Scripts (Copen)

Nori: The ice is making the roads quite slippery. I've deployed some support devices to help out. Just take extra care until you reach the drop point.

Lola: It's nuts seeing a ritzy hotel iced over like this.

Nori: A place like this was likely ready for an attack, but...

Lola: But no one could be ready for this!

< encounter of anti-skid coating >

Nori: Copen, that's one of the support devices I deployed. It can keep you from slipping on ice for a short period of time. Fire a shot to charge it up and activate it.

Copen: Nice. I can already tell these are going to be useful.

Copen: My grip is so much better.

Nori: This is an anti-slip coating developed for icy areas. But once it wears off, you have to reapply it.

Lola: What's that? An icicle?

Nori: It's probably the result of someone's septima. You can use it as a foothold if you want.


Nori: You'll find a ruined part of the hotel up there. Looks like the damage is fresh...

Copen: What are you saying?

Nori: I don't think we're the only ones here.

Nori: Destroy that hexapyle to access the hotel.

< Gunvolt encounter >

Lola: Hey, Copen? I think I feel something here...

Gunvolt: Copen! What are you doing here?!

Copen: Ready yourself, adept. Today you draw your last breath.

Gunvolt: I'm after Sumeragi and Eden, Copen. I have no quarrel with you. I just want the shard. Then we can go out separate ways.

Copen: Your kind are threats to humanity. I must stop you!

It began with a plea from my father... He studied septima. He knew the danger adepts pose. But Sumeragi desired septima, so they had him silenced.

Copen: And now, I will wipe every adept from the face of the Earth!

< S T R I K E >

Gunvolt: Adepts and humans must be able to live in peace. You can't just reject the idea out of hand.

Copen: And what is your evidence? This frozen city? How do we coexist with beings that pose such a threat? You would have us make peace with living weapons?!

Gunvolt: That's not--

Copen: Sumeragi claimed they could control adepts. It was a lie. I learned that when I kept up my father's research. See the truth! This country is under siege by mad adepts. And Sumeragi's actions only serve to imperil us further. I must eliminate the threat of your kind.

Gunvolt: Maybe I just have more faith in humanity than you.

Copen: A good gardener knows when to pluck out a weed!


Gunvolt: Nnngh... I have to retreat!

Lola: He's getting away! Um, aren't you going to chase him down?

Copen: I must first free the city and eliminate any remaining Eden forces.

Lola: Really? The old Copen would have chased him down for sure.

Copen: ...Enough. Let's move.


Nori: I get the impression you know this Gunvolt person.

Only as the spider knows a fly in its web.

Tenjian: You have courage, warrior. I'll grant you that. The weak have no place here. Begone! Now, find eternal rest in my coffin of ice...

Copen: This is starting to annoy me.

Lola: I think he's trying to psyche you out.

Copen: I assume this is a security system? Pathetic. Such small fry pose little trouble.


Lola: Temperature's still dropping. You okay, boss?

Copen: I am unfazed.

Lola: I dunno. You seem a little fazed.

Copen: Are you worried for your creator now?

Lola: H-Hey! We're partners!

Copen: Hexapyle ahead. Taking it down.


Lola: I'm feeling something...

Tenjian: Powerless fool! You expected a warmer welcome, perhaps?

Copen: I don't greet adepts. I wipe them out.

Tenjian: Just the arrogance I expect from one so utterly weak. You and your kind are the reason for all suffering!

< Tenjian weaponizes >

Tenjian: The weak yield to the strong-- as you will yield to my blades!

< S T R I K E >

Tenjian: You humans have abused adepts for the last time! You fear what you cannot comprehend. It sickens me. Those with superior power have the right to rule. That is the only truth of this world. Do you not see it? Look at humanity's history! The strong cull the weak as Eden does now.

Copen: Don't speak to me of human history, monster! You are a plague on humanity. An enemy to us all.

Tenjian: It seems there can be no understanding between us. Humans cannot be permitted to live. Not even you! The strong survive, and in so prove the greater justice!

Copen: Godless sinner! Your kind has no place here.

Tenjian: God? There is no god in this rotten world!

Copen: Only a monster lacks all faith. Time to take this beast to church!


Copen: Enemy dispatched. Let's head back.

Nori: That cold must be in your bones. I'll put some soup on.

