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"I'm going to fight for her. The same way you once fought for me."
Gunvolt , Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime

Gunvolt, "The Azure Striker", also known by his nickname "GV", is the main player character and the eponymous protagonist of the Azure Striker Gunvolt series.

After years of experimentation at the hands of the Sumeragi Group, he was freed by the resistance group QUILL, whom he served for a number of years, before he met a young girl named Joule in a similar situation. Taking pity on her, Gunvolt left QUILL and vowed to protect her as her guardian.

He is an Adept with an affinity for the Azure Striker Septima, which grants him the ability to generate and manipulate all forms of electricity.

Website Description

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Our hero is a 14 year old boy whose real name is unknown, but he goes by the codename "Gunvolt."

When the story begins, he is a member of the armed resistance movement named QUILL, whose sole purpose is to fight against the Sumeragi Group.

Although he is a cool, level-headed guy most of the time, Gunvolt’s youthful rebellious streak tends to rear itself when he is forced to do things that go against his principles. His septima, known as the "Azure Striker," grants him the ability to control lightning. [1]


Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Gunvolt is an incredibly powerful adept with the ability to control lightning. He fights using a gun that fires special darts that, when locked onto an enemy, allow him to strike with pinpoint accurate electrical attacks.

The soul of a departed adept named Joule now resides within him, and with them perfectly synchronized as one, his power has been increased to its absolute utmost limits.

Still reeling from the profound loss and pain he experienced from his past battles, his chance meeting with a girl named Quinn helped him get back on his feet.


Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Gunvolt has been sealed behind 1000 Sacred Blades ever since transforming into a “Primal Dragon.” The eternally young man was once known as the Azure Striker. He wields a special dart gun that allows him to lock onto enemies with precise electric attacks, all while using powerful “Voltaic Arts” to demolish his enemies. After his long battles with the Adept supremacist group “Eden,” Gunvolt found himself unwillingly awakened to a new power beyond Septimas.



In Azure Striker Gunvolt, Gunvolt is a young teenager with somewhat spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. He uses a black gun with white gatling with a blue sphere. His costume is blue with a few black details. In the 3DS version, he wears a black shirt. In the PC and Switch version, it exposes his abdomen. He also sports black boots with glowing blue highlights.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Gunvolt now has a longer ponytail, with purple, pink and blue colors on the end of it. His coat is a much darker blue with small black stripes with a white and blue neck brace.

In Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, Gunvolt has a coat similar to the second game, but with a shade of blue more similar to the first game, a bright blue belt, with the Sumeragi symbol on the back, and gray boots and gloves with blue highlights. In his sealed form, Gunvolt resembles a blue raijū, has blonde bangs, his tail is similar to his ponytail in his normal form, and has a red collar. The form that resembles a puppy with yellow fur and is wrapped in a blue ribbon with a padlock, while referred to as Pupvolt, has been called a "wholly separate character", so it is unclear if it's actually a real form of GV.[2]GV's unsealed form resembles a massive blue-scaled dragon with horns similar to his Raiju form, and butterfly wings reminiscent to Lumen's.


Gunvolt is a serious, straight-laced and compassionate youth. He has a strong sense of morality and justice that will not be compromised. This is first indicated when he was willing to abandon QUILL when his orders to eliminate Joule opposed his principles. He also believes in the co-existence of Adepts and humanity and does not favor one over the other, as he is willing to combat humans who are willing to enslave and persecute Adepts for their personal gain as well as Adepts that feel vindicated in their desire to eliminate mankind out of both revenge and perceived superiority.

On the battlefield, he tends to be merciless to his enemies and hides his emotions behind a placid facade, however he does display remorse for his actions when he is forced to kill and will often try to reason with his combatants to avoid the possibility of their deaths. While normally serious, he can sometimes be facetious on missions and has a humorous side - such as admitting that he practiced his famous pose (when charging septimal energy) in front of a mirror because he thought it was cool.

While he is portrayed to be highly intelligent for his age, he is also shown to be quite dense when it comes to the subject of women.

Plot Role

Information about Gunvolt's past is largely obscured in mystery. He was held as a test subject in a Sumeragi lab since childhood and was forced to participate in their inhumane experiments to create artificial Azure Striker Adepts, which involved implanting non-Adept humans with Azure Striker Septimal inducers extracted from the corpse of the original Azure Striker. This project was known as "Project Gunvolt", and Gunvolt himself was regarded as the only truly successful subject.

When Gunvolt was nine years old[3], he was rescued from Sumeragi's captivity by Asimov, who raised him from that point on. Gunvolt thus came to see Asimov as a father figure.

Gunvolt's real name is unknown, since he doesn't speak of it. In a flashback in Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime, Asimov gave Gunvolt the codename "Gunvolt", referencing the Sumeragi project that gave him his Septima.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Meeting The Muse

Gunvolt is given a mission by QUILL to find and destroy the Muse, a virtual idol that Sumeragi uses to control and manipulate both people and adepts. During this mission, he is captured by an agent of Sumeragi and tortured via electrocution, which is ineffective given his abilities. He discovers that the Muse is onboard a train headed for an unspecified location, and pursues.

After fighting his way through Sumeragi forces, Gunvolt discovers that the Muse is in fact, not a program, but rather a young girl. As he stares, the Muse materializes in front of him. The Muse introduces herself as Lumen, a manifestation of the girl's septimal power. Her lack of control over her power allows Lumen to take an avatar and act on her own will. Lumen asks Gunvolt to take the girl away from Sumeragi, but Asimov maintains the order to unplug the Muse by killing the girl.

Gunvolt refuses, and tells Asimov that he is resigning from QUILL. Asimov lets him go, and Gunvolt escapes with the girl to a hideout.

Missions for QUILL

Some time after the first mission, Gunvolt is depicted to be in hiding with the girl, whose name is now Joule.

As Joule is being pursued by Sumeragi agents wishing to reclaim the Muse, she cannot go out of hiding, and Gunvolt takes jobs from QUILL to earn money. QUILL sends Gunvolt a set of 6 jobs, each involving the general sabotage of Sumeragi facilities and neutralizing Sumeragi commanders.

When he's not having missions he attends school: that's when he disguises himself with glasses and uses a fake ID provided by QUILL (Joule does so as well but since they're a year apart in age they aren't in the same class).

Other times he does other jobs apart from missions, some apparently taking up a whole day's time.

In other occasions he hangs around with his QUILL comrades such as when he went to a karaoke at the suggestion of Zeno.

Meeting The Adept Slayer

About 3 missions through, Gunvolt receives a message from QUILL. It is a job to take down Zonda, a commander of Sumeragi. After meeting with Zonda and dealing with Zonda's illusions, Gunvolt finally tracks Zonda down, witnessing Zonda's death at the hands of a mysterious hooded figure.

The hooded figure attacks Gunvolt, using a gun and a shield that becomes a crossbow. After his defeat, the figure retreats, stating that "when you meet God to face judgement, you will hear him whisper a name. Copen..." On that cryptic note, Gunvolt returns to his original objective. Eliminate the remaining Sumeragi adepts.

Old faces return

Soon after defeating the last Sumeragi commander, Gunvolt returns home, only to find Merak back from the dead and kidnapping Joule. Gunvolt leaves the hideout and rushes off to chase Merak.

After fighting against a variant of the Mantis tank which Merak summons to keep him busy as he warps away, he speaks with the executive of Project Muse, Nova Tsukuyomi. Nova offers a reward to Gunvolt for keeping Joule and the Muse safe this whole time, but Gunvolt refuses.

Boss Rush

Gunvolt reaches the Babel orbital elevator, fighting against several commanders once again. He encounters problems fighting Elise once he reaches the Firmament orbital station, who reveals a third self who infinitely revives the other two.

Then Copen suddenly shoots Elise, taking out her third self and killing Elise permanently. Gunvolt offers a truce, but Copen refuses, citing his hatred of adepts. He fights Gunvolt, using powers stolen from the commanders that Gunvolt previously defeated. After defeating Copen, Gunvolt proceeds on, meeting Nova.

