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As in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series, Copen can talk with Lola, Kohaku, Kyota, Jin, and Maria in between missions. Doing so not only helps to flesh out the characters and their relationships, but also increases the chances of Anthem occurring in-game.

Japanese scripts with English translations:


Like a Phoenix

Lola: Ta-dah! Well? How do I look?

Kohaku: Hey Lola. how come you changed forms? Of course you look good! Totally divine!

Lola: ...Oops, back to normal. That was my Awakened Mode! During a mission, when Copen's health reaches 0, I can transform and "awaken" him with the power of my song! And better yet! When he's awakened, he can Bullit Dash as much as he wants, and his Bullits won't deplete at all! Basically, it's a special "Miracle Muse" mode for when he's in really big trouble.

Copen: We still don't understand it fully. It activates almost completely at random. It truly is like a "miracle"...

Lola: Hmph. It sounds like you're blaming me for that. But you know... It seems to activate more or less often based on how Copen is feeling. Like it's tied to his psyche or something. Like, if he takes the time to talk with people before a mission like this, it seems to happen more easily, you know?

Kohaku: Wow, really? In that case, we should be chatting all the time! Hey Copen, how about we stay up suuuper late and chat it up? Come on!

Copen: Let's not...


Lola: Hey Boss, I know I've bugged you about it before, but you have been checking on your abilities, right? You can install powerful abilities to that suit of yours that really buff up your combat power! Of course, that power doesn't come cheap. You can choose your abilities in the base menu, or in the pause menu while on a mission. If you're at wits' end trying to finish a mission, why not take some new abilities for a spin? Oh, I just remembered. "OD Abilities" are so powerful, they only work while I'm transformed. Keep that in mind when you're choosing the ones you want!


Kyota: Wow, that was great! You have to do that again sometime, Lola!

Lola: OK! Just let me know!

Copen: What are you doing?

Jin: Oh, Mr. iX. Ms. Lola was just showing us a movie.

Lola: I played them a movie using my handy-dandy projector. If I do it this way, I don't use the base's energy. Conservation is key!

Kohaku: It's my first time seeing one, but wow, movies are so cool! That shark made a huge "SPLASH" when it jumped!

Copen: Shark? You showed them that one, huh? I guess that's fine, but don't you have anything else?

Lola: Ehh, but why bother? The one with the jumping shark is SO good. Everyone liked it anyway! It might become the hot new thing, ya know. Could be the golden age of jumping sharks.


Kyota: Hey guys, come check it out! The tomatoes came up great!

Copen: Tomatoes require a lot of sunlight to grow. It's incredible you could grow them down here.

Kohaku: Hehehe~ I've actually got a secret vegetable garden I haven't told you about yet! Um! Actually, it just never came up! I never want to leave anyone out, so I'll tell you all about it later, okay?

Copen: No, it's fine, really... Maria, you've been making a sour face this whole time. Is something wrong?

Maria: I hate...tomatoes...

Kohaku: Now, you know it's not good to be picky. So let me take care of it! I'll make a tomato dish so good, even Maria will love it!

Copen: Tomatoes are nutritionally balanced vegetables, containing many vitamins, potassium, anti-oxidants and large quantities of lycopene. You really should eat them.

Maria: I don't wanna hear that from someone who never eats.

Jin: Mr. iX, you sure are well-informed about tomatoes.

Copen: Isn't that just common knowledge?

Kohaku: It's totally because they're red, isn't it...?

Common Thread

Lola: Come to think of it, everyone here is wearing something yellow. Are you coordinating your outfits?

Maria: Kohaku made them... My ribbon, Kyouta's scarf, and Jin's backpack...

Lola: Wow... Now that you mention it, Kohaku is always wearing yellow, isn't she?

Kohaku: Yep! I love yellow!

Copen: Kohaku's clothes might be yellow, but she's still showing a lot of skin... Could she have made that ribbon and everything else from...

Kohaku: Hmm? What's up? You've been staring at my stomach...

Copen:'s nothing.

