Scripts (Gunvolt)

Xiao: The roads are icy, so things are bound to get slippery. Be careful, okay? Like, even more than usual.

Joule: Yes, GV. Be careful!

This ice fortress used to be a five-star hotel.

Xiao: Rich folks from all over came here to revel in excess.

Tenjian wasn't this powerful when we first fought. The power he took from Joule must be aiding him.

< encounter of anti-skid coating >

Gunvolt: Um... what's this?

Xiao: Scans show the interior contains an anti-skid coating.

Gunvolt: And it's for... what, exactly?

Xiao: Dunno, but you might as well use it since you're on ice. Tag it and zap it to take control.

Gunvolt: Man, this is crazy useful.

Xiao: The anti-skid properties won't last forever, though. If you need to extend it, you'll have to apply more.


Joule: Are those floating icicles?

Gunvolt: Must be that guy's Septima at work again. (Still, I bet I can use 'em as footholds...)

Xiao: Looks like the building is collapsed ahead, GV. Given that, plus the anti-skid coating, I'm thinking--

Gunvolt: Someone's been here already? Yeah, me too. (But who...?)

Xiao: Smash that hexapyle to enter the hotel.

< Copen encounter >

Joule: Hold on, GV. I'm sensing someone...

Gunvolt: Copen! What are you doing here?!

Copen: Ready yourself, Adept. Today you draw your last breath.

Gunvolt: I'm after Sumeragi and Eden, Copen. I have no quarrel with you. I just want the shard. Then we can go our separate ways.

Copen: Your kind are threats to humanity. I must stop you!

Looks like I'll have to fight him...

Copen: And now, I will wipe every Adept from the face of the Earth!

< S T R I K E >

Gunvolt: Adepts and humans must be able to live in peace. You can't just reject the idea out of hand.

Copen: And what is your evidence? This frozen city? How do we coexist with beings that pose such a threat? You would have us make peace with living weapons?!

Gunvolt: That's not--

Copen: Sumeragi claimed they could control Adepts. It was a lie. I learned that when I kept up my father's research. See the truth! This country is under siege by mad Adepts. And Sumeragi's actions only serve to imperil us further. I must eliminate the threat of your kind.

Gunvolt: Maybe I just have more faith in humanity than you.

Copen: A good gardener knows when to pluck out a weed!


Gunvolt: Enough, Copen. Give me the shard.

Copen: You are not the only one who needs this shard, Adept.

Gunvolt: Dammit! He's gone! (Can't worry about that now. I have to save the city.)


(Copen... I don't think I've seen the last of him. I just... feel it.)

Tenjian: Ah, Gunvolt. Welcome. Have a gift for your trouble.

Gunvolt: It's Tenjian's Septima!

Joule: Everything's frozen! ...Again.

Gunvolt: (Maybe this isn't quite what it seems. I won't let some crappy illusion stop me!)


Gunvolt: What's this? Some kind of defense system?

Joule: Don't give up, GV!


Xiao: This ice Septima is more powerful than ever.

Gunvolt: He was strong before, but with Joule's power...

Joule: Oh, GV...

(I'm going to get it back, no matter what.)

< at heavy box >

I don't think I can break this... I'll need to use the icicles to climb instead.

Joule: How can someone use ice for evil when it's so pretty? I used to love staring at ice sculptures in the winter. But this place? This hotel? It... scares me.

Gunvolt: I hear you. (It's a hexapyle. Tenjian must be through there.)


Joule: He's further inside, GV.

Tenjian: Your reputation is earned, Adept. I'm pleased you were able to make it this far.

Gunvolt: This ends now, Tenjian. I'll take you out and then take back that shard!

Tenjian: You're obsessed with shards. Perhaps my sword can cure you.

< Tenjian weaponizes >

Tenjian: I've prepared since our last fight... Now... en garde!

< S T R I K E >

Tenjian: One with your power could easily wipe out humanity! Why cut ties with QUILL only to fight your own?

Gunvolt: We're all humans-- Septimas or not.

Tenjian: In my land, Adepts were hunted from birth. My parents abandoned me to wander the streets alone. When I finally collapsed from hunger, a human gave me food.

Gunvolt: Then how can you claim all humans are evil?

Tenjian: The food was poisoned! ... I barely survived. It was then I realized our two kinds cannot know peace.

Gunvolt: Not all humans are so cruel, Tenjian. Quinn, a human, cares for me. Me, Tenjian! An Adept!