The King of Babel

Nova placed Joule into a machine to control Lumen, who is now silent and a servant to Nova, providing him with a shield. After Gunvolt fights him, Lumen disappears, weakened from both the machine's control and damage in the battle. Nova states that the reason he needs the Muse is to control all Adepts, as they would otherwise run amok and destroy humanity.

He then transforms into his final form, a giant, multi-armed figure, as if he were a god. When defeated, he leaves Gunvolt with a final message, saying that the Adepts will destroy everything without Sumeragi to guide them. Gunvolt frees Joule, and the two begin to leave the orbital station.

Betrayal - Bad Ending

Gunvolt and Joule are intercepted by Asimov on their way to the elevator. Asimov congratulates them for defeating Sumeragi, stating that he can now become the leader of all adepts, and destroy all humans. Joule is horrified at the prospect, while Gunvolt is offered a chance to join Asimov and lead the Adepts.

He refuses, and prepares to fight, but then Asimov takes out Copen's gun and shoots Gunvolt with it, disabling his powers and killing him. Joule screams out his name before Asimov shoots her too. He says that while it's a shame things didn't go as planned, plans can be rewritten. In the event that this end is reached, Gunvolt will wake up back at the hideout, the whole event being a nightmare.

A Difficult Miracle

To avoid the Bad Ending, Gunvolt must acquire 7 gems, one from each mission. Then he must talk to Joule and give each gem to her. Once all 7 gems have been given to Joule, talking to her again will give Gunvolt a new pendant, made using the gems he gave her. While this piece of equipment has no effects at all, Gunvolt must wear it through the final stage.

Once Nova is defeated at last, the scene will proceed like the bad ending, but things change after Joule dies. Joule wakes up to find she has taken Lumen's form, having acquired control over her power. She sees Gunvolt, and finds that miraculously, her pendant stopped Asimov's bullet from killing him.

However, he is still horribly hurt and will soon die. With no options, Joule hears the voice of Lumen, saying that there is one way to save him, but it comes at a great price. Joule accepts, and her power implants into Gunvolt's body. Gunvolt awakens to find Joule dead, and begins to despair.

Until he hears the voice of Joule, who has become one with him for eternity. Gunvolt understands that he has one last thing to do, and goes to stop Asimov, the Muse's song echoing in his heart.

Azure Wings - True End

Gunvolt journeys through Firmament, fighting Carrera one last time, though the commander is no match for Gunvolt's new power.

Once he reaches the elevator, he faces Asimov, who reveals that he too, is an Azure Striker who can manipulate electricity and Copen's gun including the "Power Grab": he demonstrates his skill in forcing the gun to do things it wasn't designed to do like drawing paths in mid-air.

In a dramatic final battle, Gunvolt overwhelms Asimov's power using the power of Joule's song, ending his ambitions. As Asimov lies at death's door, he says that Gunvolt must become the one who leads the Adepts.

Gunvolt remains silent, and the elevator stops at the surface of Earth. Gunvolt's friends from QUILL ask him what happened, and are shocked to discover Asimov dead. Gunvolt remains silent to their queries, and walks away.

Joule reassures Gunvolt that they'll be together forever, asking him where he wants to go. He says nothing as he disappears, a scattering of azure feathers in the twilit sky.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2


After wandering aimlessly for months, one night he casually meets Quinn, who's being attacked by a couple of drugged Adepts. He saves her out of impulse. In return, she gives him and Joule a place to stay at.

About half a year since his battle with Asimov, he's contacted by Xiao Wu, a former QUILL agent who provides intel and new gear for GV to use since he felt GV was the only person he could trust to be able to face the upcoming threat of "Eden".

Berserking Seraph

Gunvolt is given a mission by Xiao to stop the Sumeragi airship Seraph, which has gone out of control. Upon boarding, he is surrounded by some Sumeragi troopers, who are unaware of who he is until he prevades their attacks.

After dispatching the troops and several other Sumeragi minions, GV rushes through the airship to get to the control systems. On the way, he witnesses a Fazent seemingly activate by itself and drop into the city below.

Needing to reach the control room faster, he activates Joule's Anthem and blasts through every obstacle, even when an unknown person tries to catch him with an unknown Septima.

Upon nearly reaching his objective, GV is intercepted by the appearance of the Plasma Legion JB, a 10th generation Sumeragi autonomous tank prototype. It is still no match for the Anthem-empowered adept, and GV reaches the controls.

He attempts to hack it with his Azure Striker, but the code is written in such a way that it can't be modified.

A Mysterious Girl

GV moves further into the Seraph to find a girl being held captive by a strange robot. As he goes to save her, some strange interference is fracturing Joule's link with GV and cancelling the Anthem. The robot readies an attack, but GV rushes in close and launches Astrasphere, destroying the robot.

As the girl lies there on the ground, GV is strangely reminded of Joule. He briefly flashbacks through everything he went through with Joule, but quickly discards whatever thoughts he was having. Joule jealously makes a comment about how GV is habitually saving cute girls, even referring to Quinn and Xiao, even though Xiao's male.

Also, the girl makes Joule uneasy for one reason or another. Xiao decides to cut in, saying that GV still has to stop the Seraph from crashing down. Forgoing any plans, Joule reactivates her Anthem as GV jumps out of the ship.

Old rivals meet

With the Seraph's controls effectively sabotaged, GV has to stop the ship another way. He activates his septima in tandem with Joule's Anthem to try and safely land the ship, but a strange interference with Joule's powers is keeping them from overpowering the ship's engines.

They are only saved in the nick of time by Copen and Lola blasting the Seraph with a giant laser beam, allowing GV to move the now-disabled airship to safety. GV safely lands with the girl in tow, when Copen suddenly advances aggressively. He demands that GV hand over the girl, whose name is Mytyl. The two are about to face off, when suddenly, they are both frozen in place.

Eden's appearance

An adept shows up between the two, denying any affiliation to Sumeragi. Then, Zonda comes in behind Gunvolt, introducing the man as Tenjian of The Seven, "his" personal bodyguards.

Joule materializes herself in a valiant attempt to protect GV, but it turns out to be a trap. Zonda encases Joule in "his" mirror septima, which Tenjian then breaks, shattering Joule into nine fragments. As Tenjian gathers the mirror shards, Zonda finally reveals her true self, as the leader of the adept supremacist group Eden.

She also drops some foreshadowing for plans regarding the fragments of the Muse before departing.

Frozen Blade, Diminished Muse

As Zonda leaves, Tenjian offers GV a membership in Eden. GV refuses, breaks through the ice, and demands Joule back. The two adepts fight, with GV emerging victorious and destroying Tenjian's Glaive. Tenjian departs with the mirror shards in tow, but not before Lola jumps in and snatches one. As Copen runs off with Mytyl and shard in tow, GV is left alone to mourn Joule's disappearance.

That is, until Joule's voice comes seemingly from nowhere. Miraculously, Joule's shattering didn't quite remove her from GV completely. However, her powers have significantly weakened, and she's been forced to take on a smaller form as a result. Happy to still have some of her around, GV heads back home.

New clothes, New missions

Back at Quinn's home, everyone takes a moment to admire GV's new combat attire.

They also converse about other topics, such as Xiao's former QUILL affiliation, Eden's ongoing operations, and Quinn's inexplicable ability to see and hear Joule. With new gear at the ready, GV heads out to foil Eden's ambitions.

Ice-cold Slayer

During the mission to take down Tenjian, GV bumps into Copen. GV says he doesn't want to fight Copen, but Copen isn't having any of that.

The two duel, ending with Copen's defeat. He refuses to hand over his mirror shard, saying "You're not the only one who needs this shard, Adept." He leaves GV with this remark as he dashes off.

Prism Party

After three of the Seven have fallen, GV returns from his mission to find Quinn and Xiao in a panic. Eden has attacked a local highway, causing it to become filled with crystals.

GV quickly heads out to the highway, only to hear a conversation between Copen, Asroc, and Ghauri. Asroc has captured Mytyl, and refuses to hand her over. As Asroc leaves with Mytyl in tow, GV decides this is a good time to butt in and demand Copen's mirror shard. Copen then proceeds to run after Asroc, leaving GV to fight Ghauri.

