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|games = ''[[Azure Striker Gunvolt 2]]''<br>''[[Mighty Gunvolt Burst]]'' (Cameo)
|games = ''[[Azure Striker Gunvolt 2]]''<br>''[[Mighty Gunvolt Burst]]'' (Cameo)
|drama_tracks = ''[[Paradise's Frantic Song]]'' (mentioned)
|drama_tracks = ''[[Paradise's Frantic Song]]'' (mentioned)
|voice_actor = Chiharu Sawashiro
|voice_actor = [[Chiharu Sawashiro]]
|created_by = [[Inti Creates]]
|created_by = [[Inti Creates]]
|nickname =
|nickname =

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“There's an audience in place! Gotta let 'em see my face!”
Ghauri , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Ghauri, "The Prism Master", also known in Japan as "Prism Master", Ghauri (水晶靴の舞踏派 (プリズムマスター) ガウリ, purizumu masutaa Gauri; "Prism Master" translating to "Crystal Shoes Dance Faction") is a member of Eden's The Seven and one of the antagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

A former street dancer with an odd habit of speaking in rhymes, he attempts to combine his Septima with his dance moves to create a true spectacle. He has an affinity for the Prism Cataclysm Septima, which allows him to generate and control crystals at will.

English Website Description

His “Prism Cataclysm” Septima allows him to create crystals at will. A former street dancer, his constantly amped up, upbeat attitude is quite infectious within Eden. For better or worse, he will speak in rhymes, to the point where a sentence will lose its meaning just so he can complete a successful rhyme.

If he coats the ground with a crystalline material, he can glide along the surface like a roller skating rink. He’s currently working day and night on combining the powers of his crystal generation septima with a hot new original dance.


Ghauri is a teenager with cyan eyes and somewhat long purple hair. He wears a white short sleeved shirt, a small white-purple sleeveless jacket, blue jeans with lighter blue knees, and white shoes with purple highlights. He also has two purple straps hooked onto his jeans, a black belt with a sliver buckle, a black and silver pair of goggles on his forehead, black wristbands, and a black necklace with a silver spearhead pendant.

In his Grimoired form, Ghauri gains much longer, slightly lighter purple hair, and black eyes with purple irises. He is covered in black and white armour, with purple highlights, with large purple crystals sprouting from his knees. His feet also resemble high heels. Ghauri also becomes noticeably taller.


Compared to some of the more serious and darker members of The Seven, Ghauri is a considerably more light-hearted character, extremely cocky and outgoing. His extreme self-confidence borders on outright arrogance, and, as a result of his days as a street dancer, is a dedicated crowd-pleaser, at one point reversing his Grimoired transformation while being chased by someone out to kill him just so he could show off his true face. However, despite his near obnoxious ego, his upbeat, infectious charm makes it hard to actually hate him.

A former street dancer, his speech is riddled with street slang, and is always rhyming his sentences, which more often than not are more English than Japanese. As a result of this, very little of what he says actually makes sense, though Ghauri doesn't seem to care so long as he can continue a successful rhythm, making it extremely difficult to understand what he actually means, at some points just saying complete nonsense. In battle, he speaks in practically nothing but English phrases and slang, and dances around the battlefield as he tosses prisms everywhere.

Despite his casual, cheerful attitude though, he does show the same hatred towards non-adepts that other Eden members show, describing them as "parasitic", and blaming them for the current chaotic state of the world.


Born in America, Ghauri received professional education in figure skating during his childhood. However, during that time period, a movement against Adepts grew support, preventing him from becoming an official skater.

Instead, making use of his agility, he became a street dancer, and developed a dance squad with other Adepts. Their performances, which often mixed in their septimal powers, became well known, however, mistrust of Adepts grew stronger, until one day, when the team was meant to perform at a tournament, the organizers cancelled their performance.

Despite his team's woes, Ghauri performed them an inspirational, improvised rap, which got his team their confidence back, as well as spawning his current speech pattern. Thus, they once more began expanding their performance scope.

However, they continued to receive discrimination, especially from non-adept dance squads, due to the unique nature of their performance. Eventually, an incident with a rival team resulted in Ghauri's squad leader being seriously injured. Despite Ghauri's efforts to keep the team together, the other members lost their passion, and the team disbanded.