Tenjian: Perhaps a small few share her views, but I doubt it. History proves humans have no tolerance for the unique. Only the strong survive... and Adepts are strong!

Gunvolt: You and Copen are both so damn stubborn! Oversurge! Azure Striker! Thaw this heart of hatred!


Gunvolt: We're done here.

Xiao: Guess what, GV? I'm starting to believe what you're selling. Adepts and humans can live in peace. Just like you and Quinn!

Gunvolt: Thanks, Xiao.

Joule: ......

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei]

Tenjian Stage (Gunvolt)



GV, 大変だ! 近くの街が一つ, エデンの構成員にのっとられたみたいなんだ

GV, taihen da! Chikaku no machi ga hitotsu, Eden no kouseiin ni nottorareta mitai nanda

GV! Trouble! A nearby city has been taken over by Eden members!

街全体が, 突然氷に覆われて都市機能がマヒしているらしい

Machi zentai ga, totuzen koori ni oowarete toshi kinou ga mahi shiteiru rashii

The whole city has been covered in ice and its functions aren’t working.


街全体が氷に? ヤツ... テンジアンか!

Machi zentai ga koori ni? Yatsu… Tenjian ka!

The whole city’s been covered in ice? It’s him… Tenjian! 



Douyara sono machi wo shinkou no tame no katsudou kyoten ni shiteiru you da ne…

Looks like they’re using the city as a base of operations of their invasion…

氷は今も範囲を広げている. 急がないと全てがエデンに支配されてしまうかも...

Koori wa ima mo hani wo hirogateiru. Isoganai to subete ga Eden ni shihai sarete shimau kamo…

The ice’s still spreading. We gotta hurry or else Eden will rule over the whole nation…

テンジアンは, 豪華ホテルを基地にしているみたい. GV...頼めるかな?

Tenjian wa, gouka hoteru wo kichi ni shiteiru mitai. GV… Tanomeru ka na?

Tenjian is using a luxury hotel as a base. GV… Can I count on you? 


もちろんだ. そのホテルに向かおう!

Mochiron da. Sono hoteru ni mukaou!

Of course. Let’s head over there!


凍結 (フローズンシティー)

Touketsu (furoozun shitii)

Frozen (Frozen City) 



Senshitachiy wo tsukiugoasu wa zettai reido no fukushuushin 

The avenging absolute zero pushes the warriors unto ahead… 


Fukushuu wa setsuna no gekijou no nagusame ni shika naranai

Revenge is but a momentary passion’s soothing… 

それは彼らと, かつて己へ送る雷撃(コトバ)

Sore wa kare ra to, katsute onore wo okuru raigeki (kotoba)

And they also are the thunders (words) you sent to yourself and to them… 



Touketsu miyako 

Frozen city

1st half:




Romen wa touketsu shiteru kara suberi yasuku natteru yo

The ground’s frozen so it’s easy to lose your footing


Itsumo ijou shinchou ni ne

Be VERY careful 


GV, 気をつけて

GV, ki wo tsukete 

GV! Watch out… 

(Advance through the area)



Kono kuni yuusuu no koukyuu hoteru – sore ga ima de wa koori no shiro to kashiteiru 

One of this nation’s few high-class hotels – has now become an ice castle 


ここは, 国内の著名人や権力者の御用達のホテルでもあったみたいだね

Koko wa, kokunai no choumeijin ya kenryokusha no goyoutachi no hoteru demo atta mitai da ne

It’d seem this also served as a hotel for national celebrities and VIPs



Kono nouryoku kibou… Izen tatakatta toki wa koko made ja nakatta no ni…

The scale of his power… Wasn’t this powerful when I fought him… 


Ubawareta Shian no chikara de kyouka sarete iru no ka

He’s surely powered up with the power he stole from Cyan

(Relief supplies)



Kore wa ittai?

What’s this?


スキャンしたところ, 中身はすべり止めのコーティング剤だね

Sukyan shita tokoro, nakami wa suberidome no koutingu zai dane

I scanned it: this thing contains anti-sliding coating agent


すべり止めの...? なんでそんなものが?

Suberi dome no…? Nande sonna mono ga?

Anti-sliding…? Why is this thing here, anyway?


