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"A ghost from the past catches Joule off guard. Gunvolt speeds to the rescue like a bolt of azure justice..." - Flavor Text


Urban Run is the 8th mission of Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Hostage". Merak, somehow resurrected, has broken into Gunvolt's home and kidnapped Joule. He must rush off to where Merak has taken her for a rescue.

Stage Composition

This stage has no enemies, medals, or jewels. It is a relatively straightforward rush, only marred by the occasional debris you must traverse as Merak potshots you with lasers offscreen.

When you make it to the end, GV has a brief conversation with Merak before the latter disappears with Joule, leaving a Red Mantis behind as a "present". After defeating it, GV has a talk with Nova, the supreme leader of Sumeragi's troops.

After a brief moment, GV heads back to QUILL for some assistance on how to get Joule back.