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei]

Tenjian Stage (Acura)




Kono chikaku ni aru machi ga totsujo toshite koori ni ooware mashita 

A nearby city has been suddenly covered in ice 

都市機能はマヒし, その混乱に乗じてエデンの構成員が占拠した模様です

Toshi kinou wa mahi shi, sono konran ni nojite Eden no kouseiin ga senkyo shita moyou desu

The city’s functions are paralyzed: and it’d seem that Eden members took profit of the confusion to take over the city


氷... 確かあの時居たバケモノも氷の能力者だったな...テンジアンとか言ったか

Koori… Tashika ano toki ita bakemono mo mizu no nouryokusha datta na… Tenjian to ka itta ka

Ice… The monster I saw back then was an ice Psychic, no? Tenjian, was it? 


はい. そのテンジアンは占拠した街のリゾートホテルを根城としているようです

Hai. Sono Tenjian wa senkyou shita machi no rizouto hoteru wo nejiro toshite iru you desu

Yes, sir. Tenjian is using the city’s resort hotel as his base of operations



Bakemono no bunzai de rizouto hoteru to wa na… Sukoshi zeitaku ga sugiru you dana

A monster’s living at resort hotel, huh? Too luxurious for them… 

オレが潰し, 街は解放してみせる

Ore ga tsubushi, machi wa kaihou shite miseru

I’ll go smash them and free the city


不利な地形での戦いになると思われますので, こちらで支援物質を現地に投下します

Furi na chikei de no tatakai ni naru to omowaremasu no de, kochira de shien busshitsu wo genchi ni touka shimasu

It’ll surely be a battle atop a disadvantageous terrain so I will deploy relief supplies into the area 


凍結 (フローズンシティー)

Touketsu (furoozun shitii)

Frozen (Frozen City) 



Bakemonotachi ga sukuu touetsu miyako

The frozen city where monsters live…


Itetsuita sekai wa kyozetsu no araware

This frozen world is the manifestation of refusal…


Ningen to bakemono ga onaji ori (sekai) de ikirarenai Akashi

It’s proof that humans and monsters can’t live in the same cage (world)…



Touketsu miyako 

Frozen city

1st half:




Romen wa touketsu  shiteiru tamr suberi yasuku natte imasu

The ground’s frozen so it’s easy to lose one’s footing, sir


Romen taisaku no tame shien busshi wo touka sasete itadakimashita ga,

I’ve deployed relief supplies with the necessary counter-measures but…

投下ポイントにたどり着くまでは, 充分にご注意ください

Touka pointo ni tadoritsuku made wa, juubun ni go chuui kudasai

You must watch out until you reach the deployment point

(Further ahead)


凍ったホテルって, ジッサイに見るとすごいね

Kotta hoteru tte, jissai ni miru to sugoi ne

It’s impressive to be here and see this frozen hotel!



Sore mo, kono kuni yuusuu no ichiryuu hoteru desu. Tero taisaku wa shiteita deshou ga…

And this one of the nation’s few top-class hotels. I am sure they had terrorism countermeasures yet…



Konna tenzai jimita koto okosarecha doushiyou mo nai yo ne

Guess they are useless when faced with this calamity-like happening



アキュラさま, その装置はこちらが投下した支援物資です

Akyura sama, sono souchi wa kochira ga touka shita shien busshi desu

Acura – sama: that device is relief supplies I’ve deployed

使用することで, 一定時間であれば, 凍結した路面でもすべりにくくなります

Shiyou suru koto de, ittei jikan de areba, touketsushita romen demo suberi nikuku narimasu

If you employ it then you won’t lose the footing so easily even if you trek the frozen ground

ご使用になる場合は, ショットを撃って装置にエネルギーを供給して起動させてください

Goshiyou ni naru baai wa, shotto wo utte souchi ni enerugii wo kyokyuu shite kidou sasete kudasai

If you want to use you’ll have to shoot the device to supply the necessary energy to activate it


了解だ. ありがたく使わせてもらおう

Ryoukai da. Arigataku tsukawasete moraou

Roger. I’ll make a good use of this.