よく判らないけど...凍った路面は戦闘に不利だし, どうせなら使わせてもらうよ

Yoku wakaranai kedo… Kotta romen wa sentou ni furi dashi, douse nara tsukawasete morau yo 

Dunno either! But this ground is bad for battling: let’s make use of this gift horse 

キミなら, 避雷針(ダート)を打ち込んで電流を流せば, 操作出来るはずだ

Kimi nara, hiraishin (daato) wo uchikonde denryuu wo nagaseba, souse dekiru hazu da

You should be able to operate it by shooting lightning rods (Darts) into it



Kore wa tasukaru na…

How useful…



Suberidome no kouka wa ittei jikan de kirareru kara chuui shite ne

The anti-sliding will wear out after a while so be careful

効果を持続させたかったら, もう一回塗布(とふ)する必要があるよ

Kouka wo jizoku saseta kattara, mou ikkai tofu suru hitsuyou ga aru yo

If you want it to continue for longer, spray yourself again



空中に... つらら?

Kuchuu ni… tsurara?

Icicles… in mid-air? 


これも, ヤツの第七波動(セブンス)の影響か

Kore mo, yatsu no dai nana hadou (sebunsu) no eikyou ka

These are created by his 7th Wave (Sevens), I guess…

うまくやれば, つららを足場にして上まで登っていけそうだ

Umaku yareba, tsurara wo ashiba ni shite ue made nobotte ike sou da

If I focus then maybe I can use these to climb upwards 



GV, そこの登っていった先に, 建物が一部破壊された痕跡がある

GV, soko no nobotteitta saki ni, tatemono ga ichibu hakai sareta konseki ga aru

GV: there are traces of a section having been destroyed further ahead 

さっきのすべり止めといい, 破壊の痕跡といい, もしかしたら...

Sakki no suberi dome to ii, hakai no konseki to ii, moshikashitara…

That anti-sliding and the traces of destruction… Could it be that…?



Boku tachi igai ni dare ka kiteiru… tte koto ka 

There’s someone else here… apart from us


Ittai dare ga…?

Who could it be…?

(Gate Monolith)



Geeto monorisu wo yabutte hoteru nai ni susumun da

Break the Gate Monolith and get into the hotel 

Vs Acura:

(Retry Marker)


この気配は... GV, 気をつけて! 誰か居る!

Kono kehai wa… GV, ki wo tsukete! Dare ka iru!

This feeling… GV! Watch out! There’s someone there!

(Acura appears)


アキュラ! お前もここに来ていたのか

Akyura! Omae mo koko ni kite ita no ka

Acura! You’ve also come here?



Sore wa kochira no serifu da. Ganvoruto… Kyou koso iki no ne wo tomete yaru

That’s what I should say. Gunvolt… Today I’ll finish you off once and for all



Sumeragi mo Eden demo nai kimi to tatakau riyuu wa nai…

I’ve got no reason to fight you: you’re neither Sumeragi nor Eden…

シアンの一部...ミラーピースさえ返してくれれば, ボクはそれでいいんだ

Shian no ichibu… Miraa piisu sae kaeshite kurereba, boku wa sore de iin da

I only want you to give me back Cyan’s piece… That “Mirror Piece”… 


世迷言を. 以前言ったはずだ. 貴様ら能力者はオレたち人類を脅かす害獣...相容れないとな!

Yomaigoto wo. Izen itta hazu da. Kisamara nouryousha wa ore tachi jinrui wo odokasu gaijuu… Aiirenai to na!

Talk about nonsense. I told you before. You Psychics are vermin that pose a threat to us humans… We can’t tolerate each other!



Yahari kare to tatakau shika nai no ka…!

Like I feared… I’ll have to fight him…!


全ての能力者, オレが駆逐する...!

Subete no nouryokusha, ore ga kuchiku suru…!

I’ll destroy all Psychics…!

(Begin Acura battle)


能力者とそうでない人... 共存の道だってあるはずだ!

Nouryokusha to sou denai hito… Kyozon no michi datte aru hazu da!

There should be way for Psychics and those who aren’t to coexist! 


Naze sono kanousei wo houki surunda!

Why do you discard that possibility!



Douchuu ni sanzan me ni yakitsuketa hazu da… Itsuita toshi wo… 

You should’ve been impacted by the panorama of this frozen city… 

ただ一人でこれを成す危険性, そんな連中と共存など出来りはずがあるまい

Tada hitori de kore wo nasu kikensei, sonna renchuu to kyozon nado dekiru hazu ga arumai

See how a single man did all of this… You pose danger. It’s impossible to co-exist with you Psychics… 

貴様は, 銃を持った...いや, 腕から銃を生やした者と, 手を取り合えというのか?

