Falcon Quills are devices developed and used by the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution, functioning effectively as the successor to Glaive technology. They appear to function similarly in basic principle; once activated by its user, the Falcon Quill will force them to undergo a phenomenon known as Weaponization, also referred to as Armed Phenomenon (変身(アームド フェノメノン), Āmudo Fenomenon lit. Metamorphosis), which alters their body structure into a more combat-oriented form, and unleashes their Septima's full potential. They are only entrusted to already powerful Adepts selected to become Falcons.

However, they do not restrict the user's Septima and appear to be mass produced, making them closer in concept to the Grimoires developed by Eden, which were also based off Glavies.

To employ it, the user draws a circle with the quill while saying "contract", the circle then develops into a multilayered magic-circle of sorts which infuses the user with power, transforming them.

Upon defeat, its user briefly returns to their normal state before bursting into a flurry of feathers, leaving only the Quill behind.

Known Users


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