Word Roots

Maria: I've been wondering for a while... What does "Minos" mean?

Jin: It means someone who doesn't have a Septima. Is that what you wanted to know?

Maria: No, I want to know why they call us "Minos."

Jin: Oh, you want the reason. Well, it comes from the word "minority." These days, most people are Adepts, so they are the majority. That makes us the minority, and so we're called "Minos." To be honest, I don't like using that word to refer to myself. It feels like admitting defeat.

Kohaku: Hmm, I've been called that since I was born, though. It's hard to think of another word for it at this point. In fact, if you think of it as saying, "We're a minority! You got a problem with that?!", it's kind of cool, isn't it?

Maria: I'm not sure if it's cool or not... But it is definitely very Kohaku.

Jin: Hearing you say it like that, you don't sound like a sore loser at all, Kohaku. That's just like you.

Kohaku: Hmm...? I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.


Kohaku: Copen, you must have been to many different places before you came here, right? Did you find any other places where Minos live like we do here?

Copen: They do exist...but they are very rough. The areas, and the people.

Lola: We had rocks thrown at us not too long ago.

Kohaku: What?! By Minos? But why?

Copen: They were probably afraid of their refuge being discovered.

Lola: There aren't a lot of Minos out there who are willing to welcome us with open arms like you guys did.

Kohaku: Oh, I see...

Copen: Associating with someone like me is inherently risky. It's natural for people to shy away. That's why we are very grateful to you and the others for letting us stay here.

Kohaku: It's the other way around! We're the ones who are grateful! Please, use this base as much as you want! You're always welcome here!

Copen: Thanks...


Kohaku: It'd be so great if I could sing and dance like you, Lola. I wanna cheer everyone up too...

Lola: Why not give it a shot? You could be a virtual idol yourself!

Kohaku: No way! I couldn't! If our location is discovered, we'll be in huge trouble.

Lola: Heheheh, leave that pesky problem to me. My hacking abilities can handle a little location masking no problem! I could do it in my sleep...if I slept! Starting today, I'm your new producer. Just call me Ms. Producer, got it? Guehehe... To start things off, let's get you in this little get-up I've already prepared for you...

Kohaku: L-Lola...? Isn't this way out of character?

Lola: Ohhh, it's totally fine. Don't you worry. Don't worry, just take it off...

Kohaku: Uh, um! Nope, I'm totally not cut out for showbiz!! I'm so sorry!!

Lola: Ah! Wait, Kohakuuu! ...Guess I got too carried away...


Kyota: Hey, hey... Those "Bullits" you always use...what are those, exactly?

Lola: They're a reproduction of electrical Septima energy, stored in bullet-shaped cases. I guess you could call them something like "crazy powerful batteries."

Kyota: Batteries...? That actually sounds kinda lame...

Lola: Hey, don't you go lookin' down on batteries! The energy for this place is provided by EN packs, and those are batteries too, you know. Well, Copen also thought it was lame, so he decided to call them "Bullits." He gave them that appearance, too.

Kyota: Totally! Guys always want to give stuff cool names!

Lola: You think so? I'm technically a girl so can't really say so for sure. Right, Boss? What do you think?

Copen: ...I couldn't care less.

Personality Type

Kohaku: Copen, do you have any spares of that alabaster armor you wear?

Copen: I only have the suit on my back now. I constantly need to do maintenance on it. ...Wait, "alabaster armor"...?

Kohaku: Aww. If you had some spares, I was gonna ask if I could try it on and test out some Bullit Dashes of my own.

Copen: Even if I did, the suit isn't made for normal people. The shock could wreck your body. Even if I carried you in my arms, I couldn't fly you around.

Kohaku: That's a bummer. But it's really nice that you'd think of carrying me in your arms like that, Copen.

Copen: ...I was only extrapolating on the situation. If we use Lola's Capture Field, you might be able to float around a bit...

Kohaku: See, that answer shows how nice you really are. The way you hide how nice you are, doesn't that make you a...what's it called? "Sun dairy"?

Copen: I'm not a "tsundere."