Kisama wa, juu wo motta… Iya, ude kara juu wo hayashita mono to, te wo toriae to iu no ka?

Are you saying I must work together with armed people… no, with people who can grow guns from the arms?



Sore wa…




Sumeragi no renchuu wa seigyo kanou dato no tamtatteiru ga… Sore ga kyogi dato iu kotow a

The Sumeragi bastards tried to claim they could control this power… But I know it was but lies… 

父の研究を受け継いだ, このオレが最も良く理解している

Chichi no kenkyuu wo uketsuida, kono ore ga motto mo yoku rikai shiteiru

I, inheritor of my father’s researches, know that better than anyone else

現に見ろ. 外国から来た害獣どもの暴走によって

Gen ni miro. Gaikoku kara kita gaijuu domo no bousou ni yotte 

Look at the reality. Vermin come from overseas run loose

皇神(スメラギ)も成すすべなく, この国は今, 危機に直面している

Sumeragi mo nasu sube naku, kono kuni wa ima, kiki ni chokumen shiteiru

Sumeragi is unable to stop them and this nation is facing a crisis

故に, オレはやらねばならん. 貴様ら危険生物の駆除をな

Yue ni, ore wa yareneba naran. Kisarama kiken seibutsu no kujo wo na

Therefore I MUST get rid of you: you’re dangerous creatures


それでもボクは, 人の可能性を...希望を信じている!

Soredemo boku wa, hito no kanousei wo… Kibou wo shinjiteiru!

However! I still believe in possibilities… In people… And in hope!



Ohana batake ga… Teokure ni naru mae ni karichirashite kureru!

Flower beds… Must be reaped before it’s too late!


Gun: 滅べ!


Be destroyed!

1st gauge:  オレが裁く…!

Ore ga sabaku…!

I’ll condemn you…!

2nd gauge: バケモノが…!

Bakemono ga…!

You monster…!

Defeated;  馬鹿な…っ!?

Bakana… tsu!?


Acura defated:


さあ, アキュラ. ミラーピースを渡すんだ

Saa, Akyura. Miraa piisu wo watasunda.

Alright, Acura. Give me the “Mirror Piece”


アレはオレにとって必要な物だ. 渡すわけにはいかん...

Are wa ore ni otte hitsuyou na mono da. Watasu wake ni wa ikan…

I need that as well. I’m not going to give it to you…



Kuu… Nigerareta ka…!

Sh…! He ran away…!

この街のこともあるし, 今は先を急ぐしかなさそうだな...

Kono machi no koto mo arushi, ima wa saki wo isogu shika nasa souda na…

I still need to help out this town: I better hurry on ahead…

2nd half:

(Retry Marker)





彼とはまた, いずれどこかで会うかもしれない...

Kare to mata, izure doko ka de au kamo shirenai…

Maybe we’ll meet again somewhere else…


Sonna yokan ga suru…

I’ve got that hunch…

(Tenjian’s power)


やはり来たか, ガンヴォルト. これは餞別だ

Yahari kita ka, Ganvoruto. Kore wa senbetsu da.

So you’ve come, Gunvolt. This is a parting gift.



Yatsu no dai nana hadou (sebunsu)…!

This is his 7th Wave (Sevens)…!

(Corridor freezes)



Mata kotta!

It’s frozen again!



Odoshi no tsumori kamo shirenai ga…

Maybe he’s trying to threaten me yet…


Konna iryuujon de boku wo tomerareru mono ka…!

This illusion can’t stop me…!

(Siren room) 



Renchuu no keibi shisutemu ka…!

A security system they set up…!


負けないで, GV!

Makenai de, GV!

Don’t lose, GV!



凍結の第七波動(セブンス)... 始めてGVが戦った時はここまで強力じゃなかったはずなのに...

Touketsu no dai nana hadou (sebunsu)… Hajimete GV ga tatakatta toki wa koko made kyouryoku ja nakatta hazu na no ni…

This freezing 7th Wave (Sevens)… When firstly fought him, GV, he wasn’t this powerful… 


向こうも確実に力をつけている. それも, シアンから奪った力で...

Mukou mo kakujitsu ni chikara wo tsuketeiru. Sore mo, Shian kara ubatta chikara de…

The enemy has powered up, too. Using the power stolen from Cyan…





Zettai ni tori modosu… Shian no chikara…!

