“You’ll pay for that, buddy-boy…and it’s going to hurt!”
Gibril , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Gibril, "The Full Metal Jacket", also known in Japan as "Full Metal Jacket", Gibril (鉄血の刻衣 (フルメタルジャケット) ジブリール, furu metaru jaketto Jiburiiru; "Full Metal Jacket" translating to "Steel & Blood Carved Dress") is a member of Eden's The Seven and one of the antagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

A cruel, violent and sadistic person, Gibril takes intense delight in both giving out and receiving pain. She has an affinity for the Metallon Septima, which grants her power over metal.


English DescriptionEdit

Gibril is an Adept whose “Metallon” Septima gives her the ability to control metal. She has a cruel, yet sadistic personality, but more than either of those her true nature is quite masochistic.

She harbors great insecurities about her height, and she tends to express those insecurities by acting out in fits of pure rage. So, within the ranks of Eden, it is quite taboo to say words like “small” or “tiny” when she is around.

During battle, she can create metal-based weapons while in her “Alchemist Mode”, utilize her high-speed “Beast Mode” form, and her most powerful form, “Crisis Beast Mode”.

Japanese DescriptionEdit

She’s the Psychic with the metal-controlling Ability, “Metallica”. She has a brutal and sadistic personality, but in truth, she’s rather masochistic.

She has a strong complex regarding her small height. If one comments on her height, she becomes so wild that it’s almost impossible to control her. Thus, Eden members know that’s it’s a taboo to say words like “small” or “dwarf” in front of her.

She can use her “Alchemist Mode” to generate steel weapons, or her high-speed battling form “Beast Mode” when battling. She also has an ace-in-the-hole in the form of the suicide attacking form “Crisis Beast Mode”. She goes on switching between any of these modes.


Gibril is a young teenage girl with short brownish red hair with two mirroring white streaks and amber eyes. She wears a black jacket with a fur collar, a white and purple t-shirt underneath that reads "satsu" (殺), meaning "kill", a short red skirt, and black knee high boots. She also wears a black spiked choker around her neck. Her small stature means she is often mistaken to be much younger than she actually is.

In her Grimoired form, Gibril gains red hair and black eyes with red irises. She wears a black and grey bodysuit with red highlights, with large wing like pieces of armour attached to her shoulder covering her arms. She also wears an armoured hood over her head. In her "Beast Mode" she purges her armor parts for a more agile form with claws. In her "Crisis Beast Mode", her appearance is mostly the same, though she is now enveloped in a light crimson aura, shaped like a wolf's tail.


Out of all The Seven, Gibril is without a doubt the most violent and unhinged. An openly cruel and destructive person, Gibril, in her own words, knows nothing but war. As such, she lusts for battle and chaos, showing great enthusiasm for anything that involves fighting and death.

Gibril is also rather sadistic, making sure to cause her opponents as much pain as possible. She kidnaps animals and even humans so she can drain their blood and life energy to fuel her Septima.

Gibril also harbors a deep rooted complex regarding her small height. When anyone mentions something to do with her being "small" or a "kid", she immediately loses her temper, flying into a rage rivaling the likes of Viper.

However, underneath her sadistic and dark personality, lies an incredibly masochistic side. After being killed by Gunvolt and resurrected, she falls completely in love with him due to the pain he caused her, and even claims that he feels something for her as well. When she faces him a second time, she begs him to attack her and cause her pain, all the while attacking him herself.


Born in England to a weak-willed yet kind mother and a stern, serious father, Gibril received very polarizing types of affection growing up. Her mother loved her dearly, calling her "Little Angel", but her father, who thought highly of reputation, left Gibril's care almost entirely to her mother. Stressed by having an Adept daughter, the man began giving violent "coaching" to his wife, so she would raise her better.

Then, around the time Gibril graduated from preparatory school, her father struck her mother too hard, killing her. In a moment of fear and anger, Gibril used the blood flowing from her mother's corpse to forge a metallic blade and kill her father.

Afterwards, she was taken to a reception center for counselling, but eventually fled using her Septima. With nowhere else to go, she joined a gang of delinquent Adepts, committing all sorts of dark crimes, earning the nickname "Blood & Steel Gibril", after her Septima. 

Some time after, she encountered Zonda, who was scouring the Earth looking for Adepts to join Eden, and challenged her to a fight. After being beaten, she decided to pledge herself to Zonda's cause. 

It was noted by several observers of the fight that as Gibril was defeated, she began to laugh for an unknown reason. 

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2=Edit

Gunvolt's StoryEdit

Mysterious Manor (Luminescence)Edit

Sometime after Eden managed to obtain the power of the Muse, Gibril and a gang of Eden soldiers commandeered an old mansion in the city to serve as a base of operations. From there, they began kidnapping people off the street so Gibril can drain their blood to fuel her Septima, turning her victims into zombies under her control. One of her victims happened to be Quinn's friend, prompting Gunvolt to investigate.