Having beaten the prismatic joker and claimed his mirror shard, GV heads home.

The Final Battle (already)

GV returns to Quinn's home, where Joule is being unusually nice to Quinn for some reason. Meanwhile, one of Xiao's contacts has gotten the info on where Eden's headquarters is. It's called The Garden, and it's located in the city of Tashkent.

According to reports, Eden hijacked the highways and traffic control systems to recall most of Eden's manpower. As a result, it's also the location of the last few shards.

GV is unsure of how he can attack a place all the way in Central Asia, but Xiao says he's planning a way to get him in. Everyone shares another moment of camaraderie, and GV prepares to break into Eden's Garden.

*WARNING! The following text contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!

The Garden of Eden

GV charges into the Garden, battling his way through Eden's troops and robots. Along the way, he manages to defeat Desna and Asroc, who even managed to defeat Copen.

Despite the fall of The Seven, Eden's troops refuse to back down, and GV has no choice but to slaughter them all to reach Zonda.

The Mirror's Reflections

As GV gets close to the heart of the Garden, his comms link begins to cut off, likely due to interference by Zonda's septima. Upon entering a rather familiar mirror, he comes face to face with Tenjian once more. But this Tenjian is not the real one. It is a simulacrum with all of the original's thoughts and memories, created by Zonda's Septima.

The copy also decides to let drop that Zonda is his sister, though more in the "really close bond and childhood" sense than actual blood-relation. GV quickly dispatches the copy, only to find more mirrors, each leading to a rematch with Gibril, Teseo, and Milas. At the end of it all is Zonda, who speaks more about her plan to create a paradise for Adepts.

Upon finishing, she teleports away, leaving behind a copy of "himself" and "herself" to fight GV. As GV shatters the final illusion, he charges into the Garden's innermost area, ready to finish things.

The Creator of Paradise

GV charges into the heart of the Garden, where Zonda waits nearby with an unconscious Mytyl. Apparently, Mytyl's body can act as a nexus for the Muse's power, which Zonda demonstrates by completely shattering Joule into nothingness. Joule can do nothing to stop it, only offer a last encouragement to GV as she crumbles.

As the fragments orbit Mytyl, Zonda takes them into her own body, amplifying her septimal power. With her septima boosted by the Muse's power, she even has the power to manipulate reality, as the beautiful Garden turns into a crystalline blue emptiness, and Zonda herself takes on a fairy-like form with gigantic wings, as if she were a darkened twist to Lumen.

As the two come into conflict, GV desperately calls out to Joule without success. Zonda reveals that she was using The Seven to gather data on the shards, analyzing their usage and reactions as they fought with GV. From this data, she was able to make it so she could perform a perfect fusion with the Muse and take her power in its entirety. And that power is what she will use to crush GV.

The Song Within My Heart!

Tiring of GV's resistance, Zonda activates her final skill, Paradise Lost. As the song begins to tear at GV's body and mind, he gradually falls into despair. That is, until he hears an echo of Joule's last words, "my song is...always...inside you..."

Finding strength from within him, GV stands up once more. As Reincarnation starts to ring out, it cancels Paradise Lost. Even Zonda, for all the power she gained from the Muse, is overwhelmed by the song within GV. Zonda can do naught but watch her paradise crumble as she explodes, her macrocosm collapsing.

Final Clash(?) - Bad Ending

Zonda is no more, but Joule still hasn't come back. Mytyl lies on the ground, ever still. GV checks for a pulse, and tries reviving her with electricity, but to no avail.

Suddenly, Copen comes in, having somehow survived and made it to the center of the Garden. Seeing Mytyl's corpse, Copen is overcome with grief and rage. Blaming GV and all the other adepts for Mytyl's death, he draws his gun on GV. As the two prepare to square off...the credits roll.

Final Clash - Path to True End

To reach the True End, you must clear the story mode for both Copen and GV. Afterwards, the fight with Copen will actually play out.

In his grief and rage, Copen attacks GV, blaming him and all the other adepts for Mytyl's death. So great is Copen's anger that he even breaks out the septima from the Sumeragi commanders in the form of the powerful Guilt Sequence.

But even the sins of the past are no match for GV, and Copen is defeated. That is, until Joule's voice seemingly rings out, exclaiming "Don't you touch him!"

Indigo Destinies - Final Battle

As Mytyl's body rises into the air, Joule and Lola both materialize their fairy forms. The Anthem echos through the Garden, and Copen comes back, stronger than ever. Copen feels the power of the Muse coursing through him, and declares it a result from Mytyl's own power, and that she wills him to stop Gunvolt.

He also makes arrogant comments such as "The Muse sings for me now! She sings a song too good for your ears, adept!" The Anthem only justifies his arrogance, as he brings his Power Grab rounds to bear once more, and his Doppler Desire is empowered to Doppler Destroyer. However, even the Anthem is overcome, and Copen falls again.

Mytyl...or Joule?

Having beaten Copen again, Gunvolt slowly walks forward. Suddenly, Mytyl stands up in a bright light and blocks GV, saying "Don't get near him!" in Joule's voice.

As she stands there, arms outstretched, GV can't help but see Joule's face. As GV calls her by Joule and Copen calls her by Mytyl, she becomes confused, not knowing either of those names nor the ones who are speaking them. Realizing Joule is truly gone from this world, GV leaves the Garden, entrusting the girl's care to Copen.

Are you an Angel...? - True End

Several weeks later, GV is walking outside with Quinn on a not-date/shopping trip. When Quinn suddenly goes speechless, GV follows her gaze to see the girl who looks like Joule. She asks, "are...are you an angel?" GV is confused, and so is she. So she asks if she knows GV or Quinn from somewhere.

She explains that she lost her memory in an accident, but the two seem familiar to her for some reason. GV asks for her name, and after some stuttering, she introduces herself as Mytyl Kamizono. GV apologizes, saying he doesn't know her, it's probably her imagination. Mytyl apologizes for the odd comment, but GV shrugs it off.

He tells, or rather insists to Quinn, that everything is fine and they can go. GV and Mytyl part ways as Quinn looks back, uncertain. GV's last thought as he walks away is "I hope that she's happy. That's all I want." Cue the credits.

Epilogue - Dreams of Happiness

A girl quietly wonders. She has been dreaming about a person for some time now. She doesn't know that person's name, only that he fought for her.

She wonders why she has stopped dreaming about that man. Then she realizes, it is because she feels happy. She hopes that she can meet that person again, even just once.

To tell him, "Thank you. I'm happy now." And to hope the same happiness finds him. That girl, is Mytyl.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Pre-game - The Dragon Rises

Shortly after Eden's defeat, Gunvolt awoke to the Next Level, a state beyond even Septima that pushed his Azure Striker to uncontrollable levels of power. Quinn was injured in an unspecified incident, leading GV to submit himself to Sumeragi's custody to avoid causing any further harm or destruction.

GV is sealed away in the Sumeragi Future Institute of Technologies, eventually casting off his human form to become a gigantic dragon. Sumeragi keeps him in stasis using 1000 Glaives, and siphons his Azure Striker's electricity to power all of Japan. Supposedly, GV's power output was so high that the country was able to completely move on from all use of fossil fuels.

Sumeragi Future Institute - The Dragon is Free

Decades have passed since Gunvolt chose to be sealed, yet trouble still looms on the horizon. Even with the Glaives, GV's power continues to rise, eventually overwhelming the seal and releasing the berserk Primal Dragon on the world once again. With the help of Shadow Yakumo's battle priestess Kirin, disaster is narrowly averted, and GV's power is quelled once more.

Saviors and Images

Shortly after GV is brought back to his senses, he is brought into Sumeragi's employ as a member of their anti-Primal Dragon taskforce, the Bureau of Dragon Saviors. As an unfortunate side-effect of Sumeragi using GV as a power plant, an emission known as "Dragon Radiation" has spread all over the country, driving people, machines, and especially Adepts into a berserk frenzy. GV's role is to support Kirin in handling these matters, particularly in sealing the Primal Dragons.