I’ll get Cyan’s power back: no matter what happens…! 



このブロック... 壊せそうにないな

Kono burokku… Kowase sou ni nai na

This block doesn’t seem like it can be broken


Tsurara no ashiba wo nobotte iku shika na sa sou da

Guess I’ll have to climb upward using the icicles as platforms

(Ice engraving) 



Konna ni kirei na koori wo… doushite warui koto ni tsukaun darou…

Makes you wonder why he’s using this pretty ice for bad things…

昔, テレビで見た氷の彫刻はとてもキレイだと思ったけど

Mukashi, terebi de mita koori no choukoku wa totemo kirei dato omotta kedo

I used to think ice engravings like the ones I saw on TV some time ago were pretty… 


Kono kotta hoteru wa… nanda ka kowai

But this frozen hotel is… scary, even…



… Sou da ne.

… You’re right

(Gate Monolith)


ゲートモノリス... この奥にテンジアンがいるはずだ...!

Geeto monorisu… Kono oku ni Tenjian ga iru hazu da…!

A Gate Monolith… Tenjian is surely past this…!

Vs Tenjian:

(Retry Marker)


GV! いるよ,その先に...!

GV! Iru yo, sono saki…!

GV! He’s there, further ahead…!

(Tenjian appears)



Sasuga kaidai musou no aoki raitei (aamudo buruu)…

As expected of the Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue), this nation’s strongest man…


Koko made norikonde kuru to wa osoreitta yo 

I am impressed that you’ve made it this far


今回は邪魔は入らない... 今度こそお前を倒す

Konkai wa jama wa hairanai… Kondo koso omae wo taosu

No-one will get in the way today… Today I defeat you!


Soshite miraa piisu (Shian no chikara) wa kaeshite morau!

And I’ll get back the “Mirror Piece” (Cyan’s power)! 


一毛不抜. その執着...僕の剣で断ち切ろう

Ichimou fubatsu. Sono shuuchaku… Boku no tsurugi de tachikirou!

You are so selfish… I’ll cut off that tenacity you have with my sword!

捲土重来. 前回と同じだとは思わないことだ

Kendo juurai. Zenkai to onaji dato omowanai koto da

I’m stronger than before. Don’t think things will go like last time



Let’s go!

(Begin Tenjian battle)


その力があれば無能力者の排除も容温いとういうのに, キミはなぜ

Sono chikara ga areba munouryokusha no haijo mo tayasui to iu no ni, kimi ha naze

Your strength would allow you to easily get rid of all Non-Psychics: so why did you

フェザーを抜け, 能力者に牙剥くようなことをしているんだ?

Fezaa wo nuke, nouryoku ni kibamuku youna koto wo shiteirunda?

…quit Feather and defy us Psychics instead? 


第七波動(セブンス)なんて関係ない! 同じ人間だ! お前こそ, なぜ区別する!

Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) nante kankei nai! Onaji ningen da! Omae koso, naze kubetsu suru!

The 7th Wave (Sevens) hardly matters! We’re all humans! Speak for yourself: why do you discriminate!


僕の故郷では, 能力者は追害の対象...無告之民だった

Boku no kokyou dewa, nouryokusha wa tsuigai no taisho… Mukoku no tami datta

In my hometown… Psychics are object of discrimination… We were helpless folk… 

親に捨てられ, 住む場所もなく, 道を歩けば石を投げられた

Oya ni suterare, sumu basho mo naku, michi wo arukeba ishi wo nagerareta

My parents abandoned me, I had nowhere to live and when I walked the roads people threw stones at me…

やがて僕は空腹のあまり倒れた... その時はお優しい無能力者が食べ物を分けてくれた

Yagate boku wa kuufuku no amari taoreta… Sono toki wa oyashii munouryokusha ga tabemono wo wakete kureta

I eventually collapsed from starvation… And then a VERY kind Non-Psychic gave me some of their food…



Naraba doushite!

Well then, why…!


その食べ物は毒が仕込んであったんだ. まさに... 九死一生

Sono tabemono wa doku ga shikonde attan da… Masa ni… Kyuushi isshou

That food was poisoned. It was indeed a narrow escape from the jaws of death!

