Grimoires (known as Books or Fairy Tales in Japan) are items created by Eden using Glaive data stolen from the Sumeragi Group and empowered by the powers of The Muse, used exclusively by The Seven. Similar to Glaives, when used, Grimoires empower their owner and force a body transformation in a process known as "Armed Phenomenon".

However, despite their similarities, there is one major difference between Glaives and Grimoires. While Glaives strengthen an Adept's abilities, but seals their Septima unless said Glaive is used, Grimoires were built with the sole reason of empowering an Adept's abilities, meaning not only can a Grimoire-wielder use their powers without transforming, but can use Grimoires to achieve a power greater than Sumeragi's Adepts.

When an Adept uses a Grimoire, black butterflies swarm out from the turning pages. They converge in a dark aura around the user before dissipating to reveal the Adept's combat form.

Upon a Grimoire user's defeat, only the book and the Muse fragments remain. The butterflies become blue and fly to the nearest compatible vessel (Joule or Lola). The book then flips through a few more pages before closing, and disappears in a blue flame. It is currently unknown if this represents the total destruction of the Grimoire, or if that is merely their method of retrieval.

Dengeki Nintendo Description Edit

The Septima Inducer Seal Devices that Sumeragi’s “Glaives” were happened to trigger a side-effect when the factors were unsealed and returned to the Adept that owned them.

These changed the user’s body into a form based in the type of Septima that the “Glaive” contained.

This was the “transformation phenomenon (Armed Phenomenon)”.

The “Grimoires” are Septima Enhancing Devices made to purposely trigger this side-effect.

They are spell books (Grimoires) that contain many pages of magical spells written in them.

They employ the user’s Septima Inducers and a “Mirror Shard” that contains a piece of Joule’s cyber body, as basis.

Her cyber body is actually something like her soul and it’s not a Factor. It’s believed that the technology to control a spiritual existence like her is derived from the “Glaives”. By combining both, they can control and amplify the user’s Septima.

Their spiritual and magical functions are weaker than a “Glaive” by comparison, but the “Glaives” had their resources dedicated to sealing the Abilities.

The books instead amplify and control the Septima since they use the “Mirror Shards” containing Joule’s sealed power as core, and become tools with performance far above that of the “Glaives”. 

That asides, the words that Ghauri mutters when he scatters into pieces (“The magic’s vanishing”) are based upon the tale of “Cinderella”.

The magic cast in her vanished at midnight: yet, at the same time, they signal that the Grimoire suffered a great deal of damage due to the battle and the magic spell inside of it was disrupted.

Thus, as a matter of fact, the magic cast on him was vanishing as well. 

English Website DescriptionEdit

Grimoires are the catalyst that The Seven use to transform into their powered up forms. Using top secret technology that they pilfered from Sumeragi, these Grimoires were created using data from Glaives they usurped combined with the power of The Muse.

Unlike the Glaives, which were used by Sumeragi to control the Adepts that wielded them, the Grimoires are purely used to strengthen their wielders. The Adepts who wield these Grimoires can use their abilities without transforming into their more powerful forms, which means the powers they wield post-transformation are greater than that of any former Sumeragi-controlled adept.

Known UsersEdit


  • Grimores serve as Eden's The Muse foil counterpart to Joule and Lola,in a similar manner to Glaives and Guns.
  • Unlike Glaives, which are custom-made specifically for one Adept, Grimoires appear to be mass produced for The Seven, judging by their uniform appearance and lack of unique names.