Idol Mode

Kyota: Hey, hey! So, is this Lola...THAT "Lola"?

Jin: The "Muse of Hope" who makes music videos and uploads them to the Under-net to cheer up Minos--the Virtual Idol, "Lola"... I hear she's so popular, she has lots of secret fans even amongst the Adepts.

Lola: Awww man, you're making me blush! It's true, though. No lie, you're speaking to the one and only Virtual Idol "Lola"!

Kyota: But, the Lola we know looks totally different. On the net, she looks totally human! She's not some floating ball thingie!

Lola: Floating ball...thingie?! The "human mode" you speak of is my Idol Mode. It's only for when I'm using the power of song. Take a good look! Huuuuah! Aww yeah!!

Kyota: Whoa! You transformed! That's so cool! It's Lola! In real life!

Lola: Hehehee! I told you! Unfortunately, I can't stay in Idol Mode for a very long time...

Kyota: Ah, there it goes.

Lola: The Septima Engine inside me is powered by my "AB Drive" which is linked to Copen's brain waves. If Copen's in a good mood for a while, I can stay transformed for longer. Like in the heat of battle! When he's making cool moves and the Kudos meter on the left of the screen goes over 1000, for example!

Kyota: Kudos? 1000? ...Left of the screen?

Lola: Huh? Ah...don't sweat the details! Sorry for using confusing technical jargon...

Jin: M-Mr. iX!

Copen: What is it?

Jin: Could you...get in a good mood for us?

Copen: ...That's a bit much to ask for.

Kohaku: Oh, that's right, you're a big fan of her, aren't you Jin?

Warm Machinery

Kohaku: It's kinda chilly today.

Copen: Could that be because--and I'm very conflicted on pointing this out--of the clothes you're wearing?

Kohaku: are right about that. Clothes make a big difference.

Copen: Don't you have a jacket or something you could wear?

Kohaku: That wouldn't be very stylish...

Copen: I'm not really an expert on fashion. How about I lend you Lola?

Lola: Wha-?! Me?!

Kohaku: Don't mind if I do! Squeeeeze!

Lola: Whoaaa! Hold on, Kohaku! That tickles!

Kohaku: Oooh, Lola! You're sooo toasty!

Lola: Geez! I'm not a space heater!

Hopes for the Future

Jin: Mr. iX, that Photon Blaster of yours is fairly distinct from the weapons Sumeragi soldiers use. Did you make it yourself?

Copen: That's right. I made this "Divider" of mine a long time ago, and it's seen a lot of action...

Jin: Could I take a closer look at it, if you don't mind?

Copen: It won't explode or anything, but don't you dare release the safety, okay?

Jin: Whoa, it's as heavy as it looks. Hmm... So this... I see... There's a light emitter right beneath the dust cover. This must be what makes the famous X mark your name comes from.

Copen: You know, "iX" isn't my real name...

Jin: Thank you so much for showing me this. Here's your gun back. If we had weapons like that here, we might be able to fight Sumeragi ourselves.

Copen: You don't need to what I want to say, but I'm not one to sugar-coat the truth. If only we could all get by without having to fight.

Jin: Yeah...that's true. I wonder when we can create a world like that.

Copen: I'll create it with my own two hands. Without fail.

Content Creator

Maria: Pfff, haha...

Lola: Whoa! Maria is laughing!

Maria: L-Lola! And iX?! You were watching me?! I wasn't even laughing! This video is totally not funny! It's too stupid! So so stupid!

Copen: Looks like an Under-net video site. I think it's the one Lola uploads to.

Lola: Whoa! This video was just uploaded but the view count is through the roof! Let's see what we got here... Hmm, "I Tried the Triple Pepper Challenge"...? Could I get more views on my channel if I did stuff like this too?

Copen: Let's not find out.

Maria: You definitely shouldn't do that. Your stuff should always be Lola-style.

Lola: Huh? Yeah? Is it that bad of an idea?

Issues with Food

Kohaku: Hrmmm...

