Serving both as the primary battle mechanic and platforming utility, the Flashfield in tandem with the Kudos system is the game-defining aspect of Azure Striker Gunvolt that sets it apart from other side-scrolling platformers.

In-Game Description

Gunvolt can surround himself with an electrical sphere called the Flashfield. This consumes EP.

When using the Flashfield in the air, Gunvolt will hover, slowing his descent and allowing him to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

More importantly, the Flashfield is Gunvolt's primary form of attack. While using it, he will automatically deal damage to tagged enemies regardless of their position. If a single enemy has been stacked with multiple tags, the Flashfield will deal even more damage.

The Flashfield also deals a small amount of contact damage to enemies who enter it, whether they're tagged or not. It can even block incoming projectiles, but be careful: energy-based projectiles are unblockable.

Battle Mechanic

The Flashfield is Gunvolt's primary and most effective mode of damage output. Additionally, it's overall mechanic provides opportunities for technical plays that may help Gunvolt effectively outmaneuver enemy attacks.

Offensive Capabilites

Gunvolt can "tag," or target, enemies by shooting them with "bolts," or weapons, that he uses in battle. Tagged enemies can be electrocuted continuously through the activation of the Flashfield—even at a distance. Enemies can be marked with up to three tags, with each additional tag opening up more channels through which electricity can flow, thus increasing the damage per second. Gunvolt's weapon capabilities permitting, multiple enemies may be tagged at once, allowing for multi-kills.

Each bolt permits a different maximal number of tags at a time, which slightly determines battle style and gameplay. For example, the weapon "Naga" can tag up to five times at once, which opens up opportunities for multi-kills and ensures that a single enemy can be tagged for the greatest damage output. Conversely, the weapon "Mizuchi" can tag only one time at once, which would not be recommended for battle.

Flashfield & Kudos

By utilizing the Flashfield, Gunvolt can accumulate score multipliers called "Kudos." The Kudos count determines the overall performance score in a stage which in turn determines the rank received at the end of a mission.

As Gunvolt damages enemies with the Flashfield, the Kudos count increases. The rate of increase can be accelerated with the addition of tags; the rate of Kudos gain scales directly with the number of tags being utilized during Flashfield activation. Furthermore, technical kills with the Flashfield rewards Gunvolt with larger quantities of Kudos. The different types of kills are listed below:

  • Full Strike: Kill an enemy that is marked with three tags. +10 Kudos.
  • Air Strike: Kill an enemy that is marked with three tags while Gunvolt is airborne. +30 Kudos.
  • Double: Kill two enemies within a second. +100 Kudos.
  • Triple: Kill three enemies within a second. +250 Kudos.
  • Electrifying: Kill four enemies within a second. +400 Kudos.

Note: Full Strikes / Air Strikes can be stacked with Double, Triple, or Electrifying kills.

Defensive Capabilities

The Flashfield doubles as a protective barrier against most enemy projectiles, including missiles and bombs. Such projectiles will detonate upon impact when they make contact with the Flashfield, leaving Gunvolt (ideally) unharmed. In some cases, Gunvolt may activate his Flashfield too close to an incoming explosive, and the resulting explosion will hit Gunvolt. Energy-based projectiles such as raygun shots cannot be blocked with the Flashfield.

The Flashfield has a secondary effect of slowing Gunvolt's descent during a fall or jump. This aspect can be utilized to stall the duration of a surface-level attack (e.g., Jota's lasers) or allow Gunvolt to glide over his enemies in anticipation of a sweeping attack (e.g., Viper's sliding kicks).

Note: The Flashfield cannot protect Gunvolt from Copen's bullets.

Platforming Mechanic


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