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"To break sibling bonds is to invoke the wrath of the wolf - proving that blood truly runs thicker than water."


The bond of the brother and sister who share the same blood…
The wolf outrages at whoever tries to cut off and ruin that bond…
The blood flowing on his body is thicker than any water…

Forfeit is the first of Copen's final missions in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Following the demise of four of their fellow G7, Gibril and Teseo kidnap Mytyl. Copen's pursuit leads him to The Sewers, by which time her signal has been lost...

Stage Composition

  • This stage only consists of a fight with Gibril. Her attack pattern is the same as when she fights GV.
  • This fight may be easier due to the fact that you can always have a Flashfield up to destroy the blood that makes up a number of her attacks. Moreover, Iron Maiden does not affect your Bullits beyond standard Prevasion activation.
  • Hitting Gibril a few times with Vantage Raid yields a 500 "Secret" Kudos Bonus.


  • Fractured Plane: Clear in 4 minutes. (Reward: 3K Vig)
  • Living Artillery: Clear in 2 minutes. (Reward: 10K Vig)
  • Nature's Fury: Clear with Rank B or higher. (Reward: 5K Vig)
  • Bloodstains: Clear with Rank A or higher. (Reward: 10K Vig)
  • Piercing Claws: Clear with Rank S or higher. (Reward: 20K Vig)
  • Wolf Stalking Tiger: Clear without using Shred Storm or Healing. (Reward: 20K Vig)
  • Werewolf Hunter: Clear 3 times. (Reward: Nanochip 98 x10)

Material Rewards

This mission can grant drops of 5000vig, making it the best for grinding for money as Copen.

  • Kripp Alloy
  • Xiwidia
  • Faraging Steel
  • Nanochip 98
  • Proto Infrastructure
  • High-end NcGbx
  • Garnet
  • Quartzite
  • Electrum
  • Graym Culture
  • Polymer Gm238
  • Uranium-225 Crystal


  • There is no Secret Mission version of this stage which Gunvolt can go through. The only way to tackle it as him is in Score Attack.