Lola: What's up, Kohaku? Why the long face?

Kohaku: Oh, Lola, Copen! We need to talk... Actually, this is just about you, Copen.

Copen: What is it?

Kohaku: Whenever we're eating, you barely touch your food. Are you on a diet or something?

Copen: No, it's nothing like that...

Kohaku: Oh, I know! I bet you're one of those really picky eaters!

Copen: It's not...

Kohaku: Just leave it to me! Next time, I'll make something super tasty, just for you! Though, it's not like we have a lot of ingredients to choose from right now...

Copen: Don't go out of your way for me.

Kohaku: Geez! This is where you're supposed to say, "Thanks Kohaku! I can't wait!"...

Mid-air Reloading

Kohaku: Lola was just showing me a recording of one of your recent battles. That Bullit Dash thing...where you fight while flying through the air? It's suuuper cool!

Lola: I know, right? Copen even gets a Kudos bonus for taking down as many enemies as he can without landing! It's tough though, since the Bullit Dash uses a Bullit each time... So he needs to fly into an enemy or a wall in order to replenish a Bullit.

Kohaku: So that's why he kept running into things. It was so fast, I had no idea what in the world he was doing.

Lola: It's all thanks one of Copen's inventions.* It takes the energy from the impact and stores it in a Bullit.

Kohaku: Wow, Copen really is amazing!

Lola: Heh heh! I know, right?!

Copen: Why are you the one bragging?

Knack for Machines

Kohaku: Okey dokey! That should do it! We have another little worker ready to go!

Maria: Thanks for keeping them up and running.

Lola: Whoooa, Kohaku, you've got a pretty good knack for machines.

Kohaku: I'm nowhere near Copen's level, though. He's the best of the best.

Kyota: Kohaku's still full of surprises, though. Just looking at her, you'd think she'd be a total klutz.

Kohaku: Wow, rude! To be honest though, I don't really understand how they're engineered or constructed.

Lola: Uh?

Copen: Then how could you possibly repair them?

Kohaku: Hmm... Intuition, I guess?

Copen: ...Seriously?

Kohaku: Lola, do you want me to work on you sometime?

Lola: Uhhh, I'll pass, thanks...

Copen: I think I'll do a quick check-up on the machines you have here.

Kohaku: Huh? What are you trying to say?

Origin of Idol Mode

Kohaku: Lola, did Copen really make you? You don't seem robot-like at all. O-of course, I mean that in a good way!

Copen: I did make Lola, but she's equipped with a self-teaching AI. When I made her, I had no idea she would turn out this way...

Lola: Hmph! I'm sooo sorry about being "this way"!

Kohaku: But, but...! She can even sing, and I've never seen another robot do something like that.

Lola: I know, right? Keep the compliments coming, please. ...Well, the truth is that being able to sing was never part of my design.

Kohaku: Really?

Copen: A while back, while we were researching a Septima called the "Muse," her singing ability suddenly manifested without warning. As a researcher, I have mixed feelings about relying on an experimental byproduct we don't fully understand... But it would be foolish to abandon any weapon in the fight against Sumeragi.

Lola: In the end, we were just lucky that the power of the Muse was compatible with my energy source, the AB Drive.

Kohaku: So it was like, "All's well that ends well." You help support so many Minos out there with your songs. I think everyone would love to thank you for that little "accident"!

Lola: Thank you so much, Kohaku...

Good Luck Charm

Kohaku: Oh, Lola, you dropped something. Here you go. Is this a...bell?

Lola: Thanks, Kohaku! This is actually an "enchanted bell."

Kohaku: Enchanted bell?

Lola: It's a charm passed down in Copen's family for generations. He says it gets in the way when he's in battle, so I keep it safe for him most of the time.

Kohaku: Wow, if it's enchanted, that must really come in handy!

Copen: How unscientific. It's never had any measurable effect.

Kohaku: Hmm, is that so? I also have a charm I got from my family, and I can always feel it protecting me.

Lola: You know, Kohaku, he says it's "unscientific," but he's held onto it all this time, sooo... Some part of him must believe in it. Ain't that right, Boss?