As a side-effect of his power being sealed by Kirin's Golden Fetters, GV is stuck in the form of a canine-like raijuu for the most part. This results in GV basically becoming the bureau's mascot alongside Lumen.

Another effect of being sealed by Kirin are "Image Pulses", flashes of GV's memories captured in Kirin's talismans to grant them permanence. Even though Lumen herself is also an Image Pulse, she's strangely able to act and talk on her own will...

Downtown Christmas - The Fetters are Loosened

While responding to a Primal Dragon appearance on Christmas Eve, GV takes a moment to assist Kirin by opening some shutters using his Azure Striker and take out some enemies, though Kirin warns that there's a limit to how long he can spend in human form since she still needs to keep his power in check.

Ballistic Missiles - Hail to the King

When Shiron detects several missiles flying toward the city, Gunvolt gets an idea. Based on a certain adept he fought with data transmission abilities, Gunvolt can use his Azure Striker to warp himself on the missiles so long as Shiron can give him coordinates. Kirin tags along, as she still needs to keep GV from going berserk.

They board the missiles and neutralize four of them, but on the last missile, they're accosted by two individuals; ZedΩ, leader of ATEMS, and a girl who can wield "Djinn", a septima that can empower adepts similar to Anthem. ZedΩ faces the duo in combat, showcasing his Golden Trillion septima, able to harness nuclear fusion itself. While GV and Kirin emerge victorious, ZedΩ explains that these missiles were actually transports for his associates, who've already reached their destinations, before escaping himself.

While GV and Kirin have successfully disabled the missiles, Lumen brings bad news. Eyewitness reports indicate that ATEMS members have landed at four locations, which Kirin recognizes as storage areas for the Binding Brands, the sacred swords from which every Glaive is derived. While ATEMS' aim is unknown, GV can't imagine they'd do anything good with the Brands, and the Bureau sets off to intercept.

The Djinn's Castle Manifests

Despite the Bureau's best efforts, ATEMS manages to steal all the Binding Brands. Doing something at the UTU Media Tower, a song rings out that adversely affects Adepts, even GV himself. Lumen's song manages to save the Bureau, though the rest of Sumeragi's Adepts are out of commission. They quickly check the news to find that the media tower is turning into a sandy castle. GV theorizes that ATEMS used the tower to amplify the effect of their Djinn septima and spread that "song" across the area. While GV thinks they're running headlong into a trap, the Bureau has no choice but to move out to the Sunrise Palace.

The Past Catches Up

Venturing deeper into the Sunrise Palace, GV is shocked to see Jota and Viper, Sumeragi Adepts he once fought in the past. GV can't sense any lifesigns from the two before him, betting that an ATEMS Adept is pulling illusions from his memories. After Sumeragi's ghosts are put down, GV soon face off Zonda and Tenjian, the No.1 and 2 respectively of Eden. When they too go down, the duo finally faces off with the source of their phantoms; Serpentine of ATEMS. They eventually best her illusions, and move further into the palace.

The Last Two Standing

Deeper in the palace, GV and Kirin come across Grazie, who insists on standing in their way. The knight's blind faith in ZedΩ for giving her purpose seemingly riles up GV, perhaps digging up some unfortunate memories of his. This, combined with BB's fall at the hands of Sistina, drive Kirin and GV to defeat the gunner Adept and move on to the palace's core.

WARNING! The following contains spoilers for Azure Striker Gunvolt 3! Read at your own risk!

Topple the King

Shiron's comms link fail as Kirin and GV reach the inner sanctum of the Sunrise Palace. There, they find ZedΩ, accompanied by the wielder of "Djinn", Layla. ZedΩ welcomes them as he calmly exposits his plan. Using the Binding Brands, ATEMS would unseal the other secret S-FIT was hiding besides GV; the "true ruler" of the Primal Dragons, Moebius. ZedΩ states that as a natural-born "Octima" wielder with power beyond Septima and Primal Dragons, Moebius is the "Child of Hope" for Adept-kind. As Moebius stirs in its slumber, GV is hit with mental images, key among them being himself standing above a ruined world. ZedΩ explains that Moebius' power, "Astral Order", allows it to see the infinite possible futures and realize the one it desires. If Moebius were to wish for a future of chaos, it could easily become a Primal Dragon, spreading Dragon Radiation across the whole globe and driving Adepts to rampage...

Thus, ATEMS made it their goal to find and control Moebius, unable to trust that Sumeragi would not exploit or abuse it and catalyze such destruction. Layla's Djinn Septima was confirmed to have the ability to control Astral Order, even when Moebius is still asleep. While there will still be an epidemic of Primal Dragons awakening, they hope that their control of Astral Order will allow them to create a slightly better world. GV immediately gets flashbacks to Joule's internment as Sumeragi's tool, and rejects ZedΩ's plan. ZedΩ remarks he never expected GV or Kirin to cooperate, and summons his Golden Trillion, inviting them to try and stop him.

Even after ZedΩ is empowered by Djinn's song, the duo manages to defeat him. While Kirin promises the Golden King that Sumeragi and Shadow Yakumo will do their best to handle Moebius, as if on cue, Moebius stirs in its slumber and shatters the Glaives keeping it sealed. Apparently, when GV and ZedΩ's Septimas clashed, the resulting power was enough to awaken Moebius. With the Golden King too weakened from their fight, it falls to Kirin and GV to quell Moebius.

Defy the Stars

Kirin and GV find themselves in a warped reality, as Moebius' Astral Order is already taking effect. The Media Tower acts as a relay, allowing Moebius to engulf the world in Dragon Radiation in mere days. Kirin declares her plan to seal Astral Order with her Golden Fetters, and charges the beast.

Kirin successfully destroys Moebius' armor, but it unleashes a pulse that destroys GV's Fetters, turning him human again. As the creature charges at Kirin, GV intervenes. Moebius fuses with GV, and he sprouts a pair of blue butterfly wings. ZedΩ realizes that as the ruler of Primal Dragons, Moebius has successfully hijacked the Azure Striker. GV himself realizes that this state he's in is the exact same as the one in the bad futures Moebius showed him, where Astral Order compels GV to destroy the world. Seeing no other recourse, GV pleads for Kirin to kill him. The Battle Priestess cannot believe what she's hearing, but GV insists it's the only option since Moebius can nullify Kirin's Golden Fetters. With one final plea, GV loses control of his body to Moebius, and forcibly attacks Kirin.

Eventually, Moebius invokes its Astral Order, creating a dimensional space that seals Kirin's abilities and saps her health to nothing. Just as all seems lost, Djinn appears once more, reviving and empowering Kirin. This power, combined with the last of ZedΩ's Golden Trillion power, allows Kirin to resist Astral Order's effects, and just maybe stand a chance at stopping GV.

WARNING! The following contains MASSIVE spoilers for Azure Striker Gunvolt 3! Read at your own risk!

The Dragon is Slain - Bad Ending

To get this ending, attack Moebius at least once using the sword or a Skill Image Pulse while it's separated from GV.

As the battle rages, Moebius only sinks its claws deeper and deeper, eventually overtaking GV entirely. The possessed GV flies forward faster than anyone can react...and impales himself on Kirin's sword.

Kirin is shocked and horrified at what has just occurred, while GV, now in control again, congratulates her on stopping Moebius and saving the world. In his thoughts, GV is relieved since he will soon die, and the ruinous future Moebius showed him will never come to pass. Declaring the rest is up to Kirin now, GV fades in a cloud of green sparks, as Kirin falls to her knees in despair.

Faraway Dragon - True Ending

To get this ending, DO NOT attack Moebius with Kirin's sword or Skill Image Pulses. Just throw talismans until Moebius enters the sealed state.

With one final charged talisman, GV becomes a flash of light and vanishes into the sky. GV internally marvels at how Kirin refused to simply kill him and sought another way. Kirin calls to him, but he's already beyond her reach. While GV's fate and his location are unknown, just knowing he made it out alive is enough for Kirin as she fights to secure the world's peace.