さすがに悟ったよ. 不倶戴天. 能力者と無能力者は手を取り合えない

Sasuga ni satotta yo. Fugu gaiten. Nouryokusha to munouryokusha wa te wo toriaenai

And so I realized… that we’re irreconcilable foes. Psychics and Non – Psychics can’t work together… 


違う... 第七波動(のうりょく)を持たない人全てがそんな心無い人じゃない

Chigau… Dai nana hadou (nouryou) wo matanai hito subete ga sonna kokoronai hito ja nai

That’s wrong… Not at all people who don’t have a 7th Wave (Ability) are that heartless…

ボクは知っている... オウカを... 偏見を持たず接してくれる人を!

Boku wa shitteiru… Ouka wo… Henken wo motazu sesshite kureru hito wo!

I know someone… Ouka… who connected with me without any prejudices! 


それこそ人間の一部じゃないか? 僕はキミほど無能力者を信じることは出来ない...

Sore koso ningen no ichibu ja nai ka? Boku wa kimi hodo munouryokusha wo shinjiru koto wa dekinai

Isn’t that a tiny fraction of humans, anyway? I can’t believe in Non – Psychics as you do…

人は, 自分と違う物を受け入れることは出来ない...それは人類(せんそう)の歴史が証明している

Hito wa, jibun to chigau mono wo uke ireru koto wa dekinai… Sore wa jinrui (sensou) no rekishi ga shoumei shiteiru

Humans can’t tolerate things different to them… Look at the history of humans (war)… History demonstrates that…

弱肉強食. これは, 僕ら能力者(しんじんるい)により旧人類の淘汰なんだ

Yakuniku kyoushoku. Kore wa boku nouryokusha (shin jinrui) ni yori kyuu jinrui no touta nanda

Survival of the strongest. We Psychics (new humans) will eradicate the old humans!


アキュラもお前も, どうしてそんなに頑ななんだ!

Akyura mo omae mo, doushite sonna ni katakuna nanda!

Why are you and Acura so stubborn!

迸しれ! 蒼き雷霆(アームドブルー)よ! 憎しみに凍てつき魂を溶かしつくせ!

Hotobashire! Aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) yo! Nikushimi ni itetsuki tamashii wo tokashitsukuse!

Surge out! Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)! Melt down the soul frozen with hatred!

Special Skill:


Shiroyami ni mau reihyou hanabira

Frozen icy petals which dance in the white darkness


Chi ni ochitsuru mamonaku kiritsabaku

They fall into the ground and are quickly cut loose 

絶対零度 一刀両断

Zettai reido ittou ryoudan 

Absolute zero: get cut in half


“Hyouka  setsudan”

“Ice Flower Snow Cut”


Shadow Ice Cut: はっ! せいっ! はっ!

Haa! Seii! Haa!

Hah! Here! Hah!

Circle Moon Ring: はっ! そこだっ!

Haa! Soko daa!

Hah! There!

Freezing Splitting Slash: 参る! はぁっ! 一刀両断! ふんっ! ゆけ!

Mairu! Haaa!  Ittou ryoudan! Funn! Yuke!

Let’s go! Hah! Cut in two! Hmpf! Go!

All Freeze:  凍てつけ…オールフリーズ!

Itetsuke… Ouru furiizu!

Freeze them… All Freeze!

Ice Flower Snow Cut: 覚悟はいいか? 氷華雪断!

Kakugo wa ii ka? Hyouka setsudan!

Are you ready? Ice Flower Snow Cut!

はぁぁ… 真の冷徹… せあぁ! 

Haa… Shin no reitetsu… Seaa!

Hah… True cool-headedness… Go!

終わりだ… 一閃!

Owari da… Issen!

The end… Flash! 

1st gauge:  何っ!?



2nd gauge: この…力は…

Kono… chikara wa…

What’s… this strength…?

Defeated; パン…テーラぁぁあ!!

Pan… teeraaaa!!

Pan… tera~!!

Tenjian defeated:



Misshon kanryou…

Mission completed…


GV... ボクは信じているよ. 第七波動(セブンス)を持たない人と, 持つ人全てが

GV… boku wa shinjiteiru yo. Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) wo motanai hito to, motsu hito subete ga

GV… I believe on what you said. That all people, regardless of having a 7th Wave (Sevens) or not…

いつか, キミとオウカみたいに手を取り合って笑いあえる日が来ることを...

Itsu ka, kimi to Ouka mitai te wo toriatte warai ageru hi ga kuru koto wo…

…will, one day, work together and laugh together… Like you and Ouka…


ありがとう... シャオ

Arigatou… Shao

Thank you… Xiao



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