Copen: Yeah, yeah...

Approximate Age

Kohaku: Oh Copen, I was wondering, how old are you? You've got to be around my age, right?

Kyota: Huh?

Jin: Huh?

Maria: Huh?

Kohaku: "Huh?" what? What's the problem?

Lola: Umm... How old are you, Kohaku?

Kohaku: I'm 14. Well? We're about the same age, right?

Copen: ... ...Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's about right...

Kohaku: I knew it!

Maria: I can't believe you're 14, iX... Same with Kohaku, but for other reasons...


Copen: So this is where you were.

Kohaku: Oh, Copen! You're back already. Welcome home.

Copen: What are you doing here?

Kohaku: Just doing some tune-ups on the weapons. There's a bunch laying around that the adults left behind.

Copen: Let me help.

Kohaku: Thanks, but I got this covered. I'm doing this for my own sake. When I'm doing maintenance, I don't have to think about anything else, like if you'll make it back okay...

Copen: ...I see.

Kohaku: You were looking for me, right? Whatcha need?

Copen: Nothing. I was just looking for you since I didn't see you at first.

Kohaku: Oho. Is that so?

Copen: What's with the cheeky grin?

Kohaku: Oh, nothing. Don't you worry about it.

A Little Airheaded

Kohaku: Come look, Copen! I went fishing through all the junk lying around and found something amazing! Ta-daaah!

Copen: Looks like a pressure cooker.

Kohaku: That's right! This'll really cut down on meal prep time! Even better, all that tough meat will become fall-off-the-bone tender! Let's dream big for dinner!

Copen: You didn't have one until now?

Kohaku: Nope. The pot we've been using until now is starting to show its age. So this really is perfect!

Copen: I'm surprised, I figured you'd be able to make something like this yourself.

Kohaku: Huh? Aaaahhhh!! You're right! I could totally make this!! Why in the world didn't I think of that?!

Lola: Kohaku, you keep me wondering if you're really smart, or really not...

Darkness Trigger

Lola: Ugaaa!!

Copen: Guh...!

Kohaku: Copen!! Lola?! What's gotten into you?!

Lola: Haa! What...happened to me...? Ah! Boss?!

Copen: I'm fine... This new EX Weapon seems to be a failure. No... The origin was a "berserk" power. Lola's Septimal response was clearly increased. This may be the ideal form.

Lola: So that's what happened. I went berserk while we were testing a new EX Weapon...

Kohaku: Lola...

Copen: Looking at the observation data, Lola's transformation didn't seem to have any after-effects. However, we've got be careful how and when we use the Darkness Trigger, despite its power.*


Copen: Kohaku, about your sister...

Kohaku: Huh, my sister? How do you know about her?

Lola: When you were sick, you kept mumbling about her in your sleep. You kept saying "sister..."

Kohaku: Wow, I really embarrassed myself in front of everyone. My sister was an amazing person. She was strong, brave, and honest... She was always quiet, and yet, still managed to be an amazing leader for everyone. I always need to strive to be better... Just like her.

Copen: ...I may not know anything about your sister... But I do know this. I think you're already a great "sister" to everyone, Kohaku. ...You're not quiet at all, though.

Kohaku: Copen... Geez...and what exactly do you mean by that, huh?

Sick Kohaku

[This is a special conversation that always plays after Medical Center is unlocked, but before it is first cleared.]

Kohaku: Ugh... Sis...ter...

Lola: Poor girl's having a nightmare...

Copen: Hold on, Kohaku. I'll get that medicine right away.

Promise Me

[This is a special conversation that always plays after City Slums 2 is first cleared, but before the game is first cleared.]

Kohaku: Copen... We're gonna give it everything we've got! So please promise me...that we can all come back with smiles on our faces.


  • For the conversations marked somewhere with an asterisk (*), there was a typo, such as a missing word, which is true to the game's script.
  • For the Good Luck Charm conversation, the item in question is likely the same type of bell Mytyl wears.