Tashika ni suberi nikuku ni natta you da

Looks like you’re right: I’m not losing the footing


寒冷地で使用されている, すべり止め用のコーティング剤です

Kanreichi de shiyou sarete iru, suberi dome you no koutingu zai desu

It’s an anti-slippery coating agent employed in cold regions

効果切れの場合は, 再び塗布(とふ)しなおす必要がありますのでご注意を

Kouka gire no baai wa, futatabi tofu shinaosu hitsuyou ga arimasu no de gochuui wo

If the effects wear out you’ll have to spray it again so be careful of that, sir



なんだあれ? つらら?

Nanda are? Tsurara?

What are those? Icicles?



Teki no dai nana hadou (sebunsu) no eikyou de shou ka?

Maybe the enemy’s 7th Wave (Sevens) is creating them?


Sono tsurara ni notte ue made nobore sou desu ne

You could use those to climb upwards, sir




Sochira wo nobotta saki ni, hoteru no ichibu ga hakai sareta konseki ga aru you desu

There are traces of a section  having been destroyed up ahead 

それも, 破壊されても間もない様子...

Sore mo, hakai sarete mo mamonai yousu

And it looks like this destruction is recent…



Dou iu koto da?

What do you mean?



Moshi ka suru to wareware igai no nanimono ka ga shinnyuu shiteiru no kamo shiremasen…

It could be that there’s someone else apart from us intruding the area…

(Gate Monolith)



Geeto monorisu wo hakai shite hoteru nai ni osusumi kudasai

Please destroy the Gate Monolith and head into the hotel, sir

Vs Gunvolt:

(Retry Marker)


ん... なんだろう... この感じ...? 誰か居る?

N…. Nandarou… Kono kanji…? Dare ka iru?

Huh… What’s… this feeling…? Is there someone?

(Gunvolt appears)


アキュラ! お前もここに来ていたのか

Akyura! Omae mo koko ni kite ita no ka

Acura! You’ve also come here?



Sore wa kochira no serifu da. Ganvoruto… Kyou koso iki no ne wo tomete yaru

That’s what I should say. Gunvolt… Today I’ll finish you off once and for all



Sumeragi mo Eden demo nai kimi to tatakau riyuu wa nai…

I’ve got no reason to fight you: you’re neither Sumeragi nor Eden…

シアンの一部...ミラーピースさえ返してくれれば, ボクはそれでいいんだ

Shian no ichibu… Miraa piisu sae kaeshite kurereba, boku wa sore de iin da

I only want you to give me back Cyan’s piece… That “Mirror Piece”… 


世迷言を. 以前言ったはずだ. 貴様ら能力者はオレたち人類を脅かす害獣...相容れないとな!

Yomaigoto wo. Izen itta hazu da. Kisamara nouryousha wa ore tachi jinrui wo odokasu gaijuu… Aiirenai to na!

Talk about nonsense. I told you before. You Psychics are vermin that pose a threat to us humans… We can’t tolerate each other!

そうだ... すべては敬愛する父の願い---オレはそれを継いだのだ

Souda… Subete wa keiai suru chichi no negai --- ore wo sore wo tsuida no da

Yeah… It’s all the wish of my loved father… I inherited his wish…

第七波動(セブンス)研究の第一人者だった父は, かつて能力者の危険性を必死に訴えたことで

Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) kenkyuu no dai ichi ninsha datta chichi wa, katsute nouryokusha no kikensei wo hisshi ni uttaeta koto de

My father was one of the best 7th Wave (Sevens) researches: but when he desperately tried to warn about the dangers posed by Psychics…

第七波動(セブンス)を利用し, 利益を得るのみを考える皇神(スメラギ)によって消された...

Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) wo riyoushi, reiki wo eru nomi wo kangeru (Sumeragi) ni yotte kesareta…

He was murdered by Sumeragi who only thought of making use of the 7th Wave (Sevens) to earn profits… 

全ての能力者, オレが駆逐する...!

Subete no nouryokusha, ore ga kuchiku suru…!

I’ll destroy all Psychics…!

(Begin Gunvolt battle)


能力者とそうでない人... 共存の道だってあるはずだ!

Nouryokusha to sou denai hito… Kyozon no michi datte aru hazu da!

There should be way for Psychics and those who aren’t to coexist! 


Naze sono kanousei wo houki surunda!

Why do you discard that possibility!