Gunvolt fights his way through the mansion and reaches Gibril's lab. Gunvolt at first believes her to be a child who was kidnapped by Eden, but Gibril reveals that she's one of the Seven and the one behind the kidnappings, using their blood to power her Septima. Disgusted, Gunvolt engages Gibril in an arduous battle. After taking too much damage, Gibril transforms into her "Crisis Beast Mode" and unleashes her Iron Maiden Special Skill, using her own blood to create metal spikes on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Eventually, repetitive uses of the attack causes Gibril to die of blood loss, ending her reign of terror and allowing Gunvolt to claim her mirror shard.

The Garden 3 (Savior)Edit

As Gunvolt fights his way to the heart of the Garden to recover the rest of the mirror shards, Zonda summons mirror copies of the Seven to stop him, Gibril being among them.

Gibril professes her feelings for Gunvolt due to him killing her. But as she acknowledges that she knows only war, she feels the only way to show her love for him is through battle and thus engages the Azure Striker in battle once more. Gunvolt defeats the mirror copy and moves on.

Copen's StoryEdit

The Sewers (Forfeit)Edit

After defeating four of the Seven, Copen receives an urgent message from Nori, telling him that his sister Mytyl had been abducted yet again. Copen follows Mytyl's transmitter to the sewers, where he finds Gibril and fellow bishop Teseo waiting for him.

Teseo taunts him by saying he's in love with his sister and intentionally reveals that he used his "Hack the Planet" Septima to transport Mytyl to the Garden, prompting Gibril to angrily demand that he leave and let her handle Copen like they discussed.

Teseo calls her a Tsundere and leaves, much to Gibril's annoyance. Gibril engages Copen in battle, who proceeds to mock and belittle her age and height, much to her growing anger. Eventually Copen manages to defeat her and claim her mirror shard.

The Garden 3 (Savior) Edit

During her final battle with Copen, Zonda uses her Eden's Presence Special Skill to summon illusions of the Seven to aid her, Gibril being one of them.

Other AppearancesEdit

Armed Blue GunvoltEdit

Some time prior to the events of the first game, Eden launched a terrorist attack on the nation to bring down the barrier that protects it. Gibril and Teseo launched a two-pronged assault on the UTU Media Tower. Gibril would attack the tower itself while Teseo would hack the tower's main computer. In truth, this was a cover so that their spy could infiltrate Japan. Gibril arrived at the tower only to be confronted by Jota.

Jota at first mistakes Gibril for a child and offers to spare her if she surrenders, expressing disgust at Eden for using child soldiers. Angered, Gibril unveils her Septima and engages the Prideful Silhouette in a grueling battle. Before a victor could be decided, a satellite strike from Nova causes the fight to end in a draw and Gibril retreats on Tenjian's order.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst Edit

Gibril has a collectable pixel sticker that can be earned in Dynatron's stage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave and a member of the Seven, Gibril is a powerful Adept who wields the Metallon Septima, which, true to its name, grants her the power to control all kinds of metal.

As shown in the Drama CD in her fight with Jota, her powers are great enough to control gravel with metals inside and remains of ships and planes which she pulls up from the bottom of the sea. She can also use her power over metal to control blood as iron is present in the blood.

She can drain blood out of a person to fuel her powers, turning her victim into a zombie under her control. She can also use her control over blood to paralyze a person as shown in her fight with Jota.

In battle, Gibril's Grimoried form gives her three modes to fight with. In her Alchemist Mode, she has the ability to fly and primarily fights at a distance by constructing metal objects out of blood such as axes, iron maidens, and spikes. In her Beast Mode, she focuses more on close quarters combat, shredding opponents with her claws while performing high speed maneuvers.

In times of desperation, she can access her most powerful form: her Crisis Beast Mode which is the same as her regular Beast Mode, but with a crimson aura shaped like a wolf's tail. In this mode, she can use her Iron Maiden Special Skill, using her own blood to create metal spikes on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

However, this is a weapon of last resort as using too much of her blood can cause her to die of excessive blood loss. Gibril is also shown to be skilled with an assault rifle as her fight with Jota shows.


Alchemist ModeEdit

Mother Of MercyEdit


She makes an Iron Maiden pop up above the player. If you get caught, then you’ll be unable to move.

  • The Iron Maiden ignores Prevasion, Overheats Gunvolt, and empties Copen's Bullits.
Rain MakerEdit


Gibril flies across the field creating axes that fly towards you. Flashfield can't block the axes, but can dispel the globs before they become axes.

Blood BrothersEdit


A move in which she throws a blood-like liquid around the area. The liquid adheres to the ground and becomes a trap. The blood can be blocked by Flashfield whether it's in the air or on the ground.