As the credits roll, a shooting star trailing blue and green flies across the land and into the horizon...

Other Appearances

Gunvolt in iX

Gunvolt Chronicles

Luminous Avenger iX

An alternate universe version of Gunvolt is briefly mentioned in Luminous Avenger iX, having been killed alongside Joule by Asimov. His corpse is later harvested for "Azure Striker Septimal Factors", which would eventually be transplanted into Blade.

Mighty Gunvolt

Mighty Gunvolt

Gunvolt appears as a playable character alongside other Inti Creates characters Beck and Ekoro in the 8-bit spin-off game.


Gunvolt returns as the playable character of the sequel to Mighty Gunvolt, alongside Beck once more, having been sent to a strange virtual world.

Blaster Master Zero

Gunvolt appears as a DLC "EX character" in the game Blaster Master Zero, being the first of multiple characters, announced alongside Ekoro. He uses his electric powers like Prevasion and Flashfield, and has access to special moves like Luxcalibur.


Gunvolt, along with several other noticeable indie game characters, appears as a playable character in the racing game Runbow.

Indie Pogo

Gunvolt, along with several other Indie characters appear in the game from Lowe Bros. He will be free DLC.

Blade Strangers

Gunvolt is a playable character in the fighting game from Nicalis. He has the lowest HP in the game.

Powers and Abilities

Azure Striker

As a human attuned to the septimal stage of the Lifewave, Gunvolt is an exceptionally powerful adept whom is capable of harnessing the Septima known as the Azure Striker, which just so happens to be the source of his title; said moniker handed down from wielder to wielder.

The Azure Striker was the very first Septima discovered by humanity, uncovered within a jungle within South America according to Asimov, the user of the Azure Striker before Gunvolt.

In essence, the Azure Striker enables the adept whom harnesses its might to freely control electricity, and in an age that was dominated by technology, the Azure Striker was dubbed the ultimate power. Ordinarily, an Azure Striker unleashes enormous bolts of lightning to strike their foes down and manipulates magnetic fields to move at high speeds.

The Azure Striker Septima was the cornerstone of Project: Gunvolt, a top-secret experiment by Sumeragi that would allow them to mass produce adepts with electric Septima as part of their research into energy sources after having pushed more conventional methods of generating electricity to their limits.

As such, the powerful conglomerate replicated the gene for the Azure Striker Septima, using Project: Gunvolt to implant into test subjects with high levels of compatibility. Gunvolt is one of the few survivors of Project: Gunvolt, which his code name comes from.

Sky-blue electricity coursing throughout his veins, Gunvolt has shown to be one of the most powerful adepts in the setting, perhaps best displayed that aside from some outside interference, he managed to defeat eight high-ranking adepts whom worked for the Sumeragi Group in the first game.

Apart from its straightforward attack ability, the Azure Striker can significantly increase bodily abilities by turning an adept's biological current active.

It’s capable of covering the body’s surface with a thin EM field film (shield) which protects one from all types of attacks: this film acts as a barrier, the Flashfield. It also allows controlling (hacking) electrical devices from the outside. They say that it hides power which can be used in all kinds of situations.

As Zonda in Sumeragi form is stated to be as powerful as Nova and Gunvolt himself, with Gunvolt later prevailing over both adepts, it could be said that Gunvolt's power level is in the upper tiers in the series, commonly achieving victory in spite of the odds stacked against him, something best seen in the final battles of both games.

In terms of combat prowess, Gunvolt commonly utilizes his Azure Striker septima in tandem with his marksmanship skills as his main fighting style, creating a deadly combination that most unmatched opponents are incapable of circumventing.

Gunvolt also regularly trains in a form of martial art known as Chatan Yara Kushaku.

Additionally, Gunvolt has displayed that he is able to use his Flashfield to achieve hovering for a short amount of time, disperse the enemy's defenses, as well as most obviously, harness the Flashfield to protect him from physical projects such as bullets and solve puzzles that he happens to encounter such as move floating platforms and float with the assistance of magnetic ceilings.

Gunvolt's greatest ability with the Azure Striker septima is known as Prevasion, which involves his existence momentarily shifting from flesh to electricity, thus effectively turning him physically intangible as to allow all kinds of incoming strikes to pass through his body as if it did not exist, a cascade of feathers following his motions while neutralizing the attacks of his enemies.

Originally, Prevasion caused Gunvolt to recoil ever-so-slightly in the first game and he required certain pendants to enable utilization, but after the events of the conflict with Sumeragi, Gunvolt seems to have gained a greater level of control over the ability, simply appearing as two phantasmal copies of himself that converge as once upon contact and no longer requiring tools to use Prevasion.

Other uses Gunvolt has displayed with his septima involve using the Azure Striker to stimulate his natural healing abilities through bioelectric currents, increasing certain aspects of his power, enhancing physical attributes such as his speed, strength and endurance as well as granting him the ability to perform double jumps as to extend the time spent airborne, dashing within the air with the same ease displayed by rushing forth on the ground, and many more.

Like every other adept with a perfect connection with the Lifewave, Gunvolt is able to invoke Skills, which are specialized techniques that make the most of his septima, accompanied by skill names and elegant haikus. Gunvolt's skills normally involve him shaping the blue lightning manifested by the Azure Striker power, constructing a myriad of formations out of solidified electricity, such as creating small-to-medium-sized spheres that can circle him or are simply projected before him, pillars of lightning that zap everything above and below him, enormous swords of azurite that he thrusts forward, and most notably, electrifying chains which ensnare everything in sight in a crisscrossing motion, fatally electrocuting anything they come into contact with; though Skills come in two flavors, Offensive Skills, which are geared towards doling out immense amounts of damage, and Support Skills, supplementary powers that bestow upon him incredible supportive properties, such as increasing damage output, recovering from the full expenditure of energy, and many more.

However, a weakness to Gunvolt's power is that once his Electro Psycho (EP) energy has been exhausted, he will enter a state known as overheating, where he is incapable of channeling septimal energy, which remains in effect for approximately one second.

Interestingly, Gunvolt's abilities with his Azure Striker septima appear to run off two separate power sources – the Prevasion and Flashfield are drawn from EP energy, and his special skills are derived from Skill Points, with each skill having a varying cost.

As a side note, if Gunvolt has his EP energy depleted at any time, he is able to recharge his energy manually by concentrating deeply and striking a flashy pose; however, Skill Points slowly refill over time with no way to hasten their recovery rate manually.


Tagging is a core battle mechanic in Azure Striker Gunvolt. Through "bolts," or weapons, he wields in battle, Gunvolt can mark enemies and objects with "tags." Enemies or objects that have been tagged can then be charged with Gunvolt's electrical abilities—even at a distance.

  • Enemies and objects can be marked with up to three tags.
  • Bolts permitting, multiple enemies and objects can be tagged at once.


雷撃鱗、Rai Geki Rin (Thunder Scales)

Gunvolt's inherent septimal ability and a core battle / platforming mechanic in Azure Striker Gunvolt used in tandem with the tagging mechanic. Enemies and objects that have been tagged by Bolts can be electrocuted through the activation of the Flashfield.

The Flashfield can also be activated mid-air to slow Gunvolt's descent to the ground as well as increase the lateral distance at which he can move as he descends. Lastly, the Flashfield can act as a physical barrier to enemy projectiles. Activating the Flashfield consumes EP.

  • Each additional tag opens up more channels through which electricity can flow, effectively increasing damage or electrical output.
  • Performing a dash-jump and then activating the Flashfield increases the speed at which Gunvolt can move laterally as he descends.
  • The Flashfield cannot shield Gunvolt from energy-based projectiles, such as lasers.
  • Should Gunvolt's EP become 0, he will temporarily overheat—preventing him from using the Flashfield. Neither quick-charging nor the skill "Septimal Burst" negate overheat. However, the skill "Split Second" can instantly restore Gunvolt's EP to max in the case of an Overheat.
  • Using the Flashfield while underwater or with most of his body submerged causes it to disperse and triggers overheat.