That's when Tenjian, a frequent spectator to the team's performances, approached Ghauri with the offer to join Eden as one of its "knights", an offer he accepted.

His passion for dancing still strong, Ghauri now works without rest to merge his dancing and his Septima, Prism Cataclysm, in order to ascend to a higher plane of dance.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Copen's Story

Prism Highway (Prism)

Some time after Eden enquired the power of the Muse, Ghauri leads a large squad to attack and destroy a highway. In his grimoired form, he speeds ahead, leaving a trail of destruction behind him, but he is soon tracked down by Copen, who catches up with him on a motorcycle driven by his maid Nori. He unsuccessfully tries to shake them off, before dashing ahead to escape.

Copen quickly reaches him, and is confused to see Ghauri in his normal form. The latter states that he has to let them see his true face, before using his Grimoire to transform again and engaging Copen in battle. During the fight, Ghauri shows his dislike for the "parasite" that is humanity. Copen counters this by saying only humanity can judge itself, but Ghauri just criticises him for his lack of "flow". Eventually, Ghauri's rhythms get on Copen's nerves, who promptly defeats and kills him, taking his mirror shard.

The Garden 3 (Saviour)

At some point, a copy of Ghauri, alongside the other members of The Seven, is created by Zonda with her Mirror septima. He, along with Tenjian, Desna and Asroc, await Copen as he attempts to reach Zonda. When he encounters Ghauri again, the former greets him with even more rhyming, now more confusing than ever, which at this point have begun to drive Copen mad with their absurdity. Despite this, Ghauri's copy is beaten, and Copen carries on to Zonda.

Zonda later summons an illusion of The Seven to assist her in her battle against Copen, Ghauri among them.

Gunvolt's Story

Highway (Crossroads)

After Gunvolt defeats four members of The Seven, Ghauri and fellow knight Asroc both break into Copen's house and kidnaps Mytyl, destroying a highway on their way out. Copen confronts them, but Asroc refuses to hand her over, saying she has a role to play in their plans. Ghauri then apologizes on behalf of his "wingman" for his arrogance, but reassures him that his sister is in good hands, in rhyme of course, which only infuriates Copen even more.

Asroc then leaves Ghauri to take care of Copen, when Gunvolt suddenly rushes onto the scene, demanding the mirror shard, much to Ghauri's confusion. Copen then leaves to pursue Asroc, leaving Gunvolt to deal with Ghauri, who launches into a rhyming speech before attacking Gunvolt, who quickly becomes annoyed with his speech.

During the fight, Ghauri asks how Gunvolt can "roll his soul with human trolls", stating they made the world hell. Gunvolt replies that he wouldn't let Eden decided his fate, and that people like Ghauri and Eden are even worse. Eventually, Ghauri is killed, and his Mirror shard is taken.

Paradise's Frantic Song

Ghauri is mentioned to be on a mission alongside Milas and Teseo, and is thus absent from the CD's events.

Other Appearances

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Ghauri appears as a collectible pixel sticker that can be found in the stage "Radio Tower".

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave and a member of The Seven, Ghauri is a powerful Adept who can harness the Prism Cataclysm Septima, which allows him to generate and control crystals of various shapes and sizes at will. Ghauri normally does this by generating a light in his hand which forms the crystal. The crystals are extremely tough, far more so than normal crystals, and can withstand all manner of attacks save for Copen's Twintail Bunkers.

In his normal form, it requires a lot of effort for Ghauri to generate crystals bigger than himself or outside of a five meter radius. With the power of a Grimoire however, his radius and size both increase exponentially. The crystals can also refract and condense light into deadly lasers, due to Ghauri's own willpower.

Ghauri can also coat the ground in crystals, allowing him to skate along the ground as if he was on ice. The crystals also seem to have some power over technology as in Copen's stage, he faces a Sumeragi Spyder unit coated in crystals. Upon receiving a Grimoire, his power grows to the point that he's able to completely destroy a highway. Owing to his former career as a street dancer, Ghauri is incredibly agile and graceful, combining his powers with his agility for graceful attacks.


Tornado Bomb


A spin jump that generates an arc of crystal balls to fly at you. The crystal balls can be destroyed by Flashfield or shooting.

  • Ghauri will always dash off-screen before performing this attack.
    • He will jump after he crosses approximately half the arena.
Prism Shoot


An attack where a small prism is shot by a kick. The prism itself can also block your shots, and sticks to the air in front of you if it hits.

