(れきし)と数に守られ, 新たな時代を認めない旧人類(オールドマン)が...

Fun… Dentou (rekishi) to kazu ni mamorare, aratana jidai wo mitomenai kyuujinrui (oorudoman) ga…

Hmpf… A mere old human (old man) protected by tradition (history) and numbers that won’t admit that a new age’s come… 

(Asroc transforms: Galette Krone appears)


Kono Asurokku no aiki “Garetokuroone” no honoo ni yakareteiro

Asroc’s favorite robot, “Galette Krone”, will burn you up with its flames…

(Begin Asroc battle)


そのロボット... 見覚えがある. ミチルを攫ったのは貴様だったか!

Sono robotto… Mioboe ga aru. Michiru wo saratta no wa kisama datta ka!

That robot… I’ve seen it before. You’re the one that kidnapped Mytyl!

看過出来ないその罪過, この手で断罪する!

Kanka dekinai sono zaika, kono te de danzai suru!

I can’t overlook that offense: I’ll punish you myself!


わめくな... 貴様の頭は, 砂肝漬け(コンポート)されたプディングか...?

Wamekuna… Kisama no atama wa, sunagimotzuke (konpooto) sareta padingu ka…?

Don’t rant… Is your head a gizzard-pickled (compote) pudding…?

旧人類(オールドマン)... 立場を教えてやろう...

Kyuujinrui (oorudo man)… Tachiba wo oshiete yarou…

Old human (old man)… I’ll tell you your situation…


Kisama wa Garetokuroone no kamado no naka de kansei wo matsu yaki kashi (finanshe)… 

You’re a baked candy (financier) that awaits completion within Galette Krone’s furnace…

焼きあがりまで, 静かにしていろ

Yakiagari made, shizuka ni shiteiro

Shut up until baking is over



Haibutsu ni mamireta te de kashi shokunin wo kidoruka

Your hands are stained in garbage and you claim to be a candy maker


Sono gojiman no garakuta – kisama no bohyou toshite yarou

I’ll turn your so-precious junk into your headstone



Sakki kara zutto omottetan dakedo sa

I’ve been thinking ‘bout this for a while but…

ぶっちゃけ, 二人ともキャラ被ってない?

Buchake, futari tomo kyara kabuttenai?

To put things bluntly… Aren’t you overlapping each other?



Mattaku chigau!

I’m not! 


不愉快... 旧人類(オールドマン). そして, そのシモベ

Fuyuukai… Kyuujinrui (oorudoman). Soshite, sono shimobe

You’re not amusing… Old human (old man). Neither is your servant. 

ともども混ぜ込み(フレゼし)... 最大火力で焼き上げる...!

Tomodome mazekomo (furezeshi)… Saidai karyoku de yakiageru…!

I’ll mix (braise) both of you… And burn you up with my greatest firepower…!



Karyoku dato…?



Sono zaika… Ore ga toumetsu suru!

I’ll wipe out… your sinful fires! 

Special Skill:


Ito ga tsugishi kijin no enbu

Machines spun by wires dance 


Karamite ayatsuru wa shi no unmei

Wired hands control them: their fate is to die


Kono senjou koso waga chuubou

This battlefield is my cuisine 

BEAT UP ENTREMETS (ビートアップアントルメ)


Transform: フン!



Furnace Of Inferno:  余熱は十分… 焼き上げろ!

Yonetsu wa juubun… yakiagero!

Enough residual heat… Burn him up!

Roulé Schneeball: 行くぞ! すり潰せ! 伸びろ!

Ikuzo! Suri tsubuse! Nobiro!

Let’s go! Grind him! Extend! 

Eruption Aix Razor:  砕き割れ!

Kudaki ware!

Smash and crack him! 

Šakotis Chakram: 始めよう… はっ! せいっ! まだだ! はぁあっ!

Hajimeyou… Haa! Seii! Mada da! Haaaa!

Let’s begin… Hah! It isn’t over yet! Ha~h!

Beans Vulcan:  受けろ!そこだ、粉と散れ!

Ukero! Soko da, kona to chire!

Take this! There: become powder and dispel! 

Beat Up Entremets:  時間だ…ビートアップアントルメ!

Jikan da… Biito appu entorume!

Time’s up… Beat Up Entremets!


Saishuu koudo ni hairu…

Let’s begin the finishing stage…

アン! ドゥ! トロワ! キャトル!

An! Du! Toowa! Kyatoru!

Un! Deux! Troi! Quatre!



Run and try to escape… 

サンク! 仕上げだ! 元に戻れ!

Sanku! Shiage da! Moto ni modore!

Cinq! Let’s finish! Return to normal!

Recalling Galette Krone:  戻れ!


Return here!

Galette Krone stops:  チィッ! ふんっ! 甦れ… 来いっ!

Chii! Funn! Yomigaere… Koii!

Sheesh! Hmpf! Revive… Come here!


1st gauge: 図に乗るな

Zu ni noru na

Don’t get cocky!

2nd gauge: オレの火力で

Ore no karyoku de

My firepower will…!

Asroc defeated (1):


ク... 悔りすぎたか...

Ku… Anadori sugita ka…

Sh… Took you too lightly…


Kisama wo yakiageru ni wa gareto kuroone dake de wa fusoku no youda

Galette Krone isn’t enough to burn you up, huh?

...奥の手, 使わせてもらう

… Oku no te, tsukawasete morau

I’ll use the ace-in-the-hole





ヤツめ, 何をする気だ?