電磁結界(カゲロウ)、Electromagnetic Barrier (Heat Haze)

A special passive ability granted by some of Gunvolt's equipment. As long as Gunvolt has EP available to expel, any incoming attack is neutralized and lowers the EP meter instead of Gunvolt's health meter.

  • Thus, constant EP recharging grants Gunvolt pseudo-invincibility.
  • Prevasion will not activate if Gunvolt has the Flashfield active.
  • Even if Gunvolt avoids damage with Prevasion, one hit will break his Kudos.
    • Changed in the second game. Kudos can be kept for three hits or even permanently if so chosen.
  • Prevasion does not work against attacks that cause Chaff or Stone.
  • Prevasion does not work against instant-death attacks/cutscene attacks.


In addition to the Flashfield's gliding capabilities, when using certain equipment GV is capable of performing EP consuming air jumps and dashes.

Next Level

Following the dismantling of Eden's ambitions, Gunvolt awoke to the "Next Level", a stage above Septima that pushed his Azure Striker to the pinnacle and beyond. This power grew to the point where not even GV himself was able to control it, requiring him to be sealed by Sumeragi using 1000 Glaives. This also caused him to lose his human form, becoming a giant beast known as a Primal Dragon. It was only with the help of Shadow Yakumo's Battle Priestess Kirin that GV was able to safely harness this power, though he can only remain in human form as long as his seals remain stable, needing to otherwise spend time as a raijuu-esque canine.

With his Next Level powers, GV's Azure Striker has increased output and variety, though utilizing these abilities does strain GV's safety limiters, forcing him to become a raijuu again if he overdoes it. The exception is when Kirin falls in battle, in which case Lumen will activate Anthem to awaken GV, though this comes with its own risks. If GV loses control of his power and Kirin cannot quell it, there will be nothing to stop him from reverting to a Primal Dragon and going on a rampage...

Arc Unleash

Whenever GV takes the field, this skill always precedes his appearance. A flurry of Crashbolts strike the area, wiping out all foes in sight.

Flashfield (Constant) and Lock-on Flashfield

GV's Next Level Azure Striker always has Flashfield deployed, shocking any enemy or projectile that enters its radius. GV must instead retract it to focus its energies on tagged foes, which also slows his falling speed.

Spark Dash

Inspired by Copen's equipment and abilities, this skill allows GV to damage and tag enemies by dashing into them.

Lightning Assault

Similar to the Arc Chain ability bestowed on Kirin, GV can warp to any tagged foe and hit it with an electric burst. Unlike Kirin's Arc Chain, however, GV only targets one foe per input, rather than hitting them all in succession. The upside here is that as long as GV's tags are still active, GV can keep hitting the same target(s) until the enemy is defeated or the tags expire.

Voltaic Buster

A stronger version of Spark Dash is triggered by dashing into a foe with 3 tags applied to them. GV performs an electrified piledriver that obliterates the target and all foes on screen. This move can only be used on bosses when their HP is below a certain threshold. The exact limit varies depending on the remaining Fetters charge. Defeating a boss with Voltaic Buster counts for Skill Finish bonuses.

Flash Dart

Replaces GV's standard darts when Anthem is in effect. GV unleashes a shockwave that locks on to all foes in range.

Astrasphere Flashfield

Replaces GV's Flashfield when Anthem is in effect. Any time GV focuses his energy to zap tagged foes, he also emits a constant Astrasphere.

Special Skills

Voltaic Chains Chant.jpg
Voltaic Chains' incantation

As Gunvolt damages or defeats enemies, he gains experience and can potentially levels up. As he levels up, Gunvolt may learn new attacks that he can use in battle. Unlike normal attacks, these use SP, rather than EP, which take far longer to recharge, and are split into offensive skills, which can kill most enemies in one strike, and support skills, which can heal Gunvolt and buff his existing moveset.


Main article: Equipment

Aside from his outfit and gun, through QUILL GV has an assortment of special equipment--eye contact lenses, pendants, and rings--which enhance his septimal powers and can unlock abilities he can't normally use on his own. In a home conversation on the subject, he notes that the rings are constructed out of a special metal and gems, and speculates they're similar to Sumeragi's glaives.

New-model Protect Armor

Gunvolt (ASG2) - Concept Art -02.jpg

The New-model Protect Armor (新型プロテクトアーマー) is a strengthened protector which Xiao, who secretly supports GV, made-to-order exclusively for GV and which he procured. Apart from being very lightweight, it reacts to GV's septima and it can change strength and toughness, amongst other aspects.

It also can generate a special EM field to guard against the "Greed Snatcher" which made GV suffer in the past, but it can't fully block the effects. This defense is an application of the EM field produced by the Azure Striker. It uses data retrieved from Asimov's corpse (data which he left behind for GV just before his death) and the Dart Cartridges technology as a base.[4]

Dart Leader

GV2 Dart Leader Concept.jpg

Gunvolt's pistol, the Dart Leader (ダートリーダー), more properly known as the Fw-005 (TYPE-0) D:T/LEADER, is an exclusive firearm administered to him by QUILL, and is classified as an electromagnetic projectile weapon. Because its energy source is Gunvolt himself, there is no external power system installed.

Rather than bullets, the gun normally fires Bolts (避雷針ダートカートリッジ, Lightning Rod (Dart) Cartridge, also known as 受雷針ダート, Variant Lightning Rod (Dart)).

These bolts are created by combining a metal coating with strands of GV's highly conductive hair. As they are from his body, they correspond to his Flashfield's electricity; once a target is "tagged" by a bolt, an arc of lightning will be discharged from the Flashfield directly at it.

According to concept art notes, the gun uses magnets attached on the bottom of the barrel to accelerate the bolts and increase their strength. A sensor on top of the gun automatically calculates the distance to the target and calibrates the firing speed accordingly. As the bolts fly, pieces break off from their rear, resembling feathers being shedded.

Since the gun's main purpose is to guide lightning, its output's restricted, but if Gunvolt connects the “tail-plug” equipped on his hair into the rear connector then it can directly fire a powerful septima as well.

In truth, if the muzzle size matches, the Dart Leader is capable of shooting conventional bullets or pebbles, and can even be used as a wire hanger. However, Gunvolt’s physical abilities are so high that this is almost never used.[5]

Following GV's departure from QUILL, he had to do maintenance by himself. However, once he got into contact with Xiao he was able to completely overhaul it. The basic structure is unchanged, but gun calibration aiming to stabilize the output and cooldown has been carried out. And, also, as a result of increasing the thunder transmission efficacy, the indicators now glow in a blue color.[6]

Boss Battle Attacks


Attack Description
Gunvolt - DT Leader.png
Dart Leader
Gunvolt - Flashfield.png
Thunder Scales
GV's standard attack. He fires a round of four needles straight forward while standing still or walking forward. Alternatively, he can jump and shoot, launching one needle in the air and one on the ground. If three tags are inflicted, GV will shock you with the Flashfield. If GV is suffering overheat, upon the third tag connecting he will use Split Second to recharge his EP.
  • Just like when playing as him, Gunvolt can have up to three tags on you at once for increased damage.
  • Damage Output (Darts): 10 each.
  • Damage Output (Flashfield): 60

GV will also dash around the battlefield at various points in the fight for better positioning and to try and inflict contact damage.

Gunvolt - Dragon Sphere.png
Thunderclap Dragon Sphere
GV creates an orb of electricity that lingers in the air for a few seconds. Damages on contact. Ignores Prevasion.
  • Damage Output: 30
Gunvolt2Boss Luxcalibur.png
Spark Calibur
"Sacred sword agleam / Barbarous and bathed in blue / Cleaving right from wrong! Luxcalibur!"

Gunvolt's Special Skill. Creates a gigantic electric sword in front of GV's current position that deals damage on contact. Ignores Prevasion.