  • Phase 2 onward, Ghauri may dash around and hold on to the prism before launching it.
Prism Strike


An attack that kicks a big prism forward. It also blocks your shots.

  • Ghauri stops using this attack phase 2 onwards.
Prism Break


Ghauri starts using this attack phase 2 onwards. He summons a massive prism and smashes it with a kick, causing the pieces to rain down. The smashed fragments are pretty hard to dodge.

Poetry Slam

プリズムプリズマプリズン Prism Prisma Prison

Prism glitters bright / Forming such bewitching bonds / From which none may flee! Poetry Slam!

Ghauri’s Special Skill. It's an attack that drops 3 prismatic pillars and traps the player within them. The prism pillars launch lasers that become refracted diagonally upwards or downwards. The pillars themselves become vulnerable where they launch lasers, so a good volley there can crumble them. Alternatively, while playing as Copen, the player can use the Broad Circuit Special Weapon at the right time to easily break all three pillars at once. If any pillars are still standing, Ghauri smashes them in a pair of flying kicks, then followed by a spin to smash it's lower part.


"Welcome to this hellish gate! I see that you didn't wait. But you can't escape fate so for you it's now checkmate!"
Ghauri , being pursued by Copen and Nori

"Have a ball down this hall! One more step to your big fall!
Ghauri , after being defeated in the pursue section

"The parasitic arthritic thinks he's a critic! Such pathetic aesthetic must be in your genetics! So get ready for judging, 'cause I ain't sympathetic."
Ghauri , responding to Copen's criticism

"Yo mac! I'm back on the attack like a whack flap jak! You're on my turf, so it's time to get nerfed!"
Ghauri , after being revived

"Crack pack flack in a back sack! Quack quack?"
Ghauri , making no sense

"It upsets, but cool your jets before it leads to regrets! Sorry 'bout my wingman. He thinks he's the king, man."
Ghauri , apologizing for Asroc's behaviour

"All right. Tight! I can work with this all night. Yer pal didn't like my moves, so it behooves that you improve."
Ghauri , preaching to Gunvolt

"Where's the moves? Or the rhymes? Lacking both is a crime! So let's you and me dance until we chance to break the trance. By which I mean I'm gonna kick you in the pants!"
Ghauri , about to face Gunvolt

Designer Comments

When working on Ghauri’s designs, there was a very brief period in which he was riding in a bike. The goggles are a leftover from that (idea).

(Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)

When I made the drafts there was no “setting” at all. Cinderella had glass shoes so… I could make use of it. I thought of him as a boss who used the feet and bluntly added crystal boots. The high heels and the big knees are my own taste. I also was fixated on doing lines I didn’t do when the previous game. Ghauri’s feet worked as a base for each boss’ strong portion or portions they have confidence on (?). They served as a guideline within myself for future designs. I also liked the idea of having him control time but, due to some reasons, it was discarded…

(Araki Munehiro)


  • The members of Eden are based on classical fairy tales and represent the pieces of a chess board. Ghauri is based off Cinderella and represents one of the two knights, the other being Asroc.
    • Ghauri's death phrase "The magic's... vanishing..." is a reference to the story, as is Gunvolt's line "Oversurge! Azure Striker! Let the clock strike twelve" said when fighting Ghauri.
  • Ghauri is named after the Hatf-5 Ghauri-I, a Pakistani ballistic missile, since all members of The Seven are named after missiles.
  • In the Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Halloween wallpaper, Ghauri dressed in pop superstar Michael Jackson's famous Thriller attire.
  • Teseo mentions Ghauri in a hashtag when the former makes a rhyme during his boss fight.
  • In the Japanese version, Ghauri has a habit of randomly inserting English into his Japanese speech, especially in his rhymes, usually speaking at least one English word per sentence.
    • This has the unintentional effect of making the localization changes in the game's script extremely noticeable, especially when Ghauri speaks full sentences in English.


Japanese tweet regarding Ghauri #1

Japanese tweet regarding Ghauri #2

Japanese Version

“I go on scoring my lyrics! And this GIMMICK: it glows like a prism!”
Ghauri, Japanese Quote ◆“Crystal-shoes Dance-faction (Prism Master)” Ghauri