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Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2, known in Japan as White Steel of X 2 (「白き鋼鉄のX(イクス)2」), is a game being developed by Inti Creates for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Steam, set to be released worldwide on January 27th, 2022.

The second game in the "Gunvolt Chronicles" series and a direct sequel to Luminous Avenger iX, Luminous Avenger iX 2 once again features Copen as the main protagonist, who returns with new gameplay features.


Similar to its predecessor, Luminous Avenger iX 2 stars Copen as its main player character. However, unlike that game, which simply imported the gameplay of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 with minor adjustments, LAiX2 radically overhauls and evolves Copen's gameplay system.

Copen now has the ability to switch between two different modes: "Break-Shift" and "Bullit-Shift". Break-Shift sees Copen incorporate true melee combat for the first time in the series, making use of a large buzz-saw - the Razor Wheel - to attack foes whilst grounded, though it can be used in the air. In addition to its offense capabilities, the Razor Wheel can also be used to destroy terrain blocking the path forwards. Bullit-Shift on the other hand, is closer to Copen's traditional gameplay style - using his boosters to fly from enemy to enemy, tagging them and unleashing a flurry of homing shots, though it does have some apparent changes. One such change is the apparent addition of a time-based mechanic rather than the prior "three-bullits" system, though the specifics of this are unclear.

Lola also returns to support Copen in battle, her main function being the production of EX Weapons, granting Copen the power to use the abilities of the bosses he defeats. Once the player accumulates over 1000 kudos, Lola appears and triggers "Overdrive", which, in addition to overriding the stage music and playing a unique vocal song, allows Copen to remain in Bullit-Shift mode for longer. She also has a chance of triggering "Anthem" once Copen dies, reviving him and buffing his abilities, which also features the return of her "Awakened Mode". New to LAiX2 is Lola's "Healing Mode", allowing Copen to heal himself with no apparent limit, though the ability banks in Kudos upon use.

Copen also has a new offensive special skill, Colossal Maelstrom, though its effects are unknown. It does however, feature a far more elaborate presentation than his previous skills, featuring its own animated title card, as do all the boss special skills, reflecting the evolution in visuals and style compared to iX's already flashy design.


Boss Stage

Volcanic Block - Dacite


LAIX2 World.png

The activities of Copen "The Luminous Avenger iX" have brought a moment of peace to the world. In this peaceful world, he devotes himself to his hobby of research. Following his battles, a mysterious rifle-shaped information terminal known as the Blaster Rifle ended up in his possession. As Copen proceeded with research and restoration of it, a wormhole suddenly appeared and dragged him and the others into it.

An unmodified Worker

The next place Copen awoke was a dystopian desert world populated solely by mechanical lifeforms known as "Workers." In order to find a way home, Copen takes Lola, Kohaku, and a Worker girl named Null, and begins to climb up the Grave Pillar, a tower that is said to contain all kinds of knowledge.[2]

The Workers were originally created by humanity for environmental restoration, and by default are friendly to humans. All of them possess a standard base form.

Main Characters

Character Image
Copen - The main protagonist and the titular Luminous Avenger iX. Having saved his world from Sumeragi, an experiment gone wrong sends him and his allies to a strange, new universe with few friends in sight. CopeniX2Profile.png
Lola - An energetic combat support robot created by Copen to aid him in battle, capable of copying an Adept's Septima and using it for Copen's benefit, and transforming into an idol to bring him to life through song. LolaiX2Profile.png
Kohaku - A young girl who befriended Copen and Lola during their battle against Sumeragi. A Mino with no Septima or combat ability, she nonetheless supports Copen with her skills as a mechanic. KohakuiX2Profile.png
Null - A robot native to the parallel universe Copen and his friends have found himself in and its only friendly face. NulliX2Profile.png
Dacite - The stoic mercenary Worker who protects the Volcano Block.

Boss Characters

LAiX2 bosses.png

Seven bosses are also confirmed to appear, although not very much is known about them at this time. Excluding the shield wielder, they are all special Workers, known as Gravekeepers, tasked with defending the Grave Pillar.

Gravekeepers erupt into cyber-looking crystal-like structures upon destruction, which are cast off to reveal a baseline Worker form as they explode.


Armageddon Ray.png

Purple Lizard.png

Dacite (デイサイト)[3] (Official romanization and English name unknown) is a Gravekeeper who wields fire, daggers, grenades, uses some martial arts, and has a lizard-like tail. His special move is Armageddon Ray in the global version and Megido Gazerメギドゲイザー in the Japanese version. Its chant is "Flames that burn inside me / Quietly rage like a smoldering / Inferno as I incinerate all creation".

He is voiced by Shunsuke Todo.


Stinger Torrent.png

Yellow Bee.png

Vespa (ヴェスパ) is a female Gravekeeper with a hornet motif with helicopter wings. Her special move is Stinger Torrent in the global version and Pluie Au Créspuscule黄昏時のプリュイ (French for "Rain At Dusk", with the Kanji meaning "Twilight") in the Japanese version. Its chant is "The fair maiden looks to the sky / Embraced by the noble storm / A cloudburst of missiles rain down". The EX Weapon Whirling Chopper is granted by defeating her.