  • Damage Output: 80


Attack Description
Gunvolt2Boss Prevasion.png
Electromagnetic Barrier (Heat Haze)
Under the effects of Anthem, GV has unlimited Prevasion. The only way to cancel this is to hit GV with Hydro Zapper or Shred Storm, both of which cause him to overheat.
  • GV will instantly recharge if hit with Stellar Spark.
Gunvolt - Luxcalibur Launcher.png
Luxcalibur Launcher
Spark Calibur Shoot
Gunvolt creates a Luxcalibur and launches it forward. Ignores Prevasion.
  • Damage Output: 50
Gunvolt - Astrasphere Mandala.png
Gunvolt - Astrasphere Mandala 2.png
Astrasphere Mandala
Lightning Sphere Mandala
GV casts Astrasphere in midair, covering a large portion of the screen and dealing notable damage. When the move ends, the 3 lightning orbs spiral outwards. Ignores Prevasion.

The launch timing differs in between Japanese and English version; if set game language to Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese GV will use Japanese variation of this move, while the rest of the languages uses English variation.

  • Damage Output (Sphere): 45
  • Damage Output (Orbs): 55
Gunvolt - Voltaic Chains Thunder.png
Voltaic Chains Thunder
Voltaic Chain Thunder
Gunvolt - Voltaic Chains Thunder 2.png
Roaring Thunder Fall
GV creates columns using Voltaic Chains before charging them with electricity. As the chains shatter and fade, Crashbolts will strike the spaces inbetween where the chains didn't reach. Ignores Prevasion.
  • Damage Output (Chains): 50
  • Damage Output (Crashbolts): 40
Septimal surge eng.png
Septimal Surge
Unlimited Volt
Let this joyous song / Ring forth as a dragon's roar / And grant the spark's gift! Septimal Surge!

Gunvolt's Special Skill while under Anthem. GV is enveloped in a yellow aura and gains doubled attack power for the rest of the battle.

EX Frozen City

Gunvolt will begin the battle in his normal Anthem state. Upon entering his third phase, he will use Septimal Surge, this time drastically changing his skills and enhancing his defenses.

Attack Description
Gunvolt S - Astrasphere Launcher.png
Astrasphere Launcher
Gunvolt creates an Astrasphere Mandala, and slowly launches the entire thing at the player before the three lightning spheres disperse.

The Japanese/English launch timing difference of regular Sphere also applied here.

Gunvolt S - Luxcalibur Mandala 1.png

Gunvolt S - Luxcalibur Mandala 2.png
Luxcalibur Mandala
Three Luxcaliburs are launched from Gunvolt's front, top, and rear, leaving behind trails of Dragon Spheres in their wake. The Dragon Sphere trails then rotate from his front to his back.
Gunvolt S - Voltaic Chains Thunder 1.png

Gunvolt S - Voltaic Chains Thunder 2.png
Voltaic Chains Thunder
In addition to the vertical chains, diagonal chains are deployed in an X formation that forces jumping to avoid the current. This is then followed by three waves of Crashbolts which target the player's position and spread outwards, forcing well timed bullit dashing back and forth across the screen.
Gunvolt S - Septimal Surge.png
Septimal Surge
Unlimited Volt
GV will recast this skill again if his life bar is reduced beyond the second "S" of "BOSS" label while he's in the cooldown time between attacks. This time it functions like Galvanic Renewal, restoring all of his health, including the two gauges that were cut down in his normal Anthem mode. GV remains in his ultimate form as his health is reset, making this basically an auto-loss for any player who doesn't possess great skill.

GV will trigger this healing move infinitely (fitting its Japanese name "Unlimited Volt"), which means precise control of his HP is required during this fight - the final bit of EX GV's HP must be removed in during his attacks and with a Shred Storm as the finishing move while EX GV is caught off guard.

Primal Dragon

Attack Description
Crashbolt Rain GV will mark certain areas of the field with small lightning bolts. About 3 seconds later, Crashbolts will strike the marked areas.

On Hard Mode and above, this move will also electrify the floor.

Dragonsphere Blast GV charges electricity in his horns while marking either the floor right in front of him or at the back of the arena. A few seconds later, a giant electric orb will form and slowly sweep toward or away from GV depending on its starting position. Both the orb on the floor and the one on GV's horns inflict contact damage.

On Hard Mode and above, the large orb will also shoot Dragonspheres upward as it travels along the floor.

Lightning Breath GV's pseudo-Special Skill (does not have a cut-in or chant). GV will lower his head and charge up a lightning blast from his mouth, which spews forth in a cone. The main safe spot is right in front of GV.

On Hard Mode and above, this move will fire additional blasts upwards and downwards. It also becomes a regular move that he'll use even before his final phase.

Possessed GV

Attack Description
Astral Order GV's first Skill under the influence of Moebius. Astral Order rewrites the dimensional space into one that slowly saps Kirin's health until death. GV is invincible and cannot be tagged while this skill is in effect.
Octis Veto


GV's second Skill under the influence of Moebius. Covering the floor and walls of the arena in Voltaic Chains, GV surrounds himself in electricity and electric bars orbit around him. Dodging this technique requires mastery of Arc Chain and being able to properly position yourself.


Boss Battle Lines

Normal Battle

Event English Romaji Japanese
Flashfield Flashfield!
(Overheat) Split Second!
(Overheat) Chaajingu appu!
(Overheat) チャージングアップ!
Dragon Sphere Dragon Sphere! Teiryuugoku! 霆龍玉
Luxcalibur Oversurge, Azure Striker! Luxcalibur! Hotobashire, aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) yo! Supaaku karibaa! 迸れ、蒼き雷霆アームドブルーよ!スパークカリバー!
1st Phase Down There’s no other way around…! Yaru shika nai no ka…! やるしかないのか…!
2nd Phase Down It won’t end here…! Konna tokoro de…! こんな所で…!
Defeated Too strong…! Tsuyoi…! 強い…!


Event English Romaji Japanese
Astrasphere Mandala Destroy them! Astrasphere! Mandala*! Uchikudake! Raitoningu sufia! Mandaraa! 打ち砕け!ライトニングスフィア!マンダラー!
Luxcalibur Launcher Rip them! Luxcalibur! Launcher! Kirisake! Supaaku karibaa! Shuuto! 切り裂け!スパークカリバー!シュート!
Voltaic Chains Tangle! Voltaic Chains! Thunder! Karamitore! Vorutikku cheen!! Sandaa! 絡み取れ!ヴォルティックチェーン!!サンダー!
Septimal Surge Oversurge, Azure Striker! Septimal Surge! Hotobashire, aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) yo! Anrimittedo voruto! 迸れ、蒼き雷霆アームドブルーよ! アンリミテッドヴォルト!
1st Phase Down You won’t stop…!? Guu! Tomaranai no ka…! 止まらないのか…!
2nd Phase down Joule…! Grant me further strength… Shian… Boku ni chikara wo…! シアン…僕に力を…!
Defeated Guh... Guu… ぐっ…
  • The mandala is a concentric diagram that has significant spiritual significance in Buddhism, which is practiced by a majority of the Japanese population. Concentric refers to circles, arcs, or other shapes which share the same center, the larger often completely surrounding the smaller. As the Astrasphere attack has large orbs which circle and shoot out from the center, Gunvolt yelling "Mandala" is a reference to the diagram's similarity with Astrasphere.

Special Skill Chants


Lightning that flickers
Like a star, and purges all
That violate its realm!


Lightning that vibrates and rinses like the heavens…
Smash all that you meet across your path.

마치 천체처럼 흔들리는 우레.
바른 길로 가는 모든 것을 없애 버린다.
Lightning that flickers like the stars above,
purges all that violate its realm!


Sacred sword agleam
Barbarous and bathed in blue
Cleaving right from wrong!


Sparkling thunder-wrapped holy blade…
Azure lightning’s outrage: pierce the enemy…

빛나는 것은 천둥을 휘감은 성검.
푸르고 잔인한 천둥이여, 적을 관통하라.
Bathed in thunder, the sacred sword flashes.
Azure, barbarous thunderstorm, pierce my enemies!

Flash, my enchanted sword of lightning!
Destructive Azure Thunderbolt!
Smite my foe!

Voltaic Chains:

Bolts of rebellion
A thunderous voice in his heart
Speaks of one true law!

