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The Giant Lola, also known as Giga Lola, is a powerful, mass-produced tank developed by the Sumeragi Institute and a boss in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. This gigantic tank uses the same EX Weapon technology as Lola, and even copies her appearance to a certain degree.

Demerzel personally designed the tank, and its resemblance to Lola is intended to be a psychological attack against Minos who view her as a source of hope.


The Giant Lola is essentially a supersized Mantis with treads and the head along with half the torso swapped out for a gigantic version of Lola's Battle Pod form, plus some thrusters on the back. Flaps on the sides and top of the head flip open to reveal conduits to manifest EX Weapons. Should the unit be damaged enough to activate Darkness Trigger, its faceplate breaks to reveal four glowing red eyes and a "mouth".

As it switches between EX Weapons, the Giant Lola will call them out in a monotone facsimile of Lola's voice as the gem on the pod's forehead changes to the corresponding color. This gem is also the machine's weak point, though no in-universe explanation is given for this design flaw.

Plot Role

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

City Slums - Deployment

After Copen has discovered the location of the Butterfly Effect in Sumeragi Building 13, Demerzel deploys countless Giant Lola's across the world, announcing that he will move to wipe out all remaining Minos.

Copen, hearing the commotion, rushes outside, just as one unit falls right outside his hideout. Forced to engage it in battle, he damages it severely, but is caught in the strings of Anchor Nexus. However, Lola smashes into it's gem at the last second, destroying it.

Other Appearances

Blaster Master Zero 2

The Giant Lola is appears alongside Copen as DLC for the Inti Creates game Blaster Master Zero 2. It acts as Copen's vehicle, equivalent to the SOPHIA tanks used by the game's protagonist Jason, and was released alongside Copen on November 29, 2019.


As a knock-off of Lola, the Giant Lola is capable of using any EX Weapon the original can, with the exception of Stellar Spark.

Skill Description

Orbital Edge

The Giant Lola retreats to the far right before launching a giant circular blade towards the bottom-left corner. The blade grinds along the ground as it returns.

The EX Boss version (accessible through VS Mission) launches Orbital Edge faster.

Photon Detonator
ルミナリーマイン、Luminary Mine

The Giant Lola moves forward charging a conduit. The conduit fires a spark that creates a large explosion, leaving little safe room on the ground.

Muse's Kiss
キスオブディーヴァ、Kiss of Diva

The Giant Lola moves to about the center of the screen, and fires a giant Lola-shaped projectile that bounces along the ground.

The EX Boss version (accessible through VS Mission) launches two orbs instead of one.

Shroud Spear
クロスランサー、Cloth Lancer

The Giant Lola moves to about the center of the screen, then fires a three-way spread of cloth spears, with one of them flying diagonally downwards to bounce off the ground. If the attack connects, it will be instantly followed up with Orbital Edge.

Rising Cyclone
ドラフトスパイラル、Draft Spiral

The Giant Lola retreats before marking an area with two small tornadoes that rapidly expand.

Darkness Trigger

Triggered when the Giant Lola is on its final health bar. Causes the unit to go berserk, rapidly shifting forwards and backwards as it continuously fires dark purple energy projectiles.


  • The Giant Lola is the only boss to show visible damage as its HP decreases.
  • The EX Boss version of Giant Lola is one of the two bosses that can only be accessed through VS missions, the other being Butterfly Effect.