Douchuu ni sanzan me ni yakitsuketa hazu da… Itsuita toshi wo… 

You should’ve been impacted by the panorama of this frozen city… 

ただ一人でこれを成す危険性, そんな連中と共存など出来りはずがあるまい

Tada hitori de kore wo nasu kikensei, sonna renchuu to kyozon nado dekiru hazu ga arumai

See how a single man did all of this… You pose danger. It’s impossible to co-exist with you Psychics… 

貴様は, 銃を持った...いや, 腕から銃を生やした者と, 手を取り合えというのか?

Kisama wa, juu wo motta… Iya, ude kara juu wo hayashita mono to, te wo toriae to iu no ka?

Are you saying I must work together with armed people… no, with people who can grow guns from the arms?



Sore wa…




Sumeragi no renchuu wa seigyo kanou dato no tamtatteiru ga… Sore ga kyogi dato iu kotow a

The Sumeragi bastards tried to claim they could control this power… But I know it was but lies… 

父の研究を受け継いだ, このオレが最も良く理解している

Chichi no kenkyuu wo uketsuida, kono ore ga motto yoku rikai shiteiru

I, inheritor of my father’s researches, know that better than anyone else

現に見ろ. 外国から来た害獣どもの暴走によって

Gen ni miro. Gaikoku kara kita gaijuu domo no bousou ni yotte 

Look at the reality. Vermin come from overseas run loose

皇神(スメラギ)も成すすべなく, この国は今, 危機に直面している

Sumeragi mo nasu sube naku, kono kuni wa ima, kiki ni chokumen shiteiru

Sumeragi is unable to stop them and this nation is facing a crisis

故に, オレはやらねばならん. 貴様ら危険生物の駆除をな

Yue ni, ore wa yareneba naran. Kisarama kiken seibutsu no kujo wo na

Therefore I MUST get rid of you: you’re dangerous creatures


それでもボクは, 人の可能性を...希望を信じている!

Soredemo boku wa, hito no kanousei wo… Kibou wo shinjiteiru!

However! I still believe in possibilities… In people… And in hope!



Ohana batake ga… Teokure ni naru mae ni karichirashite kureru!

Flower beds… Must be reaped before it’s too late!


Thunder Scales: 雷撃鱗!


Thunder Scales!

Thunderbolt Dragon Sphere: 霆龍玉!


Thunderbolt Dragon Sphere!

Charging Up:  チャージングアップ!

Chaajingu appu!

Charging Up!

Spark Calibur: 迸れ、蒼き雷霆 (アームドブルー) よ!スパークカリバー!

Hotobashire, aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) yo! Supaaku karibaa!

Surge out, Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)! Spark Calibur!

1st gauge:  やるしかないのか…!

Yaru shika nai no ka…!

There’s no other way around…!

2nd gauge: こんな所で…!

Konna tokoro de…!

It won’t end here…!

Defeated:  強い…!


Too strong…!

Gunvolt defeated:


くっ...! 退くしかないのか...!

Kuu...! Hiku shika nai no ka…!

Sh…! I have to retreat…!


逃げたよ! 追わないの, アキュラくん?

Nigeta yo! Owanai no, Akyura kun?

He ran away! You don’t chase him, Acura – kun?


いや... 今は, この街の解放... エデンの討滅が最優先だ

Iya… Ima wa, kono machi no kaishou… Eden no toumetsu ga saiyuusen da

No… Freeing this city and wiping out Eden are my topmost priorities


意外だな... 昔のアキュラくんなら, 目を血走らせて追いかけたと思うけど

Igai dana… Mukashi no Akyura kun nara, me wo chibashirasete oikaketa to omou kedo

What a surprise… Your past self would’ve been hot-blooded and chased him, Acura – kun… 


フン... いいから行くぞ

Fun… Ii kara ikuzo

Hmpf… Doesn’t matter: let’s go

2nd half:

(Nowa’s comment)


ガンヴォルト... 彼とは何かと縁がありますね

Ganvoruto… Kare to wa nani ka to en ga arimasu ne

Gunvolt… You seem to be fated to meet him…


縁など... いずれその命ごと断ち切ってやる

En nado… Izure sono inochi goto tachikitte yaru

What “fate”…? I’ll eventually cut it off along with his life 

(Tenjian’s power)


単槍四馬. その勇気だけは認めよう. だが...