VOLTIC CHAINヴォルティックチェーン

The flashing lightning is the guidance of counter-attacking…
The roaring thunder-roar is the bloody proof…
The piercing thunder is the reason of the Universe…

번뜩이는 뇌광은 반역의 길.
울려퍼지는 천둥은 유혈의 증거.
관통하는 뇌격이야말로 만물의 이치.
The flash of thunderstorm marks the path of rebellion.
Its roaring thunder is the proof of bloodstain,
and its piercing lightning is the law of all existence!

Grand Strizer:

Let praise be unleashed
As blades of lightning cleave sky
Yielding great glory!

齎す栄光 聖剣を超えて

The heralded glory gathers at the tip
The pole of the thunder blade opens the night skies
Glory brought forth, overcome the holy blade

당당한 위신이 모인 칼 끝.
밤하늘을 가르는 번개의 칼,
성검을 넘어 영광을 불러온다.
The tip of this blade is filled with pride.
The blade of lightning, piercing the skies of the night,
calls a bigger glory forth, transcending the sacred swords!

Septimal Surge:

Let this joyous song
Ring forth as a dragon's roar
And grant the spark's gift!


The Singing Fairy’s singing voice echoes around…
The dragon’s hoarse voice resounds…
Flesh and body, become a Thunder God…

울려 퍼지는 디바의 노랫소리여,
땅을 울리는 용의 포효여,
번개의 신으로 변신하라.
The Diva’s song, ringing true,
the Dragon’s roar, trembling the earth,
grant this man the form of a Lightning God!

Astral Order

From the sea of countless stars
Draw forth the chosen truth
Toward phantasmal Arcadia

Octis Veto

Slaughter - Selection - Ruin - Awakening
Sacrifice - Corruption - Future - Cycle

Appearances in other media

Playable appearances

  • Gunvolt is an unlockable character in the 2015 game Runbow.
  • Gunvolt is one of the playable guest characters in Blaster Master Zero.
  • He is one of the playable characters in the crossover fighting game Blade Strangers.[7]
  • Gunvolt is set to appear to be a playable character in Indie Pogo.

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

I was told that to make him appealing to boys, the game’s target (audience) as well as teen-looking, so I designed him in way that I met the goals. GV’s main trait, his braid was made because I wanted him to look androgynous. Also, I used my head-cannon as basis: he might be a Psychic but he’s not all-powerful, he must use a gadget! And so the braid designed in the image that it’s an power cord to transmit the electricity charged in his hair to the gadget. In the end, though, that “setting” wasn’t used but he does use a bit of Kitaro-like* portion of shooting hair-needles with his gun. I tried inserting designs of angel feathers in various parts of the suit, can you tell it? Him showing his navel isn’t my hobby, Tsuda-san (author, director) told me to add it in.

-- (Araki Munehiro)

T/N: GeGeGe no Kitarō, manga by Shigeru Mizuki created in the year 1960.

ゲームのターゲットとして男子向けや中二要素という指針があったので、その辺りを押さえるつもりでデザインしました。 GVの特徴である三つ編みは、中性的な見た目にしたかったのと、いかに能力者であろうと万能ではなく、ガジェットを使わなければならないのだ!という脳内設定をもとに、髪の毛に帯電した電気をガジェットに伝達する電源コードのイメージを持たせています。最終的にその設定は使われてませんが、銃で毛針を撃つという鬼太郎的な部分に少しだけ使ってます。 スーツには、いろいろなところに天使の羽根の意匠を入れてみてますが、わかるでしょうか?へそ出しは僕の趣味ではなく、津田さん(原作、デイレクター)の指示で入れました。


I thought that the impression that GV gave off in the prequel, that of the “blue protagonist”, would (remain) in the sequel even if he didn’t wear blue clothes so I dropped the heroic image he had. I wanted him to be a “dark hero” who shone in the darkness between buildings so I used black as a base and to grow out of the prequel’s suit. I like the current-style interpretation and fashion sense of the live-action American comic heroes… I use their image as my goal. So, personally, I feel that this (version) of GV is the complete version! I was unsure whether to make him show off the navel again or to have him wear underwear but I remember that, when I asked Tsuda-san he told me “he (GV) is Lord Thunder so he brings it out!” and I totally agreed with him.

-- (Araki Munehiro)

前作のGVの持つ「青い主人公」という印象は、青い服を着ていなくても続編なら大丈夫だろうと考えたので、ヒロイックなイメージは捨てて、ビルの谷間の暗闇にきらりと光るダークヒーローになるように、黒ベースでなおかつ前作スーツからの脱却を目指しました。 アメコミヒーローが実写になったときの現代風な解釈やファッション性が好きで...あのイメージを目指しています。なので、僕的にGVはこっちが完成版!という気持ちです。 へそ出しは今回もやるのか、アンダーウエアを着せるか迷ったんですが津田さんに聞いたら「雷様だから出すんだよ!」と言われてめっちゃめっちゃ納得した覚えがあります。

-- (荒木宗弘)

Early Draft

Project Gunvolt 1.jpg

In 2013 an early draft of Gunvolt's character concept was submitted to Nintendo[8], with a number of factors that were changed in the final version. Below is a translation of the submission contents.

  • Big text: A hero which elementary and middle school students can project themselves onto.
  • Red text, upper right: Document for internal use only
  • White text above Feather (QUILL) logo: Protagonist
  • Slogan (right side, inside of orange frame): “I decide why I rebel (fight)!”
  • Gun description: The gun’s name is “Angel-summoning bell” (Angel Bell). It’s an EM accelerator gun, and shoots metallic bullets named “Feather Bullets (Feathers)”. It uses a battery, which can be recharged by GV’s long braid-shaped hair. By attaching parts to it, it can shoot different types of bullets too. When it needs more power for those modes, (he) connects his hair to it and sends electricity to it (directly). GV’s exclusive gun. *Design subject to changes.
  • Description: Codename “GV” (Gunvolt) Real name: Unknown / 14 years old / Male / One quarter non-Japanese descent. He was implanted with the 7th Wave (Lightning Ability Factors) during his infancy during an experiment of the Sumeragi-Ou Concern and awakened the ability. He was then rescued by Feather and trained for several years until he became a (fully-fledged) member. He employs lightning-based attacks to fight. He normally is kind, reserved and adult-like, but also optimist and he shows a young-like attitude sometimes by pulling small pranks.


  • Gunvolt's battle style is depicted on his name - utilizing guns and volts.
  • In the track Shiden's Reminiscence of the drama CD Justice Rage, one of the Sumeragi scientists almost reveals Gunvolt's real name, before being cut off by Nova's inner monologue.
  • Gunvolt is one of the three known participants of Project Gunvolt, the others being Asimov and Nova.
    • Gunvolt and Asimov were the only ones to fully control the Azure Striker septima while Nova couldn't.
  • According to a conversation he has with Joule, he has bad vision and wears contacts. This explains why, in the anime and other media, Gunvolt is seen wearing glasses.
  • In Blade Strangers, his 2nd color option gives him a color scheme resembling his rival, Copen. His other color schemes include Elise, Stratos, Jota and Asimov's colors, and Hard Mode.
  • Gunvolt in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is the first Adept midboss in the series.
  • Gunvolt is one of the two bosses in the second game where Copen doesn't say "It's time to ______" when battling him; the other is Fake Zonda.
  • In an earlier draft for the second game, Gunvolt was intended to be the main villain and final boss, having allied with Sumeragi. Beating the game would have unlocked him as a playable character.
    • The idea of an Azure Striker allied with Sumeragi wearing a mask would later be revisited in Luminous Avenger iX with Blade.
    • Also, in Luminous Avenger iX, the concept of an Azure Striker as the main villain and final boss is revisited as Demerzel.
    • The concept of Gunvolt allied with Sumeragi however would return in Azure Striker Gunvolt 3.
  • Gunvolt, Blade, Dacite and Hail are the only bosses so far in the canon series who have the same abilities as a previous boss (Not counting those that copy the abilities of other bosses such as Copen and Ypsilon, or repeat fights of the same character), Gunvolt using electricity like Asimov.



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