Beast ModeEdit

  • In this mode, Gibril spends a good deal of time low to the ground, making it difficult to hit her with standard rounds. Either wait for an opening, or try using some specialized bullets.
Flesh Of The BladeEdit


She charges and slashes at you with her claws.

  • She has two patterns for this attack.
    • Three standard slices.
    • Two slices before transitioning to Strange World.
Strange WorldEdit


A feint attack that appears to be a charge towards you. She sends an afterimage charging at you while the real one appears from above.

  • Gibril takes about a second longer to attack whenever she preps this move.
Dance Of DeathEdit


She jumps around the battlefield and toys with the player.

Childhood's EndEdit


An attack in which she creates a gigantic shockwave and cuts upwards. Once you see that she’s about to do this, try to get behind her ASAP. It grows as it travels, so being too far away makes it unavoidable.

Crisis Beast ModeEdit


Iron Maiden

Iron MaidenEdit


Instinct conquers all / Instilling new agony / Yet bliss transcends pain! Iron Maiden!

Gibril’s Special Skill. She forms a gigantic cage and flies around within, leaving blood pools on the floor, walls, and ceiling as she jumps off of them. Upon stopping in the center of the ceiling, these blood pools will generate enormous metal blades, draining her health in the process. There are four normal attack patterns which are randomly selected, and a special fifth one that is always selected when Gibril's health is nearly depleted.

  • During this phase she has high resistance to damage, and contact with her will instantly trigger Overheat.
  • Gibril will kill herself using this skill. When her health drops to 1 via this skill, she will fall from the ceiling and stand there, barely moving. Approximately 3-4 seconds later, she dies.
  • The Flashfield dispels the blood pools that spawn blades.
  • Contact with Gibril does not empty Copen's Bullits.

Quotes Edit

"Found us, did he? Ugh. Such a stalker. Fiiine! I'll deal with it. Keep him busy for awhile."
Gibril , being informed of Gunvolt's arrival

"Kid?! I'll show you who the kid is around here!"
Gibril , facing Gunvolt

"Lifeless shells controlled by my septima, Metallon? Yessir! I command metal. Iron is in the blood. Do the math. It feels so good to turn the tables on these jerks."
Gibril , on her zombies

"G-Gunvolt! I was hoping to run into you. I realized something about my feelings. ...For you. I think of you killing me before and my insides burn! That's love, right? It sounds like the love Zonda speaks of. Yet all I know is war. And since you're my foe... Come! Fight me! Infect me with pain! Make my blood scream!"
Gibril's copy , facing Gunvolt

"Enough, Teseo! Shut your mouth for once. Now leave and let me handle this like we discussed."
Gibril , with Teseo

"Finally! Now we get to the part where I utterly destroy you. Get ready!"
Gibril , about to fight Copen

Gibril , fighting Copen

Designer CommentsEdit

The kanji “satsu (murder)” on the shirt that Gibril wears might look like a (poor fashion) sense from an adult’s perspective but she herself wears it thinking it’s cool, that’s the line I aimed for.

(Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)

It was clear from the start that the little red riding hood would become a wolf and thus the process moved on straight ahead but our opinions on the structure of her parts differed so we did some fine-tuning and detailed exchanges. As a result… She’s the boss that took most time (to complete). The feet in her wolf mode use “that” musical’s animal puppets as reference. Because I felt that (in my design) they didn’t look like a wolf’s feet. Her pre-transformation (look) was always a brown-haired girl with streaked hair. Because I like brown-haired girls (laughs)

(Araki Munehiro)


  • The members of Eden are based off classical fairy tales and represent pieces on a chessboard. Gibril is based off The Little Red Riding Hood and represents one of two bishops, the other being Teseo.
  • Gibril is named after the Israeli Gabriel missile, similar to the rest of The Seven, with "Gibril" being specifically the Egyptian Arabic variant of Gabriel.
  • All of Gibril's attack names are based off songs of the actual Iron Maiden music band.
  • According to an official height, Gibril is 150cm (4'11") tall, although ironically, she is significantly taller than Joule, Mytyl and Zonda.
  • Gibril's T-shirt is literally named "T-Satsu", a pun between "shirt" and "satsu" (殺, or "kill").
  • During the events of the Drama CD, Armed Blue Gunvolt, Gibril was wielding an assault rifle, suggesting that she has a proficiency with firearms.
  • Due to her personality and mannerisms, Teseo has dubbed her to be a "tsundere".
  • Gibril's title of "Full Metal Jacket" is a reference to a type of bullet.
  • Gibirl is the only boss whom Gunvolt doesn't shout "Oversurge! Azure Striker! ____" when fighting her.

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Japanese VersionEdit

"Fine! I'll execute him myself!"
Gibril , Japanese Quote ◆“Steel & Blood Carved Dress (Full Metal Jacket)” Gibril

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