Merak glaive ova

Merak's glaive in the OVA

Glaives (宝剣 (ほうけん), Hōken; "Treasured Sword") are Sumeragi-issued contraptions that can contain an adept's septimal power—the septimosome.

The Glaives were created from historically significant magical swords native to Japan. 

Once released, the septimosome will fuse with its respective owner to grant septimal abilities. The fusion induces a noticeable body change in the adept user which is known as weaponization, also referred to as Armed Phenomenon (変身(アームド フェノメノン), Āmudo Fenomenon lit. Metamorphosis), indicating that the use of Glaives artificially augments septimal abilities beyond their normal capacities.

One of the first Glaives was created by Dr. Kamizono. Sumeragi uses Glaives as a method to control adepts, as they cannot access the power of a Glaive without permission from Sumeragi. In exchange, such adepts are made into commanders of Sumeragi's forces, and enjoy a life of general luxury.

There also exist "sub-Glaives", additional Glaives attached to an especially powerful adept in addition to their main one to control their particularly immense power. Unlike normal Glaives, the only known sub-Glaives are completely artificial. The only known adept who uses sub-Glaives is Nova Tsukuyomi, who uses two, and is still able to use a fraction of his septimal power, a true testament to his power.

When a Glaive is activated, the user is surrounded by a black aura highlighted with the Glaive's own color. As the aura dissipates, the adept's weaponized form is revealed.

The Glaive itself temporarily disappears as it fuses with the user, seemingly transforming into a specialized set of armor that varies from wielder to wielder which is designed to make the best of the user's septima, such as Elise's weaponized form possessing a serpentine tail which would enable her and her doubles to move around on cables faster, and on a more comical note, Merak's weaponized allows him to summon a chair for him to sit upon and strike his enemy from afar, playing into his dislike of strenuous activity.

When the user is defeated, they explode into sparkles which gather into the Glaive. The Glaive then cracks, and is either teleported away, or dropped on the ground. In the event that it falls, it breaks into tiny pieces, and cannot be salvaged.

Although it is stated that an adept with a Glaive cannot use their septimal powers without activating said Glaive, it is revealed that adepts still can use their abilities to a degree without using their Glaive, though doing so places stress on the body.

The only adepts known to do this without negative side effects are Nova and Zonda, the former of whom actively tries to keep this trait of his (and others) hidden from all but his most trusted officers. It is also noted by Nova, that the psychological side-effects of Glaives tend to warp an adept's personality and ego, revealing their innermost persona, best displayed by Nova in his final battle with Gunvolt, where the man's calm personality completely fades, giving rise to a prideful adept whom outright declares himself omnipotent.

There are some doubts about how much control Sumeragi truly has over the Glaives. In the case of Stratos, his Glaive activated on its own for him when he was rampaging throughout one of their own facilities. This resembles the tale of the sword, Lizardslayer, used as the basis for his Glaive. The Lizardslayer is said to have jumped out of its sheath on its own when a monster appeared. 

Despite all of these questionable and dangerous aspects to the Glaives, Sumeragi sweeps any inconvenient facts under the rug. Such is the status quo.

During the events of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Eden manages to combine stolen Glaive data with the power of The Muse, leading to the creation of Grimoires.

In Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX's timeline, Glaives were phased out in favor of Falcon Quills sometime after Demerzel's takeover of Sumeragi.

English Website Description

These Glaives are storage devices created by the Sumeragi Group which control the flow of a user’s septimal energy. Normally, an Adept has what is called a “septimosome” inside their bodies which allow them to use their septimal powers at will. The adepts under Sumeragi’s command, however, have had their Septimosome extracted and stored inside sword-shaped devices known as Glaives that can be remotely controlled. This allows Sumeragi to prevent any unwanted outbursts of septimal energy from those under their control.

When the adept is in danger, Sumeragi’s adept monitoring facility can give a go-ahead order for the adept to unleash the septimosome inside the Glaive. The septimosome then fuses with the adept and triggers a complete body transformation. Currently, these Glaives are the only means for an adept to repress their powers and live a normal life.

However, there is much that is still unknown about adepts, so it is still too early to tell if these Glaives will become a boon for adepts, or a disaster waiting to happen…[1]

Sumeragi Adept's Glaives

The Sumeragi adepts are known to possess Glaives which are one-of-a-kind, designed specifically for their usage as to assist in containing their septimal power. Each of the Swordsmen (plus Nova) have Glaives which are named after famous artifacts in Japanese folklore with a naming scheme similar to how samurai would christen their personal swords.