"Jet Hawk"

A pistol(?) wielding, winged Gravekeeper with avian elements. He is also the brother of Vespa.

"Army Boy"

A Gravekeeper with an appearance similar to a tank driver, albeit in a more mechanical style, who appears to be connected to a very large and heavily armed tank. He wields a combat knife and is the shortest of the group.

"Ice Queen"

A female Gravekeeper with a crown, veil cape, figure skates, and very pale skin. She wields ice, and as the EX Weapon Cryo-Flash is presumed to come from her, also possesses the ability to slow down time.

"Blade Ninja"

A Gravekeeper whose appearance resembles modern ninjas, with blades attached to his arms.

"Shield Wielder"

A mysterious black armored figure with an uncanny resemblance to Copen. They wield a damaged and modified shield highly reminiscent of Copen's EX Gear from Azure Striker Gunvolt, which was destroyed by Asimov during their encounter on Firmament.


Similar to its predecessor, Luminous Avenger iX 2 was developed in order to keep fans satisfied during the prolonged development of Azure Striker Gunvolt 3.[1] As per tradition, the game was revealed at BitSummit 2021 with an extensive trailer, confirming it would release on the 27th of January, 2022. A self-published physical version for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch was confirmed the same day for Asian markets, and Inti reassured Western fans that they were in discussions to publish the game physically in Europe and North America as well.[4]


On September 15, Inti Creates showcased a gallery of the main and supporting characters of the game on their first livestream for Luminous Avenger iX 2. Copen was shown first, in his new looks. Lola and Kohaku, both have change little about their appearance. Null was the last to be shown last, showing her full appearance for the first time. They revealed that on September 29, they will reveal the name of Dacite, along with his VA, Shunsuke Todo.

On September 16, Inti Creates released a menagerie of information regarding Luminous Avenger iX 2. This included: information on the story and setting of the game. A image featuring the silhouette of the main bosses. And lastly the characters profile and images of Copen, Lola, Kohaku, and Null. On September 22, almost a week since they released the information of the game, they released some new information of the game. This included: The Command Prompt and the making of it videos. Gameplay information of Copen's Razor Wheel, his Recoil Dash, his Hyper Guard, and the revamped Bullit Dash system and his Homing shot ability. And lastly, new EX Weapons Copen will acquire after defeating two bosses, Whirling Chopper, which you will gain after beating Vespa,and Cryo-Flash.

On September 29 and 30 respectively, they revealed information on the first boss of the game, Dacite, as well as the stages he is in, Volcano Block. They showcased a variety of his move set as well as his special skill, Armageddon Ray, as well as the ex weapon Copen will gain from defeating him, Doomsday Charge. They finally revealed the name of the second boss, Vespa as well as the release date for her information, October 13 and 14.


In October 13 and 14 respectively, they released information on the second boss of the game, Vespa, as well as the stage she is in, Jungle Block. They have showcased a variety of her move set as well as her special skill, Stinger Torrent, as well as the EX weapon Copen will gained from defeating her, Whirling Chopper.

Limited Edition Box

Product 01 03.jpg

Available in Japan will be a collector's edition featuring the following items:

  • Complete Strategy Guide
  • Muse of Hope Lola Vocal CD
  • Music Clip Video DVD


Product 01 04.jpg

Pre-ordering the physical version also comes with an exclusive illustration of Lola by series illustrator Yoshitaka Hatakeyama.[5]. Pre-ordering the game from select retailers in Japan also bundles it with an exclusive illustration and other bonus items, depending on the retailer in question and version ordered.[6]

Collaboration with COGEN: Sword of Rewind

Inti Creates has collaborated with game developer Gemdrops in a number of ways to cross-promote Luminous Avenger iX 2 with the latter's game COGEN: Sword of Rewind:

  • Cogen Kohaku.png
    Both LAiX2 and COGEN will be released on January 27th, 2022.
  • Copen Cogen.png
    The protagonist of COGEN, Kohaku Otori, will appear as a bonus boss character in physical retail versions of the game. More details are scheduled to be revealed.
  • Copen will appear in COGEN as a DLC playable character with his own unique stages and story.


  • While the English title shares "Gunvolt Chronicles" with its predecessor, the Japanese title omits the corresponding subtitle "The Out of Gunvolt."
  • With a total of six skews at launch (counting the Xbox Series X/S as a single version), iX2 has the largest multi-platform launch in the franchise, surpassing the record set by its predecessor.
  • iX2 sets a number of milestones for the franchise, being:
    • The first game to not feature biological enemies.
    • The first game to introduce bisection.
    • The first game to introduce multiple robotic bosses.
    • The first game to launch natively on ninth generation consoles.
    • The first game to include 2D animation as opposed to still illustrations.
    • The first game which the bosses' health bar is below them and not in the bottom right corner.
  • The Blaster Rifle in both English and Japanese shares its name with a similar item in the Blaster Master Zero series. His Razor Wheel also bears a resemblance to one.


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