Yatsu me, nani wo suru ki da?

That guy… What’s he up to?

(Enter building)



Yatsu ga nikonda no ha koko ka 

The guy ran into this area, huh…

Vs Asroc (2):

(Encounter Galette Krone)


逃げ場はない... 観念しろ

Nigeba wa nai… Kannen shiro

You’ve got nowhere to run to… Give it up



Sore wa kisama da

YOU give it up

(Gran Torta appears)



Kore wa…!

What’s this…!?




Gran Torta… 

スクラップを束ね, 継い合わせたガレトクローネの強化外装

Sukurappu wo tabane, tsuiawaseta garetokuroone no kyouka gaisou

I made it by bundling, patching and combining scrap: it’s extra equipment to power Galette Krone up…


Mou sukoshi nekashite okitattaga shikata arumai

I wanted to keep it napping a bit more but it can’t be helped…


Kisama wo aite ni tamesasete moraou

I’ll try it out into you

(Begin Gran Torta battle)


旧人類(オールドマン)... この鋼鉄の拳で薄く潰れろ... ラングドシャの如く

Kyuu jinrui (oorudo man)… Kono kotetsu no kobushi usu tsuburero… Rangudosha no gotoku

Old human (old man)… Be thinly crushed by these steel fists… Just like a “langue de chat”


まさかここまで巨大な兵器を開発していたとは, 想定外でした

Masaka koko made kyodai na heiki wo kaihsatsu shiteita to wa, souteigai deshita

I didn’t expect them to have developed such a gigantic weapon… 


人外の考えることだ, 仕方あるまい

Jingai no kangaeru koto da, shikata arumai

Only freaks would think of this: it can’t be helped

...それに, こんなものが兵器開発なものか

… Sore ni, konna mono ga heiki kaihatsu na mono ka

… And, anyway, can this be called “weapon development”?

埒外の力に依存し, 思考も研鑽もせず, 

Rachigai no chikara izoshi, shikou mo kensan mo sezu

Depending on a freakish power, not thinking and not studying… 


Kyotai ni makasete abarereba attou dekiru to omotteiru

The guy’s thinking that letting a giant wild run will defeat me 

子どもじみた自己満足を満たす, 虚しい傀儡(デク)だ

Kodomojimita jiko manzoku wo mitasu, munashii kugutsu (deku) da

It’s a hollow puppet to fulfill a childish self-satisfaction… 


いつもに増して, 辛さ言うなあ

Itsumo ni mashite, tsurasa iu naa

You’re being harsher than the usual…

もしかして, 似ているって言ったの気にしてたり?

Moshikashite, niteiru tte itta no ki ni shitetari?

Are you annoyed because I said you two looked alike?


ロロ あまりアキュラさまを刺激しないように繊細なお年頃なのです

RoRo, amari Akyura sama wo shigeki shinai you ni… Seisan na otoshigoro na no desu

RoRo: do not provoke Acura – sama too much… He’s at a delicate age 


...違う, 機械開発はオレの領分でもある

… Chigau, kikai kaihatsu wa ore no ryobun de mo aru

… That’s not it. I also develop machines as well

これは, 人間の... 叡智ある科学者へとの冒とくだ

Kore wa, ningen no… Eichi aru kagakusha he no boutoku da

This is an insult to… humans, and scientists with wisdom 

ゆえに, オレはその冒とくを破壊する!

Yue ni, ore was ono boutoku wo hakai suru!

And so I will destroy this insult!


優れた才能から目をそむけるその愚かさ... やはり旧人類(オールドマン)か

Sugureta sainou kara me wo somukeru sono orokasa… Yahari kyuu jinrui (oorudo man) ka

Averting the eyes from a gifted talent… You are indeed an old human (old man)

見るに耐えん... 今すぐに焼かれ, 潰え果てろ!

Miru ni taen… Ima sugu ni yakare, tsuie hatero!

I can’t stand your sight… Burn up and be gone already! 


Thin beam: 焼き尽くす……

Yaki tsukusu…

I’ll burn you up…

Fireballs:  燃えろ!



Hit the floor, meteor rain: 砕け散れ… 逃さん!

Kudake chire.. Nigasan!

Break and dispel… You can’t escape!

Fat beam:  最大火力だ… 黒炭となれ!

Saidai karyoku da… Kokutan to nare!

Max firepower… Become black coal!

Destroy 1 arm:  小癪な…!


How impudent…!

Destroy 2 arms:  馬鹿なッ!?



Defeated:  熱い…!オレが…焼かれる……!

Atsui…! Ore ga… yakareru…!

It’s HOT…! I’m… burning…! 

Asroc defeated (2):


ミラーピース! ...とういうことは

Miraa piisu! … Tou iu kotow a

A “Mirror Piece”! … Which means that…


この傀儡(デク)の中で果てたか... ヤツには過ぎた棺桶だ

Kono kugutsu (deku) no naka de hateta ka… yatsu ni wa sugita kanoke da

The guy died inside of this puppet… Too big of a coffin, even… 

ノワ, 作戦終了だ. 今から戻る

Nowa, sakusen shuuryou da. Ima kara modoru

Nowa, I finished the mission. I’m going back


はい, 湯殿の用意してお待ちしております

Hai, yudono no youi shite omachi shite orimasu

Yes, sir. I will ready the bath and wait for you, sir

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