Coincidentally, the Swordsmen of Sumeragi can be seen as a villainous counterpart to the dime-a-dozen concept of the Seven Samurai, being seven powerful adepts with tangibly-related abilities that the hero does battle against.

List of Glaives

Name Adept Notes
(岩融 (イワトオシ), Iwatōshi)
Living Blade
(布都御魂 (フツノミタマ), Futsunomitama lit. Edict Municipal August Spirit)
Elise Greatly boosts her Septima, allowing her to fully resurrect people rather than just create zombies.
Shadow Dragon
(小龍景光 (コリュウカゲミツ), Koryūkagemitsu
Unwavering Spirit
(不動国行 (フドウクニユキ), Fudōkuniyuki
Merak Partial failure to restrain his Septima. Merak is still able to use Wormhole to a limited extent, and is known to use it for tasks like garbage disposal or antagonizing his Sumeragi-appointed butler.
(蜥蜴丸 (トカゲマル), Tokagemaru)
Stratos Complete failure to restrain his Septima, The Fly. Stratos was able to go on a rampage in the Pharma Lab, and the Glaive triggered Weaponization for him on its own.
Lord of Fire
(火之迦具土 (ヒノカグツチ), Hi No Kagutsuchi)
Crow Child
(小烏丸 (コガラスマル), Kogarasumaru)
Zonda Zonda flagrantly displayed usage of Phantasm Mirror as part of her "Lustful Mirage" disguise, leading researchers to believe her rank was on-par with Nova's. This Glaive does not appear to have hindered her actions as an infiltrator from Eden at all. Zonda claimed to be using its power while fighting Gunvolt, but turned out to be a copy upon her defeat. What became of this Glaive is unknown, as the real Zonda was never seen using it.
Ame no Murakumo
(天叢雲 (アメノムラクモ)
Nova Tsukuyomi Despite the Glaive's sealing abilities, Nova was still able to use his Psychokinesis. He attempted to keep this a secret from Sumeragi, only confiding in Jota, and used his powers for off-record actions. Despite only considering it a little of his power, it was more than enough for him to easily defeat Viper, whom was already a skilled Adept of some infamy when the two first met.
(八咫烏 (ヤタガラス)
(黒豹 (クロヒョウ)
Nova Tsukuyomi Given to Nova to further seal his Septima, though even these failed to fully hinder him, still able to use enough of his power to go toe-to-toe with Gunvolt. These Glaives are a breakthrough, being the first fully artificial ones. When released, they manifest as the attack drones Panther Force (地より這出し陰の化身 (パンター フォース), Pansā Fōsu lit. The Shadow's Embodiment Coming Crawling from the Earth) and Raven Force (天を往く太陽の化身 (レイヴン フォース), Reivun Fōsu lit. The Sun's Embodiment Going to the Heavens).
"Imitation Sword"
(模造刀, Mōzōtō)
Tenjian A Glaive designed with technology stolen by Zonda to solely provide Tenjian with the benefits of Weaponization. Tenjian was impressed at first, but noted that it wasn't as strong as Sumeragi's original upon being defeated by Gunvolt. Unlike the vibrant colors of normal weaponized forms, this Glaive's transformation was a dull grey.
"Singing Fairy's Sword"
(謡精の宝剣, Yōsei no Hōken)
Mytyl Kamizono A Glaive crafted by Nori in the form of a pendant and given to Xiao after the latter extracted Mytyl's Septimal Inducers. Nori did this so that Mytyl could have a normal life, while Xiao plans to use the pendant for something, and does not intend to give it to Eden or Gunvolt.


  • Glaives serve as the weaponry foil counterpart to Gunvolt's weapon's choice, guns.
  • In the first trailer for the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, Nova's adepts are referred to as "The Glaives".
  • Tenjian originally used a counterfeit Glaive given to him by Zonda. This fake Glaive served to boost his powers, though only marginally compared to Sumeragi's true Glaives.
    • It's unknown if the rest of The Seven used fake Glaives.
  • The Japanese name of the process the Swordsmen use to transform into their combat form, "Armed Phenomenon", is a reference to the ability of the same name used by the Four Guardians of Mega Man Zero series, another series developed mainly by Inti Creates. Interestingly, the name itself comes from the 80's comic Baoh, the Visitor, which was created by the same man whom pens JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a highly influential comic within Japanese culture.
  • The average Glaive has a length of 170~180cm (between 5' 7'' and 5' 10''), an exact number cannot be determined due to inconsistencies between the official heights for characters and the proportional heights of their in-game sprites.



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