Tansou hitsuba. Sono yuuki dake wa mitomeyou. Daga…

You lone warrior… I’ll commend your courage. However!

去れ, 無能力者が来る場所じゃあない

Sare, munouryokusha ga kuru basho jaa nai

Flee! Non-Psychics shouldn’t come here!

僕の氷の棺で, 永久(とわ)に眠れ...

Boku no koori no hitsugi de, towa ni nemure…

Sleep forever in my ice coffin…

(Corridor freezes)


ええい, 鬱陶しい...!

Eei, uttoshii…!

Heck! How annoying…!



Odoshiteiru tsumori na no kamo ne

Maybe he’s trying to threaten you

(Siren Room)



Renchuu no keibi shisutemu ka…

Their security system, huh…

くだらん. 全て滅してくれる

Kudaran. Subere messhite kureru

Worthless. I’ll destroy them all.

(Freezing area)


気温はどんどん下がってる... アキュラくん, 大丈夫かい?

Kion wa dondon sagatteru… Akyura kun, daijobu kai ? 

The temperature’s constantly dropping… Are you OK, Acura – kun?


問題ない. この程度ならば...

Mondai nai. Kono teido naraba…

I’m OK. It’s not THAT cold…


そういうけど, ぼくにわかるんだぞ. 冷えてきてるの... 無茶するなよ

Sou iu kedo, boku ni wakarun dazo. Heiter kiteru no… Mucha suru nay o

I know that you’re getting cold despite what you say… Don’t risk it



Icchou mae ni souzoushu no shinpai ka…

Sounds like a grown-up worrying about their creator… 


ま, ぼくはキミの相棒だからね?

Ma, boku wa kimi no aibou dakara ne?

Well. I’m your pal, y’know?

(Thrilling path)



Wao, nakanaka suriringu na michi dane

Wow! That sure was a thrilling path!




Suberidome kootingu, wasurenai you ni ne!

Don’t forget to use the anti-sliding coating! 

(Gate Monolith)


ゲートモノリスか... 破壊する

Geeto monorisu ka… Hakai suru

A Gate Monolith… I’ll destroy it

Vs Tenjian:

(Retry Marker)



Kono hannou wa…

This signature… 

(Tenjian appears)


ようこそ, 無能力者. といっても, 歓迎はしないがな?

Youkoso, munouryokusha. To itte mo, kangen wa shinai ga na?

Welcome, Non-Psychic… Yet… I’m not welcoming you, see? 


能力者(バケモノ)と交す戯言などない. すぐにオレの眼前から消し去ってくれる

Nouryokusha (bakemono) to kawasu tawagoto nado nai. Sugu ni ore no ganzen kara keshisatte kureru

I don’t have any crap to exchange with a Psychic (monster). I’ll delete you from in front of my eyes right away. 


厚顔無恥. 無能力者らしい傲慢で, 愚かな言論だ

Kougan muchi. Munouryokusha rashii gouman de, orokana na genron da.

Brazen and unscrupulous. Typical Non-Psychic’s arrogance and foolish speech…


Omae no you na yatsu ga iru kara…!

It’s all because of types like you…!

泰山圧卵. この七つの氷刃でお前を切り裂く...!

Taizan atsuran. Kono nanatsu no hyoujin de omae wo kirisaku…!

The strong overwhelm the weak. I’ll cut you to pieces with my seven ice blades…! 

(Begin Tenjian battle)


蜀犬吠日. お前のような愚かな無能力者のせいで, 我々は虐げられてきた

Shokuken haijitsu. Omae no youna orokana munouryokusha no sei de, wareware wa shiitagerarete kita

What a narrow-minded fool. It’s because of foolish Non-Psychics like you that we’ve been oppressed… 

他者より優れた者を畏れ, 俳する. お前たちの末熱な精神... 反吐が出るよ

Tasha yori sugureta mono wo osore, haisuru. Omaetachi no mijuku na seishin… hedo ga deru yo

You fear those more powerful than the rest and eliminate them. What childish mentality… It makes me vomit! 


Sugureta chikara wo motsu mono koso ga subete wo shihai suru…

Those who have greater strength are those who are fit to rule it all...

