Himeshiro is a character in Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories. She is an Adept from the same school as Miu.

In the history, Miu always says that Himeshiro keeps the entire town safe from vandals and criminals, which earned her the name "The Guardian Angel" ("Protector Goddess" in the japanese version). She is currently hunting Raptor.


Himeshiro is a charming and kind-hearted girl who mostly helps people. She first appeared helping Miu defeat an Fire Adept wearing a bandana (with the same Septima as Viper, yet it's not Viper himself). She is not fond with her nickname and has many fans in her school including Miu.


Himeshiro's Septima is very rare and powerful. She can disappear and reappear in places at an incredibly high speed and can move objects using that power.

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