真実一路. それこそがあるべき世界の姿

Shinjitsu ichiro. Sore koso ga arubeki sekai no sugata

Path of sincerity. That is how the world should be like


Sore wa jinrui no rekishi wo mite mo ichmoku ryouzen!

Have a look at human history: a mere glimpse tells as much!

生存戦略. 無能力者は, 僕らエデンによって, 淘汰される運命にある

Seizon senryaku. Munouryokusha wa, boku ra Eden ni yotte, touta sareru unmei ni aru

Survival tactics. Non-Psychics are fated to be weeded out by us: by Eden!



Bakemono ga “hito” no rekishi wo kataruna…

Don’t speak about “human” history, you monster…

貴様らは害獣... オレたち人間の敵だ

Kisamara wa gaijuu… Oretachi ningen no teki da

You’re vermin… Enemies of humanity…


水火氷炭. やはり, どこまでも相容れない...

Suika hyoutan. Yahari, doko made mo aiirenai…

We’re like water and fire… We can’t tolerate each other indeed… 

不倶戴天. 能力者と無能力者は同じ世界にあってはならない...

Fugu taiten. Nouryokusha to munouryokusha wa onaji sekai ni atte wa naranai…

Irreconcilable foes. Psychics and Non-Psychics can’t live in the same world…

弱肉強食! 勝利を持って世界に示めそう... 正義は我々にあると!

Jakuniku kyoushoku! Shouri wo motte sekai ni shimesou… Seigi wa wareware ni aru to!

Survival of the strongest! Let’s show it to the world with our victory… That justice is our ally!


いいだろう... 神に背けし背徳者. 貴樣らに世を生きる道理はない!

Iidarou… Kami ni seokeshi haitousha. Kisarara ni yo wo ikiru douri wa nai!

Fine… You immoralists who defy God… You’ve got no right to live in this world!


神だって? この腐った世界に, 神などいるものか!

Kami datte? Kono kusatta sekai ni, kami nado iru mono ka!

“God”? Like there’s a God in this rotten world!


信心(りせい)すら持たぬ... やはり害獣(ケモノ)だな

Shinshin (risei) sura motanu… Yahari gaijuu (kemono) dana

You don’t even faith (reason)… You’re indeed vermin (beasts)…

その愚考... オレが討滅する!

Sono gukou… Ore ga toumetsu suru!

I’ll wipe out… your folly!

Special Skill:


Shiroyami ni mau reihyou hanabira

Frozen icy petals which dance in the white darkness


Chi ni ochitsuru mamonaku kiritsabaku

They fall into the ground and are quickly cut loose 

絶対零度 一刀両断

Zettai reido ittou ryoudan 

Absolute zero: get cut in half


“Hyouka  setsudan”

“Ice Flower Snow Cut”


Shadow Ice Cut: はっ! せいっ! はっ!

Haa! Seii! Haa!

Hah! Here! Hah!

Circle Moon Ring: はっ! そこだっ!

Haa! Soko daa!

Hah! There!

Freezing Splitting Slash: 参る! はぁっ! 一刀両断! ふんっ! ゆけ!

Mairu! Haaa!  Ittou ryoudan! Funn! Yuke!

Let’s go! Hah! Cut in two! Hmpf! Go!

All Freeze:  凍てつけ…オールフリーズ!

Itetsuke… Ouru furiizu!

Freeze them… All Freeze!

Ice Flower Snow Cut: 覚悟はいいか? 氷華雪断!

Kakugo wa ii ka? Hyouka setsudan!

Are you ready? Ice Flower Snow Cut!

はぁぁ… 真の冷徹… せあぁ! 

Haa… Shin no reitetsu… Seaa!

Hah… True cool-headedness… Go!

終わりだ… 一閃!

Owari da… Issen!

The end… Flash! 

1st gauge:  何っ!?



2nd gauge: この…力は…

Kono… chikara wa…

What’s… this strength…?

Defeated; パン…テーラぁぁあ!!

Pan… teeraaaa!!

Pan… tera~!!

Tenjian Defeated:


討滅完了. すぐに帰還する

Toumetsu kanryou. Sugu ni kikan suru.

I wiped out the enemy. Heading back there…


お冷えになったでしょう. 何かあったかいものを用意しておきます.

Ohie ni natta de shou. Nani ka Attakai mono wo youi shite okimasu.

You must be chilling, sir